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Here are the results of our MySpace poll: POETRY CORNER I Dear Cheer God, Keep me tight and standing tall Please bless their hands so I won't fall And if I bobble and do come down Please help me stay oft the round As a base I must be strong Please keep my hands from doing wrong Let me get this stunt just right And show them I'm the best tonight Oh Cheer God, don't let me stumble Let me show them I can tumble Relp me make my jumps the beat Maybe then I'll get some rest Please help me keep my motions sharp And show my skill with all my heart Please help me keep my voice up loud So I can help excite the crowd Dear Cheer God, I love this sport I don't want to come up short Help me do my best with pride Please Cheer God, be by my side - Courtesy of J. Dunn Want to see your poem, picture or letter in a future issue of AO Send your stuff to acmail@ spirit situation It's my first time going to camp and I'm a little nervous. Have a blast!" - Melina "You'll learn a lot of cheers, dances, jumps and maybe even some new stunts.

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