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Heart of a Shepherd


Sutton reviews Heart of a Shepherd by Rosanne Parry.

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									  304                                               The Horn Book Magazine

  winner and valedictorian of her class at Marcus Garvey Primary, is dis-
  tracted by the changes that starting school “in Town” the following year
  will bring, and begins to see her home and family in a subtly different
  way. Mordecai’s descriptions of the close-knit community are clear and
  vivid without being obtrusive; there’s no instructional aspect to the
  story, though its setting will likely be unfamiliar to many readers. Like-
  wise, since much of the dialogue is in a melodic Jamaican patois, read-
  ers use context and pattern—and cues from the characters—to infer
  meaning. By the end of the story, the mystery of Jammy’s behavior has
  been revealed, and Jackson and Pollyread have figured out the goat’s
  significance to their family. Readers won’t soon forget the time they
  spent with these spirited characters in a uniquely beautiful setting.
  elissa gershowitz

  Kenneth Oppel Starclimber
    390 pp. Eos/HarperCollins 3/09 isbn 978-0-06-085057-9 $17.99
    Library edition isbn 978-0-06-085058-6 $18.89
    (Middle School, High School)
  Oppel’s books are equally notable for their action-packed plots and
  superb characterization, a combination that is not always easy to find in
  the fantasy/science fiction genre. Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries are back
  for their third adventure following their exploits in Airborn (rev. 7/04)
  and Skybreaker (rev. 1/06) and, not surprisingly, their relationship is
  pushed to the limits right along with their adrenaline. Matt figures to
  spend the summer in Paris working on the Celestial Tower (a modern-
  day tower of Babel) and courting Kate, but his plans change when ter-
  rorists attack the megastructure and Kate is summoned back to Canada
  by her parents. Their class differences have always been a tacit obstacle
  to their nascent romance and soon threaten to destroy their friendship
  altogether. Having completed a rigorous, co
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