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Weapons of Mass Instruc- tion (New Soci- ety Publishers, 2009) is a se- ries of essays on what's the matter with our school systems. It's subtitled "A Schoolteacher's Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling."

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									lifestyles for the sake of future genera-     clear-sighted, persuasive read about the
tions.                                        differences between real learning and so-
    The film has been screened in more        cial control. The thesis is that schools’
than one thousand communities world-          real mission is to cripple imagination,
wide, in Australia, South Africa, Europe      discourage critical thinking and prevent
and all over North America. And now           self-reliance and independence.
it’s available for purchase online at
www.garbagerevolution.com or you can
watch the first twenty minutes for free.

Weapons of
Mass Instruction                              What’s So Funny?
J   ohn Taylor Gatto’s long-awaited new
    book is here. (Well, you might have
                       to wait a bit lon-
                                              I t might seem like there’s nothing funny
                                                about the state of the world. However,
                                              despite – or perhaps because of – the se-
                        ger, because the      riousness of that, there is a notable trend
                        first printing sold   in the environmental community towards
                         out in four days!)   using humor and entertainment to deliver
                         And it doesn’t       an eco-message.
                          disappoint.             At the leading edge of the
                              Weapons of      green-meets-funny trend is the Mary-
                           Mass Instruc-      land-based www.GrinningPlanet.com
                           tion (New Soci-    website, which has, since 2003, been
                           ety Publishers,    spinning 
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