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Running Heads   I
Concrete Equipment
                                                                                                                                 Muck Truck power buggies feature
                                                                                                                                 mechanical four-wheel drive,
                                                                                                                                 which provides the ability to climb
                                                                                                                                 at a 40° angle while fully loaded,
                                                                                                                                 plus the added power for climbing
                                                                                                                                 over obstacles.

         Features and accessories make today’s power buggies
                    more productive and versatile.
                                                                        By Kim Berndtson

P    ower buggies have evolved into a productive
     and versatile replacement for manual labor or
larger material-handling equipment on many job-
                                                        you can just load concrete into the unit and wheel
                                                        it to the site.”
                                                            But while commonly known as concrete buggies,
                                                                                                                 matter of minutes, you can make a switch.”
                                                                                                                     “A stake bed/flat bed option really comes in
                                                                                                                 handy,” agrees Ed Varel, engineering project manag-
sites. Consider that a wheelbarrow pushed manu-         these powered wheelbarrows can do far more than          er, Stone Construction Equipment. “With our units,
ally can move at about 2.5 to 3 mph, while a power      move concrete. With features geared toward pro-          you can take the sides off the stake bed to turn it
buggy can travel upwards of 7 mph or more.              ductivity, and accessories that increase versatility,    into a flat bed, which is good for moving materials
    “Concrete is hot,” comments Warren Faler, prod-     they will transport everything from dirt and con-        that don’t fit into a hopper, such as 2x4s.”
uct manager, Multiquip. “The longer it sets, the        struction debris to pavers and jobsite tools.                Hopper size — The most common hopper size
harder it gets. You only have so much time to dis-          “Although the original intent was to place con-      is 16 cu. ft., but some manufacturers offer capaci-
charge and spread the concrete before it’s too late.”   crete, they are now being used for a wider variety of    ties to 21 cu. ft. “Typically, 16-cu.-ft. buggies are
    “Compared to a concrete pump, these machines        materials every day,” says Faler. “They’re simple to     the most common due to the large capacity and
are easier to use,” adds Terry Rowlands, CEO, Muck      use and simple to maintain.”                             the versatility to operate in more confined areas,”
Truck. “Keeping pipes clean at the end of the day           “A lot of our customers purchase our buggies for     says Fred Russell, Miller Spreader. “But 21-cu.-ft.
is difficult and labor intensive. With these buggies,   all the other jobs they can use it for, because they     machines have one and a half times the capacity
                                                        can carry more than concrete,” Rowlands notes.           and can move much more material per trip, given
                                                        “Nearly every machine has some sort of attach-           that the jobsite can accommodate the larger size.
                                                        ment. Very few of them leave the factory without         Smaller 11-cu.-ft. walk-behind machines are usually
                                                        some other options added.                                reserved for smaller jobs with very tight pathways
                                                            “A lot of these guys aren’t doing just concrete,”    or landscaping jobs.”
                                                        he continues. “They’re also digging footings, so             Hopper design — Manufacturers also offer hop-
                                                        they have to carry dirt away. They might be laying       per features designed to boost productivity, such
                                                        pavers or stone. They might not have work in the         as increased dump angles, higher discharge lips,
                                                        winter, so they purchase a plow for moving snow.         splash protection, etc.
                                                        There are a lot of other jobs [buggies] do other             “We provide a dumping angle that promotes
                                                        than carry concrete.”                                    a clean dump,” says Faler. “A greater dump angle
                                                                                                                 eliminates the need to manually remove material. We
                                                        Enhance productivity                                     also have a high discharge lip, so when you’re back-
                                                           A range of productivity enhancing features are        ing up with the hopper raised, the lip of the power
                                                        available for power buggies. Here are a few examples:    buggy doesn’t scrape the forms. Our splash protec-
                                                           Hopper options — Most power buggies come              tion reduces concrete splatter on the operator.”
                                                        standard with a polyethylene hopper. This is well            Large fuel tanks — Large fuel tanks are an impor-
                                                        suited for moving concrete and wet materials,            tant fea
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