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					The UU News
       The Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City
       Founded in 1841
February 2010         9:00 am to 12:30 pm Child care is available for infants and toddlers through age four.
                      9:15 am to 10:15 am First Session Religious Education Progamming
                      11:15 am to 12:15 pm Second Session Religious Education Programming

February 7                Help! Help! Why Won’t Someone Help Me?                                                     Earle Canfield
When are we going to start doing something effective? Lessons from Nepal. Earle Canfield is the founder and executive director of
ANSWER, (American-Nepali Students and Womens Educational Relief.) Learn more at
                 9:00 & 11:00 AM Services
                 10:00 AM Coffee and Conversation, Channing Hall
                 12:15 PM ANSWER Potluck, Channing Hall

February 14               What’s Love Got to Do With It?                                    The Rev. Benjamin Maucere
A poetic celebration of Valentine’s Day.
                  9:00 & 11:00 AM Services
                  10:00 AM Cinnamon Roll Sunday, Channing Hall
                  6:30 PM Dances of Universal Peace, Channing Hall

February 21               Joseph Priestley: A Comet in the System                           The Rev. Benjamin Maucere
February marks the 106th anniversary of the death of this scientist, scholar, and courageous spokesperson for Unitarianism.
                 9:00 & 11:00 AM Services
                 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM RE Open House
                 10:00 AM Coffee and Conversation in Channing Hall

February 28               A Morning of Music                                                               Worship Associates
Celebrate the foundation of all church music, Hymnody. Sing with us on Feb. 28, the Hymn Sing Service.
                 9:00 & 11:00 AM Services
                 10:00 AM Coffee and Conversation in Channing Hall

                                        THE FREE DENTAL CLINIC
 Over half of low income adults go without routine dental care. This is alarming, but more alarming is that tooth decay is the
 most common chronic disease in the 6-11 year population and increasing in the pre-school age group. The Free Dental Clinic is
 located with the Free Medical Clinic in the Towncrest area of Iowa City. They see patients two nights a week and perform fillings,
 cleanings and extractions free of charge. This is one of the agencies selected by our congregational vote two years ago and for
 the month of February, it will be the focus. During the collection, you may give cash or write a check made out to UUSIC with
 Free Dental Clinic on the memo line. Please give generously for this small agency that’s combating a large problem.

 Sunday Attendance for January 3 through 24:                                                   UU NEWS INDEX
 January 3        163 total:   107 adults, 56 children & youth                                 From the Minister……….………..2
 January 10       223 total:   151 adults, 72 children & youth                                 Board News...............................2
 January 17       190 total:   127 adults, 63 children & youth                                 Religious Education…….…...…..3
 January 24       222 total:   151 adults, 71 children & youth                                 Events & Committees...........4-7
                                                                                               UU Calendar …….…….…INSERT
From Our Minister                                                       email so that those attending the January 24 meeting will have
                                                                        that information in advance. Copies will also be available at the
                                                                        meeting. This is a pretty tight budget, with health and dental care
In the Interim . . .                                                    increasing quite a bit, and the possibility of utilities being higher
                                                                        than anticipated. Concern about denominational dues for UUA
                                                                        and Prairie Star District were voiced, and it was agreed that we
                                                                        would try to pay our fair share if possible. A motion to accept
                                                                        the 2010 budget was passed unanimously (Wallace, Locher).

                                                                        A motion to allocate $3400 for salary adjustments on staff
                                                                        contracts in 2010 was passed unanimously. (Lenth, Wallace)

                                                                        The Common Vision goal task force (Penno, Locher, Maucere)
Clarity of identity and purpose. It is one of the stated goals of the   have met and plan a meeting on February 20 from 10-2 with those
interim period. It underlies the policy-based governance model          who signed up at the fall meeting to discuss our values further,
the Board is studying. It is central to the discernment process         as well as others who are interested. The plan is to progress to
for identifying the right facility for this congregation. It is often   talking about our vision for 30 years from now. Narrowing the
phrased as some variation of “Who are we, what difference are           focus on what the building options will be, and a narrative about
we here to make in the world, and for whom?”                            the 2002 decision regarding the building will be included.

