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"For most pieces of furniture, we use a damp cloth and buff with a dry cloth. Most wood furniture has a polyurethane coating, and most polishes won't penetrate that coating. They will just bead up and get smeary and you will get a buildup... unless it's an antique that's bare wood. You have to buff everything dry, because if you leave it damp, the water would damage thefinish."RSVP (repondez s'il vous plait, or the American version, respond so very promptly). "No one RSVP's anymore. That's one of the biggest things. You are supposed to RSVP yay or nay. If no one responds, how do you know how many people to plan for? You may buy too much food, or people show up and you may not have enough."Know the rules of the dinner table. "Dining skills are very important. Know how to use your utensils. Don't use the other person's place setting, glass, or butter plates. And if not sure, look at the host for cues. If you have to excuse yourself from the table, put your napkin on your chair. If you're finished eating, it goes on the left hand side of the plate."

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