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To prepare for fall, become familiar with the new American Association of School Librarian (AASL) program guidelines, Empowering Learners: The authors also point out the continued shortcomings of schools today, stressing that it is up to parents to demand and provide change for their children.

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                                                                              Editorial Policy
Summertime                                                                         School Library Media Activities Monthly will make every effort to en-
                                                                              courage the participation of its readership in developing the contents

                                                                              of the magazine. It is our feeling that thousands of creative ideas for
                                                                              teaching library media/information literacy skills are already in use all
                                                                              over the country, and it is our genuine desire to serve as a vehicle for

                                                                              the distribution of these successful teaching ideas. Toward that end, we
                                                                              will welcome unsolicited manuscripts and contributions to all columns
           veryone should have plans for the summer that will allow
                                                                              and departments, as well as unsolicited feature articles. Naturally, the
           for relaxation, entertainment, revitalization, as well some        publishers will continue to develop large portions of the content based
           mental stimulation. Here are a few ideas that might provide a      on long experience in developing and implementing library media pro-
balanced summer.                                                              grams, but we truly want to serve as a national forum for the exchange
    A good read for summer is Dewey by Vicki Myron with Bret                  of ideas. Be assured that we will make every effort to publish your ideas
Witter (Grand Central, 2008)—a book, of course, about a library cat.          and activities, on the theory that if they work well for you, they will work
                                                                              well for other library media specialists.
To complement the book, take a tour of Curious Expeditions (http://
                                                                                   We must, of course, retain the right to make editorial changes to and feast on the beautiful libraries            manuscripts in order to ensure that they conform to our format. Editing
pictured on the site.                                                         will, however, be done judiciously and we will try our best to remain true
    To prepare for fall, become familiar with the new American                to your ideas. Whenever possible, we will publish your ideas and activi-
Association of School Librarian (AASL) program guidelines, Empowering         ties unedited. Always, your contributions will be properly attributed to
Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs (AASL, 2009).          you.
                                                                                   Send manuscripts to accompanied by an
Standards for the 21st-Century Learner in Action would also be good to
                                                                              email Word attachment. Bibliographic citations should include at least
peruse.                                                                       the following information:
    If you like to take photographs or just enjoy looking at photographs,          Print: author(s), title, publisher, year of publication.
get inspired by Susan Welchman’s daily selections posted on the National           Periodical Articles: author(s), title of article, name of publication,
Geographic Web site—Your Shot (                     issue/date of publication, page numbers.
                                                                                   Videocassettes: title, length, publisher, year of publication.
your-shot). Also, see Greg Byerly’s column in this issue for more summer
                                                                                   Internet Sites: site name, site address (URL).
Web site destinations (pages 39-41).                                               The following format guidelines for each of the sections of School Li-
    Perhaps you would like to take on an exercise challenge for the           brary Media Activities Monthly should help you write your contribution.
summer. How about walking 10,000 steps a day? Check out The Walking                Feature Articles: Feature articles should be about some aspect of
Site ( and make a plan.         teaching library media skills or
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