Through small group meeting and congregational surveys your             The 2010 pledge drive is winding down, with the final figure
Ministerial Search Committee has made significant progress on           remaining the same at about $295,000. David Martin and
these questions, especially the first. On Sunday’s the ministerial      Charlie Eastham will be the leaders in 2010.
search representative will have the packet in Channing Hall or
stop by the office during the week and read the packet they’ve          Mary McMurray gave a report on the Ministerial Search
put together for prospective candidates and you’ll come away            Committee’s progress. In November the MSC and candidates
with a fuller appreciation of the Society, its history, and its         exchanged information. Twenty-three were interested in Iowa
current membership.                                                     City, and after phone interviews and reference checking four
                                                                        were invited to come to Iowa City for pre-candidating weekends.
In August the Board participated in some exercises on addressing        They will preach in neutral pulpits while here. The individual
the three questions, and in November the congregation had a first       chosen for candidating week will be here after April 16.
go at it by identifying important religious values. On February 20
you’ll have an opportunity to go deeper into this conversation.         Thanks were extended to Susan Young for coordinating gifts
And I hope you will talk about these questions one-on-one and           for the staff; to Mary Kathryn Wallace for buying new kitchen
in committee meetings and other small groups.                           items; to John Jennewein and his crew for painting the fireside
                                                                        room and to Mark Penno and Dick Siefers for many hours spent
Come spring you’ll bring some conclusions to the conversations          working on the budget.
you’ll have with the ministerial candidate.
                                                                        The book on policy governance by Dan Hotchkiss, Governance
Without vision, the people perish. With a common vision, the            and Ministry: Rethinking Board Leadership will be discussed at
people not only survive, they thrive. May it be so.                     future meetings of the board, with the first three chapters to be
                                                                        read for February.

Yours in faith,                                                         The possibility of having a fundraising committee was
Benjamin                                                                discussed.

BOARD HIGHLIGHTS                                                        Although board terms are staggered, four members are
                                                                        scheduled to go off the board in July. The Board will recommend
Following up on a concern from the December meeting, John               to the Leadership Development Committee that they ask one
Jennewein reported that the insurance company holding the               member to stay on an additional year, elect two members to
policy for the elevator has indicated there will be no increase in      3-year terms and one for a 2-year term. (Wallace, Lenth-passed
our rate this year.                                                     unanimously)

Treasurer Siefers stated that expenditures came in under budget         Guest Gordon Strayer reminded the Board that there is a music
in 2009. He credited the staff, committees and members for              fund and that the Board minutes were codified in the past for
being so diligent and generous, and hoped the strong giving in          easy recall of items discussed.
2009 wouldn’t fall in 2010. Those who have not fulfilled their
2009 pledge will be notified by mail.                                   Mary Kathryn Wallace reminded the group of the Festival of the
                                                                        First Bread, January 30.                    —Jeanette Carter
The summary and detailed budgets for 2010 will be sent on

