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									will have to fail in the real world, un-
like the modeling being done in vir-
tual worlds. These island countries
will serve as real-world test sites for
                                             NEW NATION PREDICTIONS
tinkering with governmental sys-
tems on a small scale. Unleashing the          Here are a few forecasts for the          • “Open enrollment” citizen-
power of experimentation this way            impacts of island micronations.          ship may emerge. The concept of
will give us a sense of humanity’s             • Island countries will begin to       creating a virtual citizenry, where
true potential.                              emerge within the next 10 years,         citizens do not have to reside in
   In creating these living laborato-        and they will dramatically shift         the country they are affiliated
ries, host nations will find that they       the face of global politics.             with, gains popularity. Open en-
have greatly increased their influ-            • New forms of government              rollment will cause many new
ence around the globe. Any nation            and unusual political models will        laws to be created to sort out re-
that becomes an expert in building           begin to emerge, including corpo-        sponsibilities between countries
other nations will command the re-           rate nation-states, religious states,    and their people.
spect of the entire world.                   tax-free zones, single-function             • Once the number of new
   Many scenarios for experimental           countries, cause-related countries,      countries created starts to climb,
nation-states might be imagined.             and even rental nation-states,           many existing countries will begin
Here’s just one.                             where organizations can “rent a          asking that a moratorium or limits
                                             country” for a year or two to test a     be placed on the building of new
                                             specific project.                        countries.
Scenario: Google Island
                                               • Many experimental nation-               • As more and more countries
   One of the first island countries to      states will fail, giving rise to a re-   come into being, vying to attract
be created is purchased by Google. It        sale market for island countries.        the wealthy and talented, existing
becomes the first corporate nation-            • Existing nations will buy their      countries will be forced to com-
state not governed by a dictator,            own island countries as a way to         pete to retain their own citizens. A
prime minister, or president; it’s run       extend their influence in other          great migration of wealthy fami-
by a CEO with a board of directors           parts of the world, creating a sub-      lies will begin to cause grave con-
whose actions are influenced by              sidiary country to test new sys-         cerns among established govern-
shareholders.                                tems.                                    ments.                — Thomas Frey
   Google decides to use the experi-
mental nation-state to test a new
loan-matching service designed to
match the money from Middle East-          Google loan system, altering finan-        set out on a much more perilous and
ern countries with prospective bor-        cial markets in nearly every country.      unlikely journey. Their aim was sim-
rowers around the world. Google              
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