JOB DESCRIPTION

Job title:           Warden, Skomer Island National Nature Reserve

Responsible to:      Senior Reserves Manager

Responsible for:     Assistant Warden(s), Visitor Services Officer, Field
                     Assistant(s), Volunteers and Contractors as required


In 1959 the Nature Conservancy bought Skomer Island for the nation with the
assistance of a public appeal run by the West Wales Field Society. The 292ha
island was declared a National Nature Reserve soon after its purchase, and since
that time has been managed through a partnership between these two
organisations and their successors. Today the owners of Skomer Island, the
Countryside Council for Wales, lease the island to the Wildlife Trust of South and
West Wales on a 25 year lease running to 2026. The day-to-day management of
both the nature conservation and visitor aspects of the island are the responsibility
of the Trust. The research activity undertaken on the island is overseen by CCW
as part of its programme of research on the suite of NNRs.

In the last two years the island has been the focus of a major project, the Skomer
Island Heritage Experience. This £3.2M project funded by the Heritage Lottery
Fund, CCW, the Tubney Charitable Trust and the Crown Estate has facilitated a
substantial upgrade in facilities on the island and mainland. In addition to new
accommodation for guests, staff, volunteers and researchers, a new suite of
interpretation has also been developed. This includes cameras above and below
ground, allowing remote access to breeding seabird colonies, from a Puffin’s eye
cliff-top view to the inside of a Manx Shearwater burrow. Power requirements are
being met by arrays of solar and photovoltaic panels with three supplementary
small wind generators. Water conservation issues have been addressed by the
installation of new storage tanks, improved drainage infrastructure and dry
composting toilets.

Skomer supports perhaps one third of the world’s breeding population of Manx
Shearwater, in addition to the largest Puffin colony in southern Britain and the
largest populations of Kittiwake, Guillemot and Razorbill in Wales. As well as
being a NNR, the island lies within Wales’ only Marine Nature Reserve, is part of
the Pembrokeshire Islands Marine Special Area of Conservation, and along with
adjacent Skokholm Island is a Special Protection Area for its seabirds. In addition
to its importance in terms of natural heritage, Skomer is very important for its
cultural heritage; most of the island is a Scheduled Ancient Monument for the Iron
Age remains, and the whole island identified as a Landscape of Historic
Importance. Over the years the island has proved to be a focus for artists and
writers as well as scientists and natural historians.
Skomer is visited by over 15,000 day visitors each year, including educational
groups and many families; the new facilities will allow increasing numbers to stay
as residential visitors, to experience Skomer at night with all that offers,
particularly the spectacular return to the island of the Manx Shearwaters.

Skomer Warden: The post has come vacant following the decision of the current
Warden, Juan Brown, to relocate with his young family. WTSWW are now looking
for an exceptional candidate to take on this important position, managing one of
the key NNRs in Wales, and a flagship reserve for the Trust.

The overall purpose of the role is to manage Skomer Island National Nature
Reserve in accordance with the approved Management Plan, and to enhance the
conservation programme and visitor experience through the ongoing development
of the Management Plan.


1. To be responsible for the day-to-day management of Skomer Island NNR,
        Habitat and species management
        Biological survey and other agreed scientific work
        Visitor and volunteer management
        Island administration, including financial management
        Maintenance of records
        Updating and development of Management Plan
        Preparation and presentation of reports including: monitoring and
          surveys; monthly summary and Annual Report(s); articles and reports for
          Islands News and other publications as appropriate.

2. The line management of island staff, contractors and volunteers, and to have
   responsibility for research workers.
   NB In 2008 and 2009 two Assistant Wardens will be appointed, one of whom
   will have responsibility for the maintenance and survey work required on
   Skokholm Island. Until the reappointment of a full-time Skokholm Island
   Warden the Skomer Warden will be responsible for overseeing this work and
   line managing this member of staff.

3. To ensure at all times that the provisions of Health and Safety legislation are
   fully understood and complied with, and that all other staff, volunteers,
   contractors, researchers and visitors are properly instructed in safety matters
   applicable to them.

4. To ensure the maintenance and operation of Island emergency procedures.

5. The maintenance of good communication and liaison with Trust staff and the
   staff of other key organisations, especially the Countryside Council for Wales
   (Regional, Marine Nature Reserve & HQ) and research institutes.
6. The maintenance of good communication and liaison with island volunteers,
   including the Friends of Skokholm and Skomer (the island supporters group)
   and the Islands Advisory Committee (an expert advisory group supporting all
   aspects of the island’s management).

7. To ensure the highest standards of visitor management for both day and
   residential visitors.

8. To maintain financial records and be responsible for all monies collected on the
   island, reporting on these to the Finance Manager.