Page 2                                                         February 2010                                                The UUNews
Religious Education News                                              thought Sarah responsible for her nephew’s “fall from orthodoxy.”
                                                                      (Apparently, Sarah was quite the free thinker, even questioning
                                                                      the liberal tenets of Unitarianism.)
Our grades 1 – 3 RE class is learning about UU Superheroes, the
stories of people in our tradition who have acted with courage
                                                                      She was remarkable. She was able to read widely and think
and wisdom in an attempt to live their lives fully and make the
                                                                      deeply in the midst of a very busy household, and the demands
world a better place. I’ve heard nothing but good things from
                                                                      of her as a mother, teacher, and wife. And though her days
teachers and parents about the class. And I’m hoping that each
                                                                      started at 5:00 in the morning, and her school duties did not
child will come away from the experience with a particular
                                                                      end until 5:00 in the afternoon, she found time for lifelong
favorite, a UU hero whose life or character they will want to
                                                                      correspondences, and for her true love, walking and botanizing
emulate in some way.
                                                                      in the woods. What a full life she had. And what a better world
                                                                      she made. The next time I feel strapped for time, I will think of
I have a new favorite myself. I met Sarah Alden Bradford
                                                                      Sarah – my new favorite.
Ripley (1793-1897) in preparation for a course on Unitarian
                                                                                     —Lois Cole, Lifespan Religious Education Director
Universalist History this January. The instructor thought it only
fair that biographies of influential women in the movement be
sprinkled throughout a history largely documenting the actions
and thoughts of notable men. My assignment was to read The
Remarkable Mrs. Ripley by Joan Goodwin and report my findings
there. One paragraph into the Introduction I knew I would like
her. The author tells how in taking a tour of the old Ripley family
manse in Concord, an inspirational hideaway for Hawthorne and
Emerson, and whose flower and vegetable beds were attended
to by Thoreau, the guide stopped in front of a portrait of Sarah.
“Looking up at her gentle, smiling face in the parlor portrait,”
writes Goodwin, “I learned that she was a classical scholar of
note, knew many languages as well as mathematics, chemistry,
                                                                      9:00 Grades 1 - 3 UU Superheroes Class has fun packing up
astronomy, and botany, and could have filled any faculty chair
                                                                         Joseph Priestly’s belongings for the long voyage to America.
at Harvard, had professorships been open to women in her day.
This was in addition to raising seven children of her own and
an adopted niece while helping her Unitarian minister husband
                                                                              Children & Youth Committee News
run a boarding school to prepare boys for Harvard. She was
                                                                      On February 21, we will host an Open House of the RE program.
supposed to have simultaneously rocked a cradle, shelled peas,
                                                                      Come celebrate with us and see what your young people are
heard one boy recite his Latin and another his Greek – all in
                                                                      learning in church!
perfect sweetness and patience, one imagines!”
                                                                      Bring your children to Welcome Home Wednesdays. Enjoy
How did she do it? I live in the 21st century, work full-time
                                                                      family-style meals and creative activities and child care for young
and do part-time studies, and do not have children. But still, I
                                                                      people. They are encouraged to attend the mid-week worship
can feel overwhelmed. As I shared about Sarah with my class, I
                                                                      with you at 6:30. Register in advance to ensure coverage.
heard a few growls of what an “overachiever” she was, but more
spoke with admiration. These are classmates who juggle work,
                                                                      On February 21 CYC will provide the meal for campus ministry.
studies and family – it makes sense that they would take some
                                                                      We look forward to supporting outreach to our neighbors at the
inspiration from her story.
And what a story. Sarah was largely self-taught, although her
                                                                      CYC is exploring ways to balance the numbers in RE classrooms
liberal parents encouraged her to learn Latin along with her
                                                                      between the 9:00 and 11:00 services. The 9:00 classes are very
brothers and to be tutored in Greek. She devoured her brothers’
                                                                      sparse while the later groups are very large. If your time to attend
books, when they were home on break from Harvard, and gave
                                                                      church is flexible, consider coming to the earlier RE class -- we
herself a college education. Later, when she married Unitarian
                                                                      have very talented teachers and would love to have more youth
minister Samuel Ripley, who to supplement his country parson
                                                                      learn with them. We also want to hear your ideas and preferences,
income ran a preparatory school for boys, she found a vocational
                                                                      please email Bonnie Penno at
niche. The Ripley school “became well-known and respected,
                                                                                                                            —Renée Speh
largely because of Sarah’s scholarship and teaching skills.”
Located near the well-traveled road from Boston and Cambridge                    RE Open House, February 21
to Concord, the Waltham parsonage was also the perfect place
for notable Unitarian ministers and Transcendentalists to meet.       It’s time to get out of the pew and see what happens in the other
And so Sarah found herself in a very stimulating environment, for     building on Sunday mornings. Mix and mingle with children,
which she often was the star. She was such engaging company,          youth, and teachers in their classrooms. Discuss with teens,
Henry Thoreau jotted notes about her in his journals, Unitarian       dance with preschoolers, nibble on brownies, enjoy inspiring
prophet Theodore Parker begged to be invited to her dinners,          artwork, projects and rituals. Members of the congregation are
Margaret Fuller requested her presence at her famed solons,           invited to visit classrooms immediately following each service.
and the aunt of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mary Moody Emerson,              We’ll be waiting!
The UUNews                                                  February 2010                                                       Page 3
Events & Committee News                                               Next month, UUSIC will serve Free Lunch on Friday, February
                                                                      12. If you would like to be part of our UUSIC Free Lunch team
                                                                      (by providing food, helping serve lunch, or both), please contact
WORTHLEY EVENING, FEBRUARY 2                                          Bonnie Penno by February 1st.                    —Bonnie Penno
Worthley Evenings will resume Tuesday evening, Feb 2, after           HEARTS OUT FOR HAITI, FEBRUARY 13
a two-month hiatus. Richard A. Stevenson, professor emeritus
of finance at the University of Iowa, will talk on “Investing in a    Bring your honey or just come yourself to the “Hearts Out for
Changing World. Professor Stevenson, a recognized investment          Haiti” benefit dinner on February 13th from 5:00 to 8:00 P.M. in
professional, taught security analysis at UI for 30 years, wrote      Channing Hall. Tickets will be sold at the door for $10.00, with
the university investment policy statement and was responsible        proceeds going to the UUA relief fund. To help with the dinner,
for managing endowment funds valued at approximately $20              call Sally Hartman at 338-7870.                  —Sally Hartman
million. He was also acting treasurer of the university for two
years and supervised the investment of operating funds totaling       CINNAMON ROLL SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14
more than $200 million. He now is the principal in Stevenson
Investment Management, Inc., an advisory firm.                        It’s Cinnamon Roll Sunday! Smell the aroma! We are celebrating
                                                                      because 24 new members joined UUSIC in 2009. Mark your
Worthley Evenings, open to all, begin at 5:30 pm with sherry,         calendars for February 14th -- it’s between services in Channing
followed by dinner at 6:15 pm. The program starts at 7 and ends       Hall. New members will have red stars on their name tags.
at 8 pm. If you are not called, you can make reservations by                                                              —Jean Reese
calling the Society office at 337-3443 by Monday noon.

