SURF'S UP by ProQuest


[...] the moment arrives, and Josh seizes it, paddling toward the shore. The instructors also stressed the importance of sun protection (skin cancer kills more surfers than drowning ever has) and the use of the leash that attaches the surfers to their boards (so when they fall, the board doesn't swim to shore without them).

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									David Tyburski, Troop 566, Miami
Lakes, Fla., prepares to ride the
waves at Cocoa Beach.

                                    By Aaron Derr
                                    Photographs by Carlton Ward

 20   BOYS’ LIFE F MAY 2009
                                                                                  Get O

Keiffer Scott waits for just the right
moment as he paddles into position.

                                         Florida Scouts
                                         get their hot-weather
                                         high-adventure fix
                                         by riding the Atlantic
                                         Ocean’s coolest

                                                          MAY 2009 F BOYS’ LIFE   21
                                                                              Josh Lee, a
                                                                              Eagle Scout
                                                                              with Troop
                                                                              566, Miami
                                                                              Lakes, Fla.,
                                     Get On Board
                                                                              is ready to
                                                                              ride some
      Erik Perez tries to keep his
      balance as he stands on his
      board for the first time.

                                                                                  He and the rest of his troop
                                                                              have sat patiently through several
                                                                              hours of lessons from the surfing
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