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									Military Family
Finances Made Easy
  Two of the most respected organizations
in the nancial and business realms have
joined together to provide a handy nance
guide speci cally for military families.
Personal Finance for Military Families is
published by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
and the Council of Better Business Bureaus;
it is available free as a downloadable PDF
                                               6       Ways
                                                               Your Food Budget
                                               Commissaries partner in DoD program to
                                               help promote nancial tness
                                               through Military Saves.
                                               By Kevin L. Robinson, DeCA Public A airs Specialist, and
at www.kiplinger.com/money/military.           Kay Blakley, DeCA Home Economist
  The easy-to-read booklet is subtitled
Your One-Stop Guide to a Secure Financial        AZ2 Karen Amador Lesetmoe, USN, described herself as someone
Future, but what makes this publication        who got in over her head in debt. Between credit card debt, a car
so valuable is that it is geared speci cally   loan, and a low-paying job that made shopping for food a constant
to service families, with an understanding     challenge, the single mom needed a new direction. So she went on a
of those families’                             diet— nancially, that is.
special needs and
circumstances.                                   “I decided I’d had enough of living paycheck to paycheck and
  For example, the                             worrying about money all the time,” said AZ2 Lesetmoe, whose
article “Saving                                testimony to get out of debt is posted with others on www.
Strategies”                                    MilitarySaves.org. “When I paid o my credit cards, I didn’t relax
starts with the                                and fall back into my old spending habit; I was on a mission to save
Thrift Savings                                 money. I opened a savings account and started putting all the money
Plan. One                                      I would have spent on my debt into my savings.”
article details                                 AZ2 Lesetmoe’s story of nancial distress is all too real for many
  nancial scams                                people in uniform and their families. For her and people like her,
that target                                    the Consumer Federation of America, a nonpro t partner of the
the military,                                  Department of Defense (DoD), has developed Military Saves
with tips on                                   to enlist the military community in a yearlong commitment to
how to avoid                                    nancial responsibility. e website o ers free nancial services and
becoming                                       suggestions to help save money.
a victim. Another story is titled                  e Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) has joined the Military
“Strategies Before and After Deployment,”      Saves campaign to echo the bene ts of reducing debt and building
covering everything from life insurance        wealth. “Extending the paychecks of military members with savings
and tax issues to identity th
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