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									 faces of econtent                            ...interviews from the econtent trenches

    Job Function:                                                                        Name With The Face:
     As half of the two-person content division of the SIIA, the principal trade         Jennifer Hansen
    association for the software and digital content industry, Jenny Hansen wears a
    number of hats to keep the division running smoothly. “Internally, I frequently      Job Title:
                                                                                         Program Manager, Content
    work with the marketing, communications, and membership departments. I help
    write copy for the various publications, newsletters, and collateral for SIIA
    events, both paper mailings and emails,” Hansen says. Her job also entails
    meeting with the membership department to go over upcoming renewals and
                                                                                         Software & Information Industry
    reaching out to existing members to make sure they are aware of the
                                                                                         Association (SIIA)
    opportunities available to them to get involved. Hansen also gets to work with
    association members on various event steering committees as well as interest
    groups such as the social media action committee and the search engine
    executive council.

    In A Day’s Work:
    Hansen likes to be at her office by 6 a.m.; it helps that her home office is 10'
    away from the coffee maker. “From there you never know what the day will
    bring,” Hansen says. “Some days are nonstop meetings, others are spent
    writing and helping develop new programs and events, and others are spen
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