Diary of a Small-Time Reality TV Producer, Part I by ProQuest


The first part of a series discusses the diary of a small-time reality television producer. The author shared the knowledge from his experience producing The Longest Day, the first online reality television series for and about professional photographers. On Mar 21, 2008, F-Stop Beyond (the author's audio podcast for photographers) just aired the episode with Brook Todd, one of American Photo's top 10 wedding photographers in the world. May 5, 2008, they're finishing up the DVD for celebrity wedding photographer Mike Colon. On Jul 31, 2008, he sent an email to WPPI president Skip Cohen last week telling him about all the high-profile photogs interested in being in the next WPPI buzz builder. On Oct 13, 2008, he emailed proposals to Microsoft, Kodak, Epson, and a handful of other sponsors referred to him by photographers in the show. On Oct 29, 2008, he just sent yet another email to the bigwigs at WPPI.

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									Ron Dawson

              Diary of a Small-Time
            Reality TV Producer, Part I
                            The diary entries you are about to read are fictional, but the
                         events described in them are real. I’d like to share the knowledge
                         I gained from my experience producing The Longest Day
                         (http://thelongestday.tv), the first online reality TV series for
                         and about professional photographers—a show that grew out of
                         relationships I’ve developed with high-end photographers through
                         networking and producing viral promotional films for them over the
                          last 3 years. For The Longest Day, 24 top photographers from
                          around the country were split into two teams and given 24 hours
                          to write, shoot, and edit an original short film. The reality show
                          was a behind-the-scenes look at the making of those films.
                             From reading about the process and (I hope) checking out the
                          series online, you’ll gain insight into alternative ways for doing
                          what you love to do while earning money doing it—not to mention
                          that this process is a great case study on viral marketing and
                              social networking. Enjoy.

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May 2009 / EventDV   41
diary of a small-time reality tv producer
         MARCH 21, 2008                                                                                                        an email or phone call from
           F-Stop Beyond (my audio                                                                                             him. He’s a straight shooter—
         podcast for photographers) just                                                                                       tells you how he feels, no holds
         aired the episode with Brook                                                                                          barred. He can make or break
         Todd, one of American Photo’s                                                                                         this thing.
         top 10 wedding photographers
         in the world. He mentioned                                                                                            AUG. 26, 2008
         how much he loved the Joe                                                                                               I just finished interviewing
         Photo spoof we produced this                                                                                          Nikon’s frontman for wedding
         year at WPPI, Diary of a                                                                                              photography, Cliff Maunter.
         Washed Up Rock Star Wedding                                                                                           What a character! The man has
         Photographer. (Joe is another                                                                                         no qualms about expressing
         high-profile photographer.) He                                                                                        how he feels about things. He
         says he and his wife, Alisha,                                                                                         said he’d be interested in being
         would like to be in next year’s                                                                                       in whatever I dream up for
         WPPI buzz builder. They may                                                                                           this year’s WPPI buzz-building
         even talk to their sponsor,              Ron directs Gary Fong and Joe 
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