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Automation by the Numbers

                                     Accenture surveyed 10,000

                                     people in 20 countries re-
                                     garding their support for
                                     the use or increased use
                                     of nuclear power. From a
                                     geographic perspective, the
strongest support for nuclear energy as a means of reducing fos-

sil fuel reliance, whether standalone or in combination with re-
newable, came from respondents in India (67%), China (62%),
the U.S. (57%), and South Africa (55%). Support was far lower
in France (37%), Italy (37%), Belgium (36%), Germany (31%),
Brazil (29%), Greece (28%), and Spain (28%).
                                                                     The 1957 launch of Sputnik spurred the U.S. to create the Ad-
                                                                     vanced Research Projects Agency, known as ARPA, in February
                                                                     1958 to regain its technological lead from the USSR. ARPA cre-

                                                                     ated the Information Processing Technology Office to further the
                                                                     research of the Semi Automatic Ground Environment program,
                                                                     which had networked countrywide radar systems together for
                                                                     the first time. On 29 October 1969, the first two nodes of the
                                     Robot density is the number     ARPANET connected University of California, Los Angeles and
                                     of multipurpose industrial      SRI (later SRI International) in Menlo Park, Calif. This began to-
                                     robots per 10,000 persons       day’s Internet, now 40 yea
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