Mark Williams renews Bounty Hunter program by ProQuest


Additionally, points will be accrued during the course of the season, and the racer who proves to be the most prolific bounty hunter will receive a $3,000 "factory sponsorship" from Mark Williams to offset expenses incurred while participating in NHRA events (divisional and national).

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									                                                                            Discover Vision Centers,
Mark Williams renews Bounty Hunter program                                         to sponsor Top Dragster
T   he popular Mark Williams Enterprises Bounty Hunter program,
    which rewards racers for “knocking off” defending event
champions in each of the eight categories contested at the six             D     iscover Vision Centers, a Kansas City, Mo.-based
                                                                                 group of eye-care centers, and, a
divisional races, will continue in 2009.                                   large-format print shop, will sponsor the Top Dragster
   A “bounty” is placed on the reigning champions in each category         class at the first and second Division 5 Lucas Oil Drag
beginning with the season-opening event in Great Bend, Kan., (April        Racing Series events of the season.
24-26), and the racer who defeats him or her in competition will               Discover Vision Centers has been serving the Kansas City community since 1973,
receive a bounty, which is dependent upon the number of Mark               offering complete family eye care ranging from comprehensive eye exams for all ages
Williams products they use. If the car is equipped with Mark Williams      to advanced no-stitch cataract and Lasik surgery. They were the first in the area to
axles, the winner gets $100. Should the car have Mark Williams axles       fully integrate O3 services (ophthalmology, optometry, and optical) at each location,
and a second posted product (driveshaft or disc brakes), the ante is       and each center is complete with a full-service optical shop, open to patients and
upped to $150. If all three posted products are employed, the check        non-patients, where you can purchase glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. For
increases to $200. For alcohol racers, the contingency revolves around     information, log on to
Mark Williams’ modular rear ends or floater assemblies. If the racer
does not use any Mark Williams products, they will receive a $100
merchandise certificate.
                                                                           Aeromotive renews top qualifier program
   Should the reigning champion make it through the event unscathed,
the bounty is theirs. W
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