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"The necessary evil" conversation comes from the simple fact that maintenance doesn't contribute directly to the manufacture or delivery of anything. In modern parlance we do not add value to the product. Modern organizations also agree that we are necessary. So the conversation "necessary evil" gets created.

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									                                    BY JOEL LEVITT, PRESIDENT, SPRINGFIELD RESOURCES

      Joel Levitt has trained
     over 6,000 maintenance
           leaders from over
        3,000 organizations.
          Since 1980, he has
       been the president of
                                    “Capacity Assurance”
     Springfield Resources, a
     management consulting
           firm that services
                                    Maybe it’s time for a new name for
          a variety of clients      maintenance
          on a wide range of
        maintenance issues.         THERE ARE ALL KINDS of conver-         are significantly harder to change.    ance.” We can prove that good
                                    sations within organizations just as   They include personal concerns         maintenance practices actually
                                    there are all kinds of conversations   about who you can trust or who         produce additional manufacturing
                                    among people. Most obvious are         is incompetent. They also include      capacity. The value of this added
                                    the out-front or visible conversa-     corporate-wide assessments such        capacity usually dwarfs the cost of
                                    tions on everyone’s lips which are     as “Management speaks with a           delivering maintenance services.
                                    part of the entire structure of the    forked tongue.” These behind-the-         Like my friend Mark Gold-
                                    organization. These may be about       scenes conversations have tre-         stein told me, “More customers
                                    the industry, profit levels, who has   mendous impact on the conduct          are being lost to businesses like
                                    moved up or down: visible conver-      of maintenance and how mainte-         yours due to equipment reliabil-
                                    sations are all the things about the   nance personnel are treated.           ity problems, than quality issues.
                                    company that people say out loud          One example of a conversation       Today, too many companies are
                                    to each other.                         is, “Maintenance is a necessary        losing valued customers because
                                       There are also behind-the-scenes    evil.”                                 in their rush to service increas-
                                    conversations. When someone is                                                ing customer demand, their man-
                                    hired on, they hear the visible con-                                          agement overlooked the fact that
                                    versation when everyone is hang-                                              Just-In-Time delivery depends on
                                    ing out. They hear the more invis-      One new viewpoint is                  full plant throughput, and full plant
                                    ible conversations only when they       to call maintenance                   equipment throughput is depen-
                                    are really considered one of the                                              dent on companies maintaining
                                                                           “Capacity Assurance.”
                                    team.                                                                         full plant equipment capacity! Too
                                       The invisible conversations are                                            many senior company executives
                                    just as powerful (sometimes more                                              overlooked their responsibility to
                                    so) as the visible ones, but they                                             strengthen their maintenance oper-
                                                                              Let’s deconstruct this. What        ations and their continuing invest-
                                                                           impact does such a conversation        ment in plant maintenance. The
                                                                           have? Ho
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