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									      WHO’S YOUR HERO?
           From sports to comics, every kind of fun has its heroes. Here
           are some top video game heroes and their latest games.
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           • MARIO: The mustachioed plumber is always saving Princess Peach. He has been in more than 200
             games, including last year’s terrific Mario Kart Wii.
           • CRASH BANDICOOT: The wacky marsupial continues his fight against Dr. Neo Cortex, most
             recently in Crash: Mind Over Mutant (Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older).
                                          • SONIC: The speedy adventurer is featured in more than 100
                                            games, 36 for mobile phones alone. He currently stars in Sonic
                                            and the Black Knight (Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older).

                                          • LINK: The Legend of Zelda hero proves his bravery with his
                                            Master Sword in every game, most recently Phantom Hourglass.
                                          • POKÉMON: With about 500 Pokémon, it’s hard to pick just
                                            one hero. Maybe that’s why the series, with the new Pokémon
                                            Platinum has sold more than 175 million games.
                                          • SPONGEBOB: The buck-toothed sea sponge appears in
                                            dozens of video games (even Monopoly), including 2008’s
                                            standout Drawn to Life.
                                          • SPYRO: The perky purple dragon joined forces with f
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