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									eureka                                                                                                                      MARTIN WHITE

     Well-Done                                                               When I start up a project for a client, I am always interested in the
                                                                             metadata on the documents the client gives me. Sometimes the
                                                                             documents are not dated and there is no author, just a

     o           ver the past few years I’ve discovered that I enjoy
                 cooking. The reason I’d not learned this earlier was not
                 so much that I would or could not cook, but rather
     because my wife is so good at it. However, Cynthia provides
     first-aid support for a soccer club on alternate Saturdays, so I
                                                                             department. Individual pages have no header or footer, so if they
                                                                             are printed out and circulated there is no way of identifying the
                                                                             original document. The title of the document can often be
                                                                             unintelligible, especially if it is a PowerPoint file. There has to be
                                                                             a set of procedures in place so that documents have the basic
     decided to try my hand at a few recipes rather than buy a ready         metadata needed to provide an appropriate level of confidence in
     meal at Marks & Spencer. As I started my working life as a              the information contained in the document, and the same goes for
     chemist, I became rather interested in the science of cooking,          a database or any other file type. One of the issues here is setting
     which has enabled me to tweak recipes to come up with things            out standards of stewardship for information. “Once written, best
     that really hit the spot for both of us. I’ve managed never to          forgotten” is just not good enough. Even if you have moved on in
     use the same recipe twice, and that challenge alone has been            the organization, does your successor ensure that documents you
     very stimulating.                                                       wrote are updated as appropriate?
         Search appliances can be rather like a ready meal. They are            The searcher then sits down and, using the information
     almost instantly available; all you have to do is slot them into a      retrieved, prepares another document. Then comes the third
     server rack the way you would a meal on to a tray in the oven.          question: “Where should I publish this document so that it can be
     The meal can be quite satisfying if all you need is “food,” but you     of the greatest value to the organ
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