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  On the Mark
  Deadshot: A Sniper Novel by GySgt Jack Coughlin, USMC (Ret.),
  with Donald A. Davis (St. Martin’s Press)
  Reviewed by Solomon K. Smith

                                                                      of global terror can only be stopped
     n Deadshot, sequel to Kill Zone and second installment in        through a tense sniper duel between
     the sniper novel series, former Marine sniper Kyle Swanson       the two best shooters in the world, a
     engages the most dangerous enemy of his career, a legendary      life-or-death struggle where the one
  enemy sniper named Juba whom Kyle helped train and who is           who shoots rst lives.
  now working with a fringe Islamic organization determined to            Dead Shot is technically accurate,
  wrest leadership of the terrorist world from al Qaeda.              with attention to detail that is both
         e cat-and-mouse game between Swanson and Juba begins         impressive and comforting to readers with a military
  with a seemingly impossible shot in Baghdad’s Green Zone,           background. It o ers an exciting ride through the war on glob-
  where Juba kills an Iraqi scientist just before he was to reveal    al terrorism, covering all the major buzz topics of recent years,
  the monstrous secret that Saddam Hussein took to his grave:         including WMDs, crazed Islamic militants, home-grown Brit-
  the location of a secret lab known only as the Palace of Death      ish terrorists, the illegal snatching of citizens by government
  and home to a team of chemical weapons specialists working          agencies, secret military organizations operating wherever the
  for Islamic militants to develop a terrifying new weapon of         threat takes them, collaboration between Iran and Iraq to pro-
  mass destruction (WMD).                                             duce chemical weapons, and a scene detailing the implementa-
     When the formula is complete, Juba stages a public test of       tion of water board torture.
  the new WMD’s power, killing hundreds of people at a British            Although many elements of the story and the Bond-esque
  royal wedding in London and shocking the world. Swanson             superhuman main character may be entirely improbable, no
  and his team of secret special operations operatives from Task      reader who likes action will care, as this book provides what
  Force Triton race to track down Juba and stop him before he         you want: action and suspense.
  can strike again.
         e fast-paced story takes the reader across the globe in an      Mr. Smith, a former Marine scout sniper, is a history professor
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