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					                                    Readers Corner!!!
                                               For Parents and Teachers

Supporting Your Young Reader!!!
Read! Read! Read! At least         the opportunity of visualiz-             through the book before
that’s what I say to all new       ing what they think a char-              reading it out loud to them!
                                                                                                                June 4th, 2010
parents I meet! Parents            acter looks like or what a               You just may be surprised
ask me, “why is it so impor-       particular place may be like!            once or twice!
                                                                                                                Volume 1, Issue 1
tant for me to read to my          Let their imagination run!
children?” My response is,         So you may be wondering                  Step three, read with your
“Well, it’s simple way to          how you can play a suppor-               child in a comfortable set-
support your child’s educa-        tive role in your child’s lan-                                               Special points of in-
                                                                            ting! After careful censor-
tional needs and it’s simply       guage development. Simply                ship, allow your child to pick      terest:
fun!                               begin by taking the time to              from your book selections            Supporting Your Young
Reading to your children           read to your child before                and have them choose a                Reader!
will aid in your child’s lingual   bed time and any other                   comfortable spot to read!            Tips from Respected
development making it eas-         time they may ask you to                 There’s nothing better than           Authors!
ier for your child to learn.       read them a good book!                   reading a good book with
                                   Step one, make the time!                                                      Useful Websites for
Reading not only aids in                                                    your child in a comfy spot!
                                                                                                                  Parents and Teachers!
your child’s development,
but it opens many imagina-                                                                                       Great Book Resources
                                   Step two, be cautious of
                                                                                                                  for Parents!
tive worlds for them. Chil-        what you allow your young
dren are more visual than          reader to read! Although
we may think and for this                                                                                       Inside this issue:
                                   books may seem harmless,
reason we should give them         take the time to browse                                                      Fun Quotes!          2

                                                                                                                Useful Websites!     2

Fun Summer Reads!!!
                                                                                                                More Resources!      2

Need some book ideas for sum-      2. Caramba: Mari-Louise Gay: A cat       5. A Mother’s Journey: Sandra
                                   discovers his own talent and accepts     Markle: This book goes through a    Summer Reading!      3
mer reads! Go by this list of
                                   that being different is okay!: Teacher
book reviews to see what your                                               penguin’s journey.: Teachers can
                                   can use this book for a social justice
child may be interested in!                                                 use this to teach their students
                                   lesson!                                                                      Critiquing at it’s   3
                                                                            about penguins and use this book
1. About Mammals : Cathryn Sill:   3. 7x9=Trouble: G. Brian Karas: A
                                                                            for a science lesson!
A guide for children regarding     young boy success in learning his
mammals: Teacher can use this      times tables.: Teachers can use this     6. Amelia and Eleanor Go For A      Fun Summer Reads     3
book for younger readers as a      book as an AR book!                      Ride: Pam Muñoz Ryan: A story       Continued
book aloud !                       4. A Nonny Mouse Writes Again!:          about an adventure Amelia
                                   Jack Prelutsky: A book of children’s     Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt       From the Author!     4
                                   poems: Teachers can use this in a        went on via an airplane!: Teach-
                                   language arts rhyming lesson!            ers can use this book in a social
                                                                            studies lesson!
Fun Quotes from Famous Authors!!!
**“A person who won't read has no                                                      **"To learn to read is to light a
advantage over one who can't read.”                                                    fire; every syllable that is spelled
-Mark Twain                                                                            out is a spark."
                                                                                       — Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

**"Once you learn to read, you will
be forever free."
                                          **"The more that you read, the
Frederick Douglass
                                          more things you will know. The more
                                          you learn, the more places you'll
**"Children are made readers on
                                          go." — Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read
the laps of their parents."
                                          With My Eyes Shut!"
                                          **"Wear the old coat and buy the
                  **"Teaching read-
                                          new book." — Austin Phelps
                  ing IS rocket
                                          **"Children are made readers on
                                          the laps of their parents."
                  — Louisa Moats
                                          -Emilie Buchwald

Useful Websites for Parents and Teachers!!!
Parents:                                  Teachers:       ~Book Units: This website gives teachers
parents.htm : This is a website de-       creative unit ideas and includes already
                                          thought up activities, printable questions
signed to lead parents to many
                                          and on-line questions!
other helpful websites to help their
children read!                            units_with_book.htm
                                          ~Scholastic: Using this website, teachers
                                          are able to purchase books for their
readingaloud/default.mspx : This          classroom libraries!
website helps parents with read 
alouds!                                   index.jsp

