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									52      Reviews                                                                                    Journal of Chinese Medicine • Number 90 • June 2009

rather than to accept the writing of one          are directed downward, the body fluids         There is a substantial amount of new,
particular physician, and encourages              are generated. When the body fluids            revised and updated information in
us as practitioners to grow and develop           are generated, fire and qi are naturally       this second edition, including many
through constant learning.                        directed downward. They flow as they           more useful new formulas, and I have
   Throughout the book there are                  should and not in a perverse manner.”          no hesitation in recommending it
references to classical and contemporary             It is a strength of this second edition     whole heartedly to all students and
texts, and in Chapter 15 (formulas that           that it not only gives us information on       practitioners.
treat dryness) in the section on the actions      how to use herbs, but provides a well
and synergies between chief and deputy            constructed and logical argument for           Tony Booker
ingredients, we find the recommendation           why the herbs in a formula are selected        This book is available at a reduced price from
by some contemporary sources that mai             and how they interact with each other,         the JCM bookshop
men dong should be used at dosages                and consequently how these properties
of between 45g and 70g in the formula             have resulted in them being used for
Ophiopogonis decoction (mai men                   the bio‑medical diseases that they have
dong tang) and that lesser amounts will           become associated with.
diminish the formula’s efficacy. We are              There is little or no mention in
guided to the New Compilation of Materia          the book of the pharmacokinetics
Medica where an extended discussion               or pharmacodynamics of particular
argues,                                           formulas, adverse reactions are not
   “Ophiopogonis Radix (mai men dong)             mentioned, nor is nephro, hepato or feto
drains lurking heat from the Lungs and            toxicity. I think that this is acceptable
clears heat pathogens from the Stomach.           in a book of this kind as it allows the
It tonifies consumptive damage of                 authors to retain their focus on the           AuRICuLAR ACuPunCTuRE
the Heart qi, stops vomiting of blood,            history, traditional usage and application     & ADDICTIon
augments the essence, strengthens the yin,        of herbal formulas. I would, however,          Kim Wager with Sue Cox
relieves irritability, stops thirst, beautifies   have liked to have seen a discussion           Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier (2009),
the complexion, is pleasing to the skin,          on the controversy surrounding the             softback, £29
reduces fever from deficiency, resolves           usage of xi xin ‑ possibly one of the

Lung dryness and stops coughing. It truly         biggest current controversies affecting                 linicians who practice auricular
should be prescribed as a chief herb, but         Chinese medicine and one that seems                     and traditional acupuncture
can also be used as a deputy or assistant.        to have been overlooked in this text.                   may find this book challenging.
Unfortunately the common people do                Conservation issues seemed to be covered       Instead of providing the mechanisms,
not know about the marvellous uses of             only sporadically. There is a mention          methodology and practice of ear
mai men dong (anymore). Gradually                 of rhinoceros horn and its endangered          acupuncture for addiction as the title
they have used less and less (of it) and          status but nothing when it comes to the        suggests, this book focuses heavily on
it no longer achieves results. Thi
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