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Je voudrais rencontrer…. I would like to meet…

Students will write a paragraph describing a famous man and woman they would like to meet

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Basic- Novice Teenagers Students will:  Review adjectives and adjective agreement and placement.  Analyze sentences for errors in adjective agreement and/or placement.  Create paragraphs describing a famous personality they would like to meet. They will include both physical and personality traits. Adjective agreement, c’est est 50 minutes. Students should know how to:  conjugate the verb être  put accent marks in words  make adjectives agree  use the BAGS adjectives that go in front of the noun Blog post with instructions and handout Quia rags to riches game- adjectives Quia c’est vs. il/elle est

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Quia adjectives Quia c’est il/elle est Making accent marks Verb conjugation


Pre-activity Students will review adjectives by going to Quia to play the rags to riches game Students will review c’est/il elle est by taking the quiz at Quia Activity

Adjective form review 1. Students review adjective agreement by filling out the provided adjective charts. 2. Students pay attention to the starred BAGS adjectives as these are adjectives that go BEFORE the noun in French. All others go after. Analysis of adjective agreement and placement 3. Students then analyze the use of adjectives in a sentence by correcting a series of sentences. 4. Students explain in their own words the use of c’est/vs il est/elle est and give an example of each. Writing of paragraph 5. Students prewrite by filling in the boxes of the provided handout. 6. Students write their paragraphs checking for adjective agreement and the proper use of accent marks. 7. Students print out the chart to study for the upcoming exam 8. Students post the paragraphs as a comment to the blog post and reflect on two things went well and one thing they would change. Follow up Evaluation- Two stars and a wish  Students add to comment of post two things that went well and one thing they would do differently  Teacher brings a printout of the comments to class and the students evaluate the comments and make corrections with a group.

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