The Seven Characteristics of Good Domain Names

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					        The 7 Characteristics of Good Domain Names
Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. Just as a good location is vital
for a bricks and mortar business, a good domain name will be the corner stone of
your website’s success. But how to identify them? Below you will find the 7
characteristics of good domain names.

1. They are short

Good domain names are short. It is not a coincidence that all the three-letter and
four-letter .com domains are already gone, and that the five-letter ones are going
fast as well.

There is no definite number of characters that you should aim for, just remember
that the shorter the better. If you really need some guidance, try to go below 10
characters, and never exceed 20.

As for the number of words, one-word domains are gold, two-word ones are
good, three-word domains are average, and above that it is usually a bad idea.

Example: is a superb domain and probably worth millions of dollars. is a good two-word domain worth thousands of dollars. is an average domain and could be used for a website. is plain worthless.
2. They are easy to remember

Many Internet users do not use bookmarks. They just memorize the domains of
their favorite websites and type them whenever they wan to visit one. Guess
what, if your domain is complex and not easy to remember you will lose these
visitors along the way.

Example: is a short domain name, but is not easy to remember at all,
so it would be a bad idea to use it for your website (unless the initials represent
the name of the website or a memorable message).

3. They are easy to spell

The last thing you want is visitors misspelling your domain and ending up
somewhere else.

Avoid unusual foreign words, words that have complex pronunciation, strange
combinations of letters and anything else that might cause someone to misspell
your address.

Example: might be problematic for English speaking visitors.
Cappuccino is an Italian word, and not everyone is aware where the doubles are

4. They have a .com extension

Organizations might prefer to register a .org domain, and companies targeting
very specific geographical regions might want to register a local domain (e.g. .it,, .cn and so on). Apart from these cases, however, a .com domain is always
the best way to go. This extension is the most popular around the around, and it
is already stuck in people’s mind.

Visitors coming to your site via search engines or organic links will pay attention
mostly to the name and not to the URL. The next time they want to visit your site
it is very likely that they will just type its name followed by a .com. Guess what, if
you are not there when they hit enter they will just go somewhere else.

Example: Darren Rowse created his popular blog on Despite
having a strong brand, some visitors were still going to After a
couple of years Darren decided to buy the .com version for $5,000 and redirect it
to his site, so that no more visitors would leak.

5. They are descriptive

Many visitors will come to your site through the search engines and via direct
links on other websites. That is, they will come if the domain that they will see will
be appealing.

Having a descriptive domain name will give visitors an idea of what your site is
about even before they enter it. If related keywords are present in the domain it
might also help your search engine rankings.

Example: You would be able to guess what is about even
before visiting it right?

Put it in another way. Suppose you are searching for a movie review. You make a
quick search in Google. The first result comes from The second
result comes from Which one would you rather click?

6. Or brandable

A brandable domain will have a nice pronunciation, an interesting combination of
letters or simply an appealing visual effect. Sometimes they will not be
descriptive, but they can be equally efficient.

Brandable domains will make your visitors associate the name with your website
and its content. (Notice that brandable domains can be descriptive at the same
time, but that is not always the case.)

Example: is one of the most popular gaming blogs on the Internet.
The domain is not descriptive at all, but the brand is so strong that gamers
immediately recognize it across the web.

7. They don’t contain hyphens or numbers

Domain names containing hyphens and numbers are cheaper for a reason. They
suffer the same problem of domains not using a .com extension or with complex
Consider The names that will stick in people’s mind are “tech”
and “world.” Many visitors will just forget the hyphen along the way. Eventually
they will try to access your site by typing, in vain.

Numbers, on the other hand, will confuse people with the spelling. Suppose you
registered Visitors might mix it with, if they manage to
remember the number in the first place!

Example: is an extremely popular gadget blog, with over
70,000 RSS subscribers. With such a huge readership you get people often typing
the domain directly on the address bar. Needless to say that many of them would
just forget to add the hyphen. The owner of the site bought
afterwards to fix the problem.

Final remark

Do not get discouraged if your current domain doesn’t have all these
characteristics; or if you can’t find one that does. These are just factors that you
should consider when evaluating domain names.

There are plenty of examples of popular websites with domain names that lack in
one or two points covered on the list. Just make sure that your domain has most
of the characteristics and you should be fine.

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