La Bibournoise by ProQuest


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									838                                                                      Notes, June 2009

squawks also cut through the mix; one           program are songs that he vetted for obscu-
wishes that it were possible to hear            rity by checking with Jean-Paul Guimond (a
Marclay’s turntable manipulations more          local singer famous for his encyclopedic
clearly. The second suite, titled “Jigsaw,”     knowledge of Québécois songs), and in-
consists of two parts, both featuring Frith     clude such humorous fare as the story of a
on multiple instruments alongside trom-         monk whose secret lover is revealed when
bonist Jim Staley. Commissioned by the          she accidentally puts ink on her face in-
Concert Dance Company of Boston, “Jig-          stead of perfume and is consequently pur-
saw” is a highly episodic collection of brief   sued through the monastery as a burglar,
sound collages, each of them built on puls-     and another of a man who returns home
ing but sometimes quirky rhythms. What          from sea and somehow ends up wearing
keep all of these pieces from dissolving into   the trousers of his faithless wife’s lover. The
purely assaultive skronk are the good hu-       singing is excellent and the trio’s unex-
mor and wit that always characterize Frith’s    pected detours into close harmony are
playing and composing; there is a cheerful-     thrilling, but it is the fiddle tunes that bring
ness to even his most abrasive work that        the most pleasure: the traditional melodies
makes it far more listenable than that of       of Québec are among the most lovely in all
many of his other, more ill-tempered col-       of Western folk music, and the original
leagues of the period. Frith remains one of     compositions with which they are inter-
the more consistently interesting and re-       mixed here are every bit as pleasing.
warding musicians operating in the rock/
classical/ avant-garde borderlands, and         Augustus Pablo. The Mystic World of
the slow but steady trickle of CD reissues      Augustus Pablo: The Rockers Story.
from his vinyl catalog continues to be very     Shanachie 45068, 2008.
                                                   Augustus Pablo, who died in 1999 at only
Genticorum. La Bibournoise. Roues et            46 years of age, was a significant figure in
Archets RA012, 2008.                            reggae music history for a number of rea-
                                                sons. In addition to single-handedly turn-
   The tra
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