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Behave ethically, act like the whole world is watching
AS WE CONTINUE to face huge                 become part of an “investment”                                                                                                are the litmus test for both. We have
                                                                                                           C o r n e r         O f f i c e
challenges in key sectors — includ-         opportunity, when the salesperson                                                                                             to start shaping up right here in our
ing, but not limited to real estate,        says “I’ll call you tomorrow” and          Have a hard-hitting stance on a New Jersey business issue? If you are a            own state. With a staggering unem-
employment and finance — I ask              doesn’t — they are all guilty of one        business or policy leader with a strong opinion, we want to hear from             ployment rate of 8.3 percent in New
myself how this great country lost its      thing: breaking someone’s trust.                  you. Please send op-ed proposals to                    Jersey, unprecedented bankruptcy
way. One word: ethics.                           How did we get broken? Was it                                                                                            filings and home foreclosures, we
      Ethics is the study of morality,      the “greed is good” mantra of the        their mortgages. If we are the No. 2   is watching. And where we find our-           are the perfect candidates to rein-
and morality is one’s belief regarding      ’80s? The dot-bomb era of the ’90s?      state in the nation in terms of per-   selves today is a result of a lot of peo-     vent our moral and ethical code —
appropriate behavior. Back in the           The instant gratification of the new     capita income, then we may be not      ple thinking that no one was watch-           if not for us, then for the genera-
day, when I was start-                                 millennium fueled by          only in the top in terms of success,   ing, which is precisely why taking            tions who will inherit our legacy.
ing out, business rela-                                technology and easy           but also in terms                                        home a pen from                   It is our chance to capture what
tionships and busi-                                    credit? It doesn’t matter.    of vulnerability                                         the office is stealing.     we learned from the Great Depres-
ness dealings were                                     In their book, “The Ethi-     when it comes to         What we need to                 So you see, lack of         sion, understand what we lost dur-
often done on a hand-                                  cal Executive,” Robert        temptation.                                              ethics starts small:        ing the great recession and imple-
shake, or someone’s                                    Hoyk and Paul Hersey                 What        we
                                                                                                              understand and                  nobody will notice,         ment what we need to make the
word. In the litigious                                 refer to the traps that       need to under- recognize is that it’s it’s not hurting any-                          “great comeback.” I believe it can
society we live in                                     lead executives and           stand and recog-                                         one, and it’s not           only start with honesty and integri-
today, most concrete                                   workers into disaster.        nize is that it’s the  the small decisions considered stealing                       ty. It will start with shaking your
deals involve a con-                                   Power and money are           small decisions
                                                                                                           we make every day because no one saw                           client’s hand and delivering on your
tract. But when we              Susan P. Ascher        huge traps, and so are        we make every                                            it. Get the picture?        promises. It will grow with character
look at how our finan-                                 time pressures and            day that define us.        that define us.               The snowball effect         building and behaving as if the
cial institutions drew up mortgage          euphemisms for bad acts. Ask all         It’s the larger ones                                     is astounding.              whole world is watching. ◆
contracts based on falsifying num-          the bankers who lent money and           that teach our kids                                            We have failed        -----------------------------------------
bers — like when Bernie Madoff’s            left out the fact that when the          what is right and wrong. I always tell miserably, and it’s high time we get          Susan P. Ascher is founder, president
“friends” were convinced to part            adjustable rate mortgage tripled,        my staff and my daughter that char-    back on track. New Jersey is neither          and chief executive officer of The Ascher
with their hard-earned dollars to           people would have to default on          acter is what you have when no one     Wall Street nor Main Street. But we           Group in Roseland.

Leave the private sector alone                       to go into the industry of alternative energy and    one that has been here a long time.
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                                                     make our environment cleaner and efficient.               I recycle and will continue to buy Marcal
I think [Barack] Obama and the Democrats’                  I had an idea for a business that would        products. Cheers for Tim Springs and the rest             We encourage readers to write letters
stimulus is the worst that could ever happen to      combine every alternative energy technology          of the people at Marcal who are keeping the              concerning New Jersey business issues.
our country. Government should stay out of           into one; I call it “urban farming.” Urban farm-     green in New Jersey.                                      Please keep letters to fewer than 400
the business of businesses, and let the small-       ing will take an abandoned building and turn                                                                 words. We reserve the right to edit letters
business people take care of their own abili-        it into a beautiful building that is essentially a     Patricia
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