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                                                         Jive introduces Jive SBS 3.0
                                                            Jive (jivesoftware.com) has        employee collaboration with               keting teams to share ideas, con-
                                                         brought powerful social software      external partner and customer             tent and connections more easily.
                                                         to global enterprises with Jive       communities into a single appli-       ✦ Innovation Center—drives
                                                         SBS 3.0, its suite of social          cation suite.                             the creative collaboration with
                                                         business solutions. Specifically         SBS 3.0 includes four new              customers and partners to
                                                         designed for Global 2000 com-         application centers that automate         bring new products to market
                                                         panies, Jive SBS 3.0 allows           the strategic work done in the crit-      in record time and increase
                                                         teams of people from inside           ical areas of business:                   competitive advantage.
                       Jive CEO Dave Hersh says that     and outside of the enterprise to      ✦ The Employee Engagement              ✦ Jive SBS Support Center—
                 with SBS 3.0, companies can bridge
                                                         connect, communicate and col-            Center—brings employees                Builds a thriving system of
                                                         laborate.                                together to break down silos,          knowledge capture and peer
                 together departments, partners and
                                                            Jive believes SBS 3.0 addresses       resolve conflict, speed produc-        support in order to quickly solve
                   customers in a single community.
                                                         the most strategic areas in the          tivity, make decisions and cap-        problems, lower costs and
            That “bridge,” he adds, presents the first   enterprise with the introduction of      ture institutional knowledge.          increase customer satisfaction.
                 opportunity for companies to create     four application centers: employee    ✦ Marketing & Sales Center—               Jive CEO Dave Hersh empha-
                 a singular conversation among their     engagement, sales and marketing,         engages companies with their        sizes SBS 3.0’s ability for
                                    key constituents.    customer support and innovation.         customers to build brand aware-     companies to bridge together
                                                         The company says Jive SBS 3.0 is         ness, create leads and convert
                                                         also the first to bridge internal        sales, and allows sales and mar-               JIVE continues on page 30

     Queplix unveils broad new offering                                                                                                Enherent
        Queplix (queplix.com) has debuted QueSearch, a                (sap.com), Siebel (now Oracle), Oracle (oracle.com),
                                                                                                                                       and Attensity
     universal search platform that securely integrates               PeopleSoft (now also Oracle), Salesforce.com and                 partner
     structured data from enterprise, SaaS and cloud appli-           Microsoft (microsoft.com) Exchange.
     cations into a single search tool.                                  The company emphasizes the following advan-                       Enherent (enherent.com), an IT
        The company explains QueSearch automatically                  tages of its new solution:                                       consulting services and solutions
     extracts data and permissions from a wide variety of             ✦ Synthetic documents—QueSearch ingests struc-                   provider, has formed a partnership
     application and database formats, while enforcing                   tured data from enterprise and cloud applications,            with Attensity (attensity.com) to
     security policies and access controls on a per-user                 and creates synthetic data objects that can                   deliver solutions leveraging Atten-
     basis to ensure that sensitive data is protected. Queplix           be injected into enterprise search indexes such               sity’s text analytics software.
     adds QueSearch employs its QueCrawler technology                    as Google (google.com) Search Appliance,                          The companies say their com-
     to deliver a high level of automation and integration                                                                             plementary capabilities allow
     with top enterprise applications including SAP                                              QUEPLIX continues on page 30          effective management of brand
                                                                                                                                       reputation and facilitate innova-
                                                                                                                                       tion. Enherent reports it will com-
                                                                                                                                       bine Attensity’s First Person
                                                                                                                                       Intelligence Platform with its

 Datawatch launches ES 4.6                                                                                                             vocabularies, analytics and subject
                                                                                                                                       matter expertise to manage brand
                                                                                                                                       risk and provide customer insight.
     Datawatch (datawatch.com) has released ES 4.6, the                performance when processing extremely large documents,              Enherent delivers analytics,
 latest iteration of its enterprise business intelligence and          increased granularity when extracting data from multisub-       collaboration, enterprise content
 reporting solution. The company claims V. 4.6 has been                ject document pages, new data filters and sorting capabil-      management and infrastructure
 designed to allow organizations to easily extract and                 ities, and improved administrative functionality. Datawatch     solutions to enterprise and mid-
 analyze information from critical business documents                  ES 4.6 also offers support for additional operating systems     market organizations. It says it
 to drive more efficient operations.                                   and databases, including:                                       helps clients create, contribute,
     Datawatch reports ES 4.6 features compatibility                   ✦ Windows Server 2008,                                          understand and transform struc-
 with Monarch V10 and provides export of data to Excel                 ✦ SQL Server 2008 32/64 bit,                                    tured and unstructured data
 with extended support for Excel 2007, including .xlsx                 ✦ SQL Server 2005 64 bit,                                       into actionable intelligence to
 files containing up to one million rows of data, embed-               ✦ Oracle 11i database,                                          enhance decision-making and
 ded instructions for pivot tables and Excel formulas.                 ✦ WebSphere 6.1, and                                            innovation that create competi-
 Also included are additional enhancements to improve                  ✦ Tomcat 6.0. ❚                                                 tive advantage. ❚

28     KMWorld       May 2009                                                                                                                       www.kmworld.com

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