In early centuries, artificial islands were built to create home sites easier to defend against wild animals or hostile tribes. Without question, the most advanced artificial island projects today are found in Dubai. This was followed by development of the Palm Island group that went beyond all others in creative design and venture risk, raising the bar for all future island builders. Perhaps the most intriguing projects are those proposed by creators of new micronations. Founders of such new nations have searched the globe looking for sites. As yet, people find no substantial successes in launching free-standing micronations.

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a micronation, a term referring to a
newly established small-land-mass
nation seeking to get recognized by
                                                    THE CASE FOR MICRONATIONS AND
other governments around the world                        ARTIFICIAL ISLANDS
(a micronation is really just a small                              By McKinley Conway
nation). Recognition is a primary fac-
tor in an emerging country’s credibil-
ity and often determines the stability        In early centuries, artificial is-   projects are those proposed by cre-
of the new government and the role         lands were built to create home         ators of new micronations. Among
it will play in the international arena.   sites easier to defend against wild     the scores of such ventures, there
There are two primary forms of rec-        animals or hostile tribes. There is     are many that have been launched
ognition:                                  evidence that Greek, Roman, and         by people trying to establish mod-
   1. Internal — recognition by the        Scottish civilizations built hun-       ern utopias, seeking total freedom
people living inside that country. In      dreds of small islands for a variety    from the pressures of government
the case of newly formed island            of purposes. Excavations reveal         or society. Others of a more practi-
countries, there will be no indige-        that many islands were built by         cal nature have sought to set up
nous populations, so internal recog-       piling mud on layers of reed mats.      tax havens that would attract in-
nition becomes a non-issue.                   In recent times, new islands have    vestors. Some have looked for
   2. External — recognition by other      been built to provide sites for air-    sites to base lotteries and gam-
countries, or by people or organiza-       ports and other urban infrastruc-       bling casinos or pirate radio trans-
tions outside the country.                 ture. For example, in Japan, boat-      mitters.
   The Institute of International Law      loads of dirt and rock were hauled         Founders of such new nations
stated in its Brussels session in 1936:    from a nearby mountain and              have searched the globe looking
“Recognition of a new Nation is a          dumped into a huge box in Osaka         for sites. One entrepreneur set up
free decision by which one or several      Bay to create an island site for the    shop on an abandoned World War
Nations corroborate the existence on       new Kansai international airport.       II gun tower off the coast of En-
a determined territory of a human          Hong Kong spent nearly $15 bil-         gland. More imaginative planners
society, politically organized, inde-      lion to enlarge an existing island      have looked for seamounts or
pendent of any other nation, capable       for its new airport and to accom-       under -ocean mountains with
of complying with International Law,       modate bridges and transit lines to     peaks near the surface where they
and their decision is made public,         link it with the city. When growth      could drive pilings to support
recognizing the new Nation as a            occupied every available site in        above-water micronations. A few
member of the International Com-           Singapore, the small island nation      farsighted developers have exper-
munity.”                                   dredged new sites from the shal-   
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