9. To ensure the safety and maintenance of the island buildings and other
   structures (e.g. the landing steps) in accordance to the lease and any other
   relevant agreements.

10. To be responsible for the tractor, boat and engines, generators and such other
  machinery and equipment which are required for the proper management of the

11. To provide information to members of the public or direct their enquiries as

12. In conjunction with line manager and other senior staff, to deal with the media,
  presenting the public face of WTSWW and its management of Skomer NNR as

13. Support WTSWW in other appropriate duties that may from time to time be

                             JOB SPECIFICATION

1. The post holder has responsibility for operational delivery in all the areas listed
as main responsibilities and key duties.

2. The post is such that hours worked cannot be predetermined. The post holder
must be flexible to work as and when required to meet the demands of the
position. Time off to be taken in lieu when appropriate.

3. The post holder will liaise regularly with a range of contacts, including but not
 Other Trust staff including the Islands Administrator, Lockley Lodge
    information staff, Pembrokeshire Wildlife Trust Officer, PR Manager
 CCW staff, including Regional, MNR and HQ
 Research workers
 Dale Sailing staff
  Contractors and maintenance technicians
  Volunteers including Island Advisory Committee members; Friends of
     Skokholm and Skomer members
  Media
  Funding agencies/sponsors
4. When off the island the post holder will be encouraged to promote the island at
conferences, meetings and events. Use of public transport is encouraged, pool
cars are available but the use of a private car may be required.

5. The post holder should ensure all island activities are fully accessible and
inclusive where-ever practicable, and comply with the Wildlife Trust’s Equal
Opportunities Policy

6. The post holder must abide by the Wildlife Trust’s organisational policies and

7. The post holder shall undertake other such duties as may be required which are
relevant to the post

                          PERSON SPECIFICATION

Job title:    Warden, Skomer Island NNR

The post holder will be expected to have recent and relevant experience as

 substantial experience of nature conservation and nature reserve
  management, including working with and motivating volunteers, and visitor
  management at a high profile site;
 experience of staff and resource management;
 experience of practical conservation monitoring and management techniques
  (and with appropriate qualifications) including: seabird monitoring; use of
  brushcutters; use of pesticides; tractor driving; footpath maintenance; fencing;
  grassland and wetland management;
 experience with small boats and offshore boat handling (including RYA Power
  Boat handling qualification), their engines, radios and other equipment;
 mechanical aptitude and experience of using and maintaining a range of
  equipment and machinery including alternative energy systems, water pumps,
  generators, tractors etc.;
 experience of conservation management planning, including use of CMS
 report writing and production;
 experience of media and public relations, reserve interpretation and writing for

 a degree/higher degree in a relevant environmental discipline;
 expertise in a branch of general natural history, particularly ornithology
 experience of working in an island environment.

The post holder will need to show an understanding of:

   national and local conservation issues, including EU and UK wildlife legislation;
   biological recording and species identification with specialised seabird
   reserve management practices;
   staff and volunteer management techniques;
   H&S legislation;
   emergency procedures.


The post holder will need to have:

 excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written, to a
  wide range of audiences;
 good organisational skills and be able to prioritise workloads effectively and
  monitor outcomes;
 team working and leadership skills;
 report writing and budget management skills;
 effective project management and co-ordination skills with the ability to take on
  tasks from conception to completion;
 an ability to work to tight deadlines;
 IT skills;
 First Aid.

 Welsh speaker

                            PERSONAL QUALITIES

The post holder should posses the following:

   friendly outgoing manner
   ability to maintain high levels of enthusiasm and self motivation;
   ability to work on own initiative and co-operate as part of a team;
   integrity, tact and diplomacy, particularly in dealing with members of the public;
   mature, flexible approach to work;
   self discipline and resourcefulness;
   commitment to nature conservation.
Warden Skomer Island National Nature Reserve


Salary:             £14,000 – £16,000pa depending on experience
Pension:            3% Stakeholder Pension Scheme
Benefits:           Accommodation provided both on island and mainland
Hours of work:      Up to 48 hours per week. The post may sometimes involve
                    working long days and / or unsociable hours. The Trust does
                    not operate an overtime system but a time off in lieu system is
                    in operation.
Duration of post:   5 years
Holidays:           20 days initially plus statutory days and any additional days
                    granted by the Trustees to all staff (4 last year)
Place of work:      Skomer Island (February/March to November), Welsh Wildlife
                    Centre, Cilgerran (winter)

Application:        On WTSWW Application Form with covering letter
                    (application form downloadable from website or contact Diana
                    Clark, Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, 01656

Closing Date for
Applications:       14th December 2007

Proposed Interview: January 2008 – date to be confirmed

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