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					Turn Our FUN Into YOUR Good Business!
Sponsorship opportunities abound for Children’s Wellness Network Funfest 2008.

The Annual Children’s Wellness Network Funfest, to be held June 14, 2008, is a
complete wellness family event featuring education, food, fun, activities for kids of all ages.
The Children’s Wellness Network Funfest offers a unique opportunity to unite the whole
community to promote holistic health through fun, information and participation. This
memorable event is to be held at Frazer Center’s Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta,

This widely anticipated event will connect individuals, organizations, and communities by
providing products, programs and educational resources aimed at creating happy, healthy
children. In addition to strengthening our commitment through gathering as a community,
this event will give children, families and educators a venue to gather and to learn more about
creating a healthier future by eating, playing, learning and living healthier today. In addition,
two deserving non-profit organizations, Georgia Organics and Two Angry Moms will
benefit directly from this event. 10% of all proceeds will go directly to these two
organizations to help support their School Lunch Advocacy and Farm to School

At the Children’s Wellness Network, we believe in order to serve our children’s total
wellness we must balance body, mind, spirit, and nurture the soul by placing equal attention
to each. In reflection of this mission, the Funfest will be divided into four pavilions, each
showcasing an aspect of holistic wellness. Body: showcases the physical aspects of wellness,
food and nutrition. Spirit: showcases the earth, ecology and environmental awareness. Mind:
Showcases educational development and mental activity. Soul: showcases play and fun.

Our Mind Pavilion features educational information including recipes and cooking tips for
healthy cooking with kids, free copies of the Blueprint for School Wellness Councils from the
Center for Ecoliteracy, free games and placemats from the Renegade Lunch Lady Ann Cooper
and much more.

Our Body Pavilion features an onsite buy local market with offerings from local businesses
and farms. At the end of this pavilion guests can enjoy live demonstrations at our Chef’s
showcase tent.

An interactive eco-village provides hands on information and activities related to
environmental consciousness in the Soul Pavilion and live performances by local artisans
and entertainers brings fun and soulfulness to Funfest.

 To complete this extraordinary event, Children’s Wellness Network will host a movie
screening of the Two Angry Moms documentary film in the Frazier Center Atrium as
Funfest’s finale. Two Angry Moms have created this unique film that documents their fight to
change the school lunch program.

With your participation in FUNFEST '08, the stage is set for a local and global network. This
will allow us to promptly respond to the increasing demand for knowledge and support in the
crusade for the health and well-being of children. We are building foundations for the future
which will become not only a local mission but a planetary one.
In addition to the customary logo placement, signage and banner placement
options, our three tiered approach to branding, marketing and increasing
your visibility works! Connecting, Building, & Creating a Living Legacy!

Consumers are making the shift toward better health practices, utilizing alternative medicine,
herbs, food and nutrition and wellness plans. The trend is expected to increase exponentially
in the next five to ten years. They're coming to FUNFEST and they will be there ready to be
empowered, educated, and served up the best in healthy food, nutrition, demonstrations,
alternative medicine, herbs, organic produce, activities and more!

As a sponsor of Funfest you will receive promotion through the
Your products and services can be kept in mind, body and spirit with the premiere issue of
Conscious Kid's Magazine and official FUNFEST exhibitor guide. The publication features
articles by CWN members/partners/sponsors, giving sneak peak at what is expected in each
issue. Products, services, events, demonstrations, workshops, and more will be showcased in
the premiere issue. Imagine the impact your ad, article or message will have in this unique
keepsake that will be referenced long after the event is over. It will continue to work for you.
Reserve your space now!
Conscious Kids Magazine FUNFEST Exhibitor Guide contents:
* Exhibitor List
* Exhibitor Profiles
* Exhibitor Map
* Event Layout
* Schedule of Events
* Full page ads (Available with sponsorship Level I or through individual purchase)
* Half page ads (Available with sponsorship Level II or through individual purchase)
* Quarter page ads (Available with sponsorship Level III or through individual purchase)

Be there when our network marketing campaigns begin to drive traffic to our website. Your
logos, article previews, message, photos, and links will give consumers a preview of what your
business represents, what products and services you offer, and how they can reach you before,
during and after the event! Reserve your space now with a FUNFEST sponsorship!

*Email marketing campaigns
* Full, half or quarter page ad in Conscious Kids Magazine

*CWN Radio

*Welcome/Registration Greeters
*Banner Placement
*On-Stage Mentions

Areas available for exhibiting:
*Body Pavilion - Model Store, Farmer’s Market and Chef’s Tent
*Soul Pavilion - Interactive Eco-village
*Mind Pavilion - Education, Information and Promotional Materials

Other Opportunities available:
*Living Legacy Leaders Showcase
*Presenting Two Angry Moms Documentary Film
*Opportunities for Exhibiting, Greeting, and Presenting
*Media Hospitality Pavilion
*Benefit Reception Two Angry Moms/GA Organics (Friday June 13, 2008)
                    FUNFEST '08 SPONSORSHIP LEVELS

LIVING LEGACY LEADERS SPONSORSHIP                                                 $5,000

 •   Logo primarily represented in all marketing and print materials including brochures,
     signs, posters and postcards, on website with link, in email newsletters with link
 •   Lead article and a full page ad in Conscious Kids Magazine
 •   Interview for web casting
 •   On site promotions with primary logo placement on all signage for event
 •   Participation in all pavilions for on site promotion of products and services with
     samples, gifts and materials, primary logo on banners, signage and at entrances to event
 •   Promotional time before main event
 •   4 participants and 4 free tickets for event

FOUNDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE SPONSORSHIP                                             $3,000

 •   Logo secondarily represented in all marketing and print materials including brochures,
     signs, posters and postcards, on website with link, in email newsletters with link
 •   Article and a 1/2 page ad in Conscious Kids Magazine
 •   Logo on all signage for event, logo and sponsorship for pavilion, booth with logo for on
     site promotion of products and services with samples, gifts and materials
 •   Promotional time before main event
 •   3 participants and 3 free tickets for event

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS SPONSORSHIP                                                  $1,000

 •   Logo secondarily represented in all marketing and print materials including brochures,
     signs, posters and postcards, on website with link, in email newsletters with link
 •   1/4 page ad in Conscious Kids Magazine
 •   Booth with logo for on site promotion of products and services with samples, gifts and
 •   Mention during promotional time before main event
 •   2 participants and 2 free tickets for event
                Funfest 2008 Sponsorship Application
Yes! I want to be a sponsor of Funfest 2008!



City ___________________________________________ State___________ Zip ________________

Phone (day) _________________________                        Fax _________________________

E-mail __________________________________________________________

❏ Living Legacy Leaders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000
❏ Foundations for the Future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,000
❏ Community Connections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000

Please return this form with your check made payable to Children’s Wellness
Network, 1430 Dura Drive, Marietta, GA 30008. Fax: 770-234-4906.
Sponsorship application and advertising art due by April 25, 2008.
For more information please contact a Children’s Wellness Network
representative at 678-384-4440 or 678-907-0399.

❏ Check enclosed                   ❏ Contact me so I may use my credit card


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For office use only:
CWN representative Signature __________________________________
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