Resources for Parents!!!
There really are a limitless amount of    their child/children are viewing on
resources for parents to choose from      the internet, but keep an eye out for
regarding their children’s reading re-    some really great websites such as
sources! Let me begin by suggesting! Last but not least,
the most obvious yet often forgotten,     don’t feel afraid to refer to parenting
the library! There are so many books      articles and magazines for some
and genres for children to choose         clever ways to keep your children en-
from! Another resource parents can        gaged in new challenging reading
resort to is that of the internet. Par-   material!
ents need to always be aware of what

Page 2                                                                                                       Readers Corner!!!
Encourage Summer Reading!!!
Summer begins with a smash and the                                                   If you have older children, host a
end of the year ends with a bang! But                                                book club get-together at your home!
parents and teachers, don’t forget to                                                Your kids will love the company of
challenge your students and children                                                 their friends! Make some home made
to read this summer! Constantly lan-                                                 goodies and your children and create
guage is always developing, there’s                                                  some unforgettable memories for
really to cut reading a break! Remem-                                                your children in the comfort of your
ber, reading keeps the mind sharp!                                                   home!

                                           Hit the library and get books your
                                           children like! If you’re a parent have
                                           your children sit in on a read aloud at
                                           the library. And if you’re a teacher
                                           provide your students with a fun se-
                                           lection list of reading in their take
                                           home folder the last day of school!

Critiquing at it’s Best!!!
                   Do wish your stu-       Visit the following weblink:              Print out the 2010
                   dents and children    Summer Challenge
                   to be critical think-   ables/detail/?id=42436&ESP=PRT/ib/        Book Review
                   ers and critiques at    2010/acq/deeplink/                        Worksheet and
                   their best! Have                                                  watch your students and/or children
                   your children                                                     become critical of their reads! Your
                   choose a book they                                                children and students will be critically
enjoy reading and have them talk                                                     thinking and you’ll be amazed at their
about their likes and dislikes of that                                               responses! Enjoy learning about your
reading.                                                                             students thinking process!

Fun Summer Reads!!! (Continued from bottom of page 1)
7. My Brother Martin: Christine King       book as part of a read aloud for older    Silverstein: A book of humorous po-
Farris: A story written from Martin        children.                                 ems regarding different topics!:
Luther King Jr.’s sister’s point of view   9. A Faraway Island: Annika Thor: A       Teachers can use this book for a lan-
about her brother. : Teachers can use      story about parents who send two          guage lesson about learning how to
this book for a social studies lesson!     young girls to Sweden in an attempt       write a poem!
8. Braine the Brave: Cornelia Funke: A     to escape from the Nazis.: Teachers
story about a girl who just about to       can use this book for a literature
turn twelve and dreams of becoming a       book report covering actual social
knight. Her wish comes true and must       studies events.
face her fears.: Teachers can use this     10. A Light in the Attic: Shel

Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                     Page 3
                                                                        ~ Sources ~
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                                                Internet for Classrooms website retrieved May 15th, 2010


                                                Reading Alound Website retrieved May 27th, 2010 from
                                log on
                    ren’s Lit b
     Vis it my Child                             Picture of Schnauzer retrieved from website June 2nd, 2010
                  the web!!                                                 from
      htt p://svetro

A Few Words From The Author!!
Hello Readers! My name is Silvia
Vetrovsky, I am 26 years old and am                  Special Thanks!!
currently a full time Elementary Edu-      I would like to give all my readers a
cation candidate at Edison State           warm heartfelt thank you for being
College! I have a dog named Chloe          faithful readers of my newsletters! I
and I love to cook!                        love hearing from all of you and love
Why be a teacher you may ask? Well,        all the new ideas you give me. You
you see, I decided I wanted to be a        inspire me and my work reflects your
teacher because one of my favorite         support!
hobbies is reading! I not only love to
read, but I also love children and         Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
their imaginative worlds, so I decided
to take flight as an educator and
begin a career that would make a dif-
ference in children’s lives.
Some of my favorite children’s book
authors include Theodore Suess
Geisel, Shel Silverstein, and RL Stein!

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