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Making Places and People Bloom


Even though this happened in the South Bronx, it was going to have citywide ramifications, so we had public interest lawyers and other environmental justice groups all working together to help create a sustainable solid waste management plan that relied on borough-wide self-sufficiency. B.E.S.T. is one of the first green jobs training programs in the country, and gives folks on the fringes, like single moms, or ex-convicts, the tools of operating within the environmental restoration field, such as wetland restoration, cleaning contaminated land, urban forestry management, and green roof installation. Elizabeth City State University is excited about the possibility of transforming that 21-county region, and so we're working with them to develop a green economic development plan.

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									Making Places and People Bloom
Jeannie Choi
Sojourners Magazine; May 2009; 38, 5; Docstoc
pg. 8

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