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									                           PEDRO’S PICK

                      John: What does a dragon call a knight
                        in shining armor?
                      Jake: What?

                                                                                                                                                         think&grin )
                      John: A “foil dinner”!                           –$10 to Helen Stockman, Waterford, Conn.

                   Tom: Why shouldn’t an egg laugh?              Emir: What did the alien say to the li-      Rob: What do
                   Sam: Why?                                     brarian?                                     you call a rock
                   Tom: Because it might crack up.               Emily: What?                                 star who owns a towing
                   Thomas Lee, Fairfax, Va.                      Emir: “Take me to your reader!”              company?
                                                                 Emir Boatwright, Izmir, Turkey               Russ: What?
                   Bob: Why was the man staring at a bot-                                                     Rob: “Van-Haulin!”
                   tle of orange juice?                          Two snakes are sitting in the gar-           Rob Russo, Newtown, Conn.
                   Joe: Beats me.                                den. “Are we poisonous?” one asks its
                   Bob: Because it said “concentrate” on         friend.                                      Warped Wiseman says: “The early bird
                   the side!                                        “I don’t know. Why do you ask?” the       catches the worm, but the second mouse
                   Aashish Bhardwaj, Fremont, Calif.             friend says.                                 gets the cheese.”
                                                                    “I just bit my tongue!”                   Dan Herting, Beavercreek, Ohio
                   A book never written: “Beauty Secrets”        Hunter Sewell, Dallas, Ga.
                   by Lou King Goode.                                                                         A book never written: “The Result of
                   Ben Padgett, Wise, Va.                        Sal: What do you call a charity that helps   Frostbite” by Miss Inatoe.
                                                                 overworked mailburros?                       Dylan Bacon, Lindale, Tex.
                   Steve: What stays in the corner but trav-     Ben: I don’t know.
                   els all around the world?                     Sal: “Comic relief!”                         A lady in a pet store spotted a really
                   Jason: I don’t know.                          Salvatore Valeriano, Pittsburgh, Pa.         colorful bird. She turned to an employee
                   Steve: A stamp!                                                                    
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