RICK PRUDHOMME: George West, Texas: Super Gas: '57 Corvette

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					                                              kink in Hamilton’s plans, and he and his   ton. “There will be stuff you’ll want to    shifting, and although Hamilton bought
Shane Hamilton                                family, including wife Cindy and their     change, and you know you’re going to        the car with the intention to run it as a
League City, Texas                            two young children, had to leave town      inherit some problems.”                     Top Sportsman entry, he has since
Super Comp                                    for a short while. Upon their return,          The body was in good condition and      abandoned the idea.
’68 Road Runner                               Hamilton immediately took his trailer to   needed a few fixes to the hood and trunk,       “I realized the chassis only passed
                                              New York to complete the transaction       but the roll cage was not built to NHRA     7.50, and today, that won’t even qualify,”
      uper Comp racer Shane Hamilton          and haul his new treasure home.            specs and had to be updated. Hamilton       said Hamilton. “So we’re racing it in

S     wasn’t looking for a new ride, but
      when he came across a classified ad
in the back of the Mopar Collector’s
                                                 The Road Runner had an all-fiber-
                                              glass body and a tube frame, but the
                                              classic muscle car still needed fine-
                                                                                         also had to create all of the electronics
                                                                                         because the car virtually had none.
                                                                                             “Plus, anytime I buy someone else’s
                                                                                                                                     Super Comp; I want to go as fast as
                                                                                                                                     they’ll let me. It’s a 200-mph car, and
                                                                                                                                     we’ve had to slow it up a lot to run 8.90.
Guide for a ’68 Plymouth Road Runner,         tuning before it was ready to race in      car, I immediately take the motor out       We’re still trying to get it all dialed in
he found it too tempting to pass up.          NHRA competition.                          and have our engine shop go completely      and figured out, but a few more races,
    “There wasn’t a picture, but the ad got      “Anytime you buy someone else’s         through it,” said Hamilton. “We learned     and we should have it pretty close.
my interest,” said Hamilton. “We already      race car, you’re not exactly sure what     fairly early that you don’t race anyone         “I have to thank my volunteer crew
had a race car, but this one was so               you’re going to get,” said Hamil-      else’s motor until you’ve looked at it.”    chief, ‘Cracker Randy’ Deckard. He
cheap that I just had to jump on it. I felt                                                  The Road Runner is powered by a         does the whole show, and I appreciate
like the price was a giveaway for what it                                                    blown-alcohol Keith Black 496-cid       his help.”
was, and I couldn’t help but buy it.”                                                            engine with a Jeffco three-speed        The safety-orange Plymouth is a
    Hurricane Rita put a temporary                                                                   transmission complemented by    head turner in the pits, and Hamilton
                                                                                                            a Brunodrive unit for    prefers to keep it looking as close to a
                                                                                                                     clutchless      street car as possible, sticker-free and
                                                                                                                                     without additional modifications.
                                                                                                                                         “I like the cars that look like a
Description: Don Davis built the chassis and one-piece fiberglass body, and Tracy Dennis at Sunset Racecraft built the 565-cid engine, which consists of a Dart aluminum block, Reher-Morrison heads, Profiler intake manifold, 1150cfm Holley Dominator carburetor, Diamond pistons, MSD ignition, Moroso oil pan, and custom-built headers.
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