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									     What are the
     two functions                   What are the two             What is the male
  of the reproductive                  female sex                  sex hormone?
       system?                         hormones?

 What is the primary                What is the primary            What connects
 female reproductive                male reproductive              the ovaries to
       organ?                             organ?                    the uterus?

     What are the                    What is the canal             What is the thin
      three layers                   that connects the             membrane that
     of the uterus?                 cervix to the vulva?            covers the
 (from inner to outer)                                              entrance to
                                                                    the vagina?

 What is the average                  What happens                What happens
   length of the                     during the follicle        during the ovulation
  menstrual cycle?                     stage of the                 stage of the
                                     menstrual cycle?            menstrual cycle?

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       Testosterone                      Estrogen and             1. The creation of
                                         Progesterone             new individuals
                                                                  2. Production of sex

    The fallopian tubes                    The testes                  The ovaries

        The hymen                          The vagina             Fundus, body, cervix

 High levels of estrogen,         FSH stimulates the ovary               28 days
 FSH, and LH cause the            to start growing follicles;        (about a month)
 egg to be released from              the strongest one
        the follicle                outgrows the others

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 What is the external                When do the                   What happens
  female genitalia                 mammary glands in              during the luteal
       called?                      the breast start                stage of the
                                    secreting milk?               menstrual cycle?

    What happens                          What is                  Where do the
      during the                        menopause?                 sperm collect
    menstruation                                                 inside the testes?
     stage of the
   menstrual cycle?

 What transports the                What are the three          What part of semen
sperm from the testes                semen glands?               do the seminal
   to the urethra?                                               vesicles make?

 What part of semen                What part of semen          Which gland blocks
  do the Cowper’s                  does the Prostate          off the urinary bladder
   glands make?                      gland make?               during ejaculation?

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The follicle turns into the              After childbirth                  The vulva
corpus luteum and starts
 making progesterone.

     The seminiferous                When a woman’s                Corpus luteum breaks
         tubules                    menstrual cycles stop           down, progesterone
                                        completely.                 decreases, and the
                                                                      uterine lining is

  Nutrition for the sperm              Seminal vesicles,              The vas deferens
                                        prostate gland,
                                       Cowper’s glands

    The prostate gland                The alkaline (basic)           The alkaline (basic)
                                             part                           part

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         What is                     What is the most             What is the least
       impotence?                  reliable form of birth       reliable form of birth
                                          control?                     control?

   What are the two                 What age are men               What disease
   types of surgery                  supposed to get             causes discharge
     used to treat                   prostate exams               that resembles
    breast cancer?                   and women get               cottage cheese?
                                      breast x-rays?

  What is the most                       What is the                  What is the
 common STD in the                      treatment for                treatment for
   United States?                       genital warts?                gonorrhea?

      What is the                      What STD can                Which STD can
     treatment for                   lead to meningitis           be a precursor to
    genital herpes?                   and death if left           cervical cancer?

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        Withdrawal                         Abstinence                   The inability to have or
        (pulling out)                                                   sustain an erection.

      Yeast infection                     50 years old                       Lumpectomy
                                                                           (tumor removal)
                                                                           (breast removal)

         Antibiotics                      Cryosurgery                         Chlamydia
                                      (freezing the warts
                                    and breaking them off)

                                                                          There is no cure,
       Genital warts                           Syphilis                    just medicine to
                                                                         treat outbreaks and

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