                                                                      Need a Valentine’s gift for your savvy loved one who is in the
On February 7th Interweave will be sponsoring a Sunday brunch
                                                                      know about the exploitative flower and chocolate trades? Be
from 11-2 at John Elson and Theresa Ullerich’s home. Please
                                                                      politically correct and give a gift that is both inoffensive and
come after either service and join in the fun and festivities. In
                                                                      benefits others! The Senior High group will be selling truffles
other news OneIowa is holding a Lobby Day on Feb. 10th. If
                                                                      made with fair-trade chocolate on Sunday, February 14 at the
interested in either event call John or Theresa at 358-1016 and
                                                                      coffee hour between services. Someone you know and also
check for more details on Lobby Day. —John Elson
                                                                      someone you don’t know will love you for it. Money raised from
BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP, FEBRUARY 8                                     the sale will go to fund a service trip to Minneapolis in June.
                                                                      To order in advance contact Sally Hartman, 338-7870.
We meet again for the next group on Monday, February 8 at                                                              —Sally Hartman
7:30 p.m. in the church library. The Emigrants by WG Sebald is
our February selection for discussion. Since it’s cold outside it’s   SECULAR HUMANISTS, FEBRUARY 16
a good time to curl up and read a good book. Start reading The
Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schaffer      At our January meeting, 30 members and friends shared their
which is our March book. You can bring a friend with you and          favorite selections from The Portable Atheist, an engaging
we can all enjoy discussing the book together. If you have            collection of essays by atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, and free
questions you may contact me by calling 354-1231 or e-mailing         spirits.
me at If you e-mail please put UU Book
           Discussion in the subject line.     —Mary Lou Welter       At our February meeting, we will learn more about secular
                                                                      humanist activities in our larger community, both on campus and
FREE LUNCH, FEBRUARY 12                                               in the corridor area. We will gather as usual on the third Tuesday,
                                                                      Feb.16, at 7:30 in the Fireside Room – all are welcome!
On January 8th, the UUSIC Free Lunch team served 108 meals                                                                 —Susan Eberly
-- skillet goulash, homemade soup, vegetarian lasagna, mixed hot
vegetables, tossed green salad, cottage cheese, fresