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									                       39 Waverly Place, Baltimore, MD 20989 | (301) 655-7696 | paul.sherwood@hotmail.com

Paul Sherwood
       CAREER Police Officer with 13+ years of law enforcement experience seeking full time position in
     OJBECTIVE the Baltimore County Area.
 QUALIFICATION           •   Extremely knowledgeable of modern law enforcement principles, procedures,
   HIGHLIGHTS                techniques and equipment
                         •   Recipient of the 2003 “Officer of the Year” Award for outstanding police work and
                             an extraordinary arrest record
                         •   Well versed in investigative procedures and practices; legal liabilities associated with
                             arrest and law enforcement; court room procedures and laws of evidence.
                         •   Experienced with various firearms, the operation of police vehicles and other
                             specialized equipment including breathalyzers, radar units, police batons and
                             restraining devices; basic CPR, First Aid and emergency response driving.
                         •   Knowledgeable with the Baltimore County Area and its street systems

 PROFESSIONAL Baltimore Police Department, Baltimore, MD
   EXPERIENCE Police Officer, 1995 – Present
                  • Started my career in East Baltimore – a high crime area that required professionalism
                      and flawless law enforcement
                  • Selected as a member of the Prevention Unit, a 7 person task force responsible for
                      reducing robbery and car theft crimes
                  • Gathered information as responding officer on criminal calls, prepared relevant
                      reports to pass the information gathered on to the assigned investigator, assisted
                      investigator in case preparation and acted as criminal investigator for the department
                      as required
                  • Responsible for a variety of standard law enforcement work, including patrols,
                      enforcing vehicle operation and parking laws, directing traffic, and answering calls
                      involving fires, accidents, and various misdemeanors and felonies
                  • Performed general patrol duties; drove patrol car in an unspecified pattern and at
                      varying speeds in order to increase police visibility, to discourage traffic violations
                      and other criminal activity, and to discover crimes in progress
                  • Drove to and around areas of high crime incidence to look for criminal and immoral
                      activity, and to make presence known to prevent criminal activity.
                  • Completed over 25 arrests in 2003, resulting in “Officer of the Year” Award
                  • Performed duties at the scene of a motor vehicle accident, including coordination
                      with EMS and protecting accident scene from disturbance
                  • Examined ill or injured persons and administered the appropriate first aid treatment in
                      order to prevent further injury or loss of life.
                  • Escorted prisoners, served warrants, and appeared in court when required

       TRAINING Baltimore City College, Baltimore, MD
                Completed Criminal Justice Program
                     Graduated from the Baltimore Police Academy in 1995, Graduated Cum Laude
   ADDITIONAL            •   Fluent in English and Spanish
       SKILLS            •   Proficient in using a computer and internet research, including Microsoft Word and

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