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									Online shopping experience

Students will use authentic websites to shop for items from their unit vocabulary

Level: Class type Aim

Intermediate Teenagers Students will reinforce unit vocabulary; students will practice expressions of quantity; students will use vocabulary to prepare a shopping role play; Reading about online shopping Specialty store vocabulary; shop items; expressions of quantity; numbers; polite store behavior; comparison of Francophone and American stores; pronouns y and en Five days total: and period for learning vocabulary; two days in the lab; one day for reviewing grammar; one period for online searching; one period for preparing role plays and shopping lists. One day for presentation and evaluation Students should review numbers, expressions of quantity; pronouns y and en Blog posts with directions

Lesson focus


Assumed knowledge

Material/Preparation Web site(s)


Day 1- Pre-activity- Using the chapter video, introduce the vocabulary for shopping at the Superette. Teacher uses the transparency to reinforce vocabulary. Teacher makes copies of the Superette website And students categorize their vocabulary according to the categories listed on the website. Have students read the article about online shopping and which stores

are recommended for online shopping for homework if there is not enough time to read in class. Have students select sites to use for the online assignment in the computer lab the next day.
Day 2 Computer lab activity #1- Students will review unit vocabulary and grammar at the online workbook at Classzone Discovering French Rouge. Students will take online quiz at classzone to evaluate their grammar proficiency. They will print out the quizzes as evaulation of this activity. Students will recieve a shopping list of ítems they must purchase. They will compare one of the ítems at at least three different sites to decide which website is the best one for purchasing their ítems. They will post their store choices on the class blog, Computer Lab activity Day 2- Students will complete their online shopping experience. They will create a Word document in which they will copy their virtual shopping carts and write a summary in French of what they bought, the quantities they chose, and how much the total bill was. Students will calcúlate the prices in Euros and in American dollars. Students will use to caculculate the price American dollars. They will also evaluate the store they used for their purchases. Dialogues and shopping lists Day 3- Students will create task cards for store vocabulary using the virtual shopping carts from the previous day. They should be sure to include brand names of authentic French products as well as the expression of quantity. Students will create a role play using the cards as a stimulus Students will perform the dialogues and will be evaluated by both peers and teacher (Optional- Students could also record the dialogue and embed it in the blog) Follow up Students will reflect on the activity by posting an evaluation and reflection of the activity to the post. They will tell  Two things that went well  One thing they would do differently  What new vocabulary they learned  What was the most useful thing they learned

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