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									                             SUPER STOCK — 10th annual NHRA Nationals, April 2-5, Las Vegas

                             Lang completes rare double in memory of Mom

by Kelly Wade                                               (Above) Dan Mason, far lane, left the starting line .020-second too soon, and Jody
                                                            Lang scored an easy win, sealing the deal on his first double and becoming the 10th

J   anet Lang was a steady source of support for her
    three sons, Toby, Jody, and Cody, and she was a
fixture at the dragstrip, cruising through the pits on
                                                            driver to complete the task. Lang (right), the reigning Northwest Division Stock
                                                            champion, entered the Super Stock final with the Stock event title already in hand.

her little, red three-wheeler and standing beside              “His miles per hour was down a little bit, other-           at least I have
Northwest Division racers Toby and Jody when they           wise he might have been able to sneak around me,”              one.’ Maybe that
celebrated wins or lamented losses.                         said Lang. “That was one of several lucky rounds.              helped keep me
    The drag racing community was dealt a sad blow             “I raced [final-round opponent] Dan Mason’s dad,            from getting too
when Janet, a friend to many, died unexpectedly Feb.        John, third round. I got lucky there because he had            nervous.”
12 at the age of 72. Fairly quickly, her sons realized      just destroyed Dan Fletcher the round before, but he              Lang took ownership of a prestigious spot in NHRA
that honoring her memory included getting back to           missed the Tree against me.”                                   history when Mason left the starting line .020-second
drag racing, and at the 10th annual           The fourth round was exceedingly close; Lang ran            too soon in the final round, simultaneously illuminating
NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas, they were able to              .008-second over his 11.36 dial to Mike Graham’s               a red-light in his own lane and the win light in Lang’s.
celebrate a momentous occasion when Jody scored the         .002-second over 10.20, scoring by a mere seven-                  “I feel bad that he red-lit,” said Lang humbly.
18th double in the history of NHRA by sweeping the          thousandths due to a superior .029 to .042 reaction            “It’s a bad-luck deal for them that they didn’t get
Super Stock and Stock categories.                           at the starting line. Lang then picked up a pair of            to run the race.
    Luck was on Lang’s side at The Strip, but he was        round-wins when he was the victor in a quarterfinal               “It’s pretty cool to have won in both cars. It
also a machine behind the wheel, posting lights in          double-breakout match with Adam Emmer, which                   would feel cooler if Mom was still around, but I
the teens and twenties and compensating for any             earned him the crucial semifinal bye run.                      know somewhere she saw it happen and probably
non-stellar launches by managing the finish line               With the Stock victory already in his pocket,               helped with a lot of those close ones.”
better than his opponents.                                  Lang pulled up to the starting line focused and
    After defeating Jack Bystrom at the Tree in             ready for the Super Stock money round.                         The key race:    “The one I couldn’t believe I won
round one, second-round opponent Mike Cotten took              “I had to stay pretty calm after that Stock final,”         was the quarterfinal round against Adam Emmer,”
the advantage at the starting line, .015 to .027, but       said Lang. “If Jimmy [DeFrank, Stock runner-up]                said Lang. “It was what I call a double-breakout
Lang got the win light with an 11.32 on his 11.31           would have beaten me, I think I would have been                dead heat. We were both under by exactly the
dial to Cotten’s 10.34 (10.29 dial) at 120.80 mph.          feeling some pressure. But maybe I was like, ‘Okay,            same amount [.019-second], but I had the better

                                                                                                                            About the winning car
                                                                                                                            A 327-cid small-block Chevy NHRA-rated at 258
                                                                                                                            horsepower powers Jody Lang’s GT/JA ’81 Malibu.
                                                                                                                            The car is fitted with an ATI Powerglide transmission
                                                                                                                            and Hoosier tires and uses Valvoline lubricants. The
                                                                                                                            rear end sports Richmond gears and Moser axles.
                                                                                                                               Lang dedicated both wins to the memory of his
                                                                                                                            mother, Janet, and thanked his father, Dale; brothers,
                                                                                                                            Cody and Toby; Ashley and Martha Thompson;
                                                                                                                            Valvoline’s Mike Gruber; Hoosier’s Farron Lubbers;
                                                                                                                            Truck Town’s Dave Barcelon and Don Sefton; DG
                                                                                                                            Machine’s Dale Green; Mike and Russell from
                                                                                                                            Freeway Trailers; Hans Morgensen of A1
                                                                                                                            Transmission; Todd and Bob Sims; Greg Luneack; Pat
(Above) In the semi’s, Mason got a break of his own when Jackie Alley, far                                                  Howard; Pat Duffy; Dennis Boley; Dwight Salyers;
lane, fouled by .015-second. The final round was the second for Mason (right),                                              Chris, Carole, and Justin Lamb; Mike Munsinger;
who races in the Pacific Division. His first national event final was in 2006,                                              George Scott; Tom Stockero; and Jim Meador.
when he was runner-up to Dan Fletcher in Phoenix.
36 ✦ National DRAGSTER
                                                                                                                                 Super Stock Qualifying
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