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                                                                                                              Words of Wisdom

                                                                                                    ‘I HAVE LOST ALL SENSE OF

                                                                                               HOME, HAVING MOVED ABOUT

                                                                                                   SO MUCH. IT MEANS TO ME

                                                                                                      NOW—ONLY THAT PLACE

                                                                                               WHERE THE BOOKS ARE KEPT.’

                                                                                                                              —John Steinbeck

        OCLC Obtains OAIster Service
            OCLC took ownership of the free OAIster service under a new deal
                                                                                        New European
        with the University of Michigan. Featuring 20 million records from about
        1,100 organizations, OAIster is an open access (OA) service that covers         Library Website Goes Live
        deep web content from digitized books and articles, audio files, data sets,        The European Library unveiled a new ver-
        and more. OAIster.org will remain open until the deal is finalized, when        sion of its website, which features learning and
        it will become part of WorldCat.org, according to OCLC.                         research materials from 38 national libraries
                                                                                        in Europe. According to the library, the new
                                                                                        site includes several enhancements recom-
                                                                                        mended by users, such as multilingual search
        askSam Systems Launches Obama Speech Database                                   functionalities in 22 European languages. The
           askSam Systems compiled the complete transcripts of more than                library is also planning several online exhibi-
        220 speeches by President Barack Obama into a free, searchable data-            tions, including one on the Napoleonic Wars
        base: The Speeches of Barack Obama. The database includes tran-                 that will feature more than 200 rarities col-
        scripts dating from 2002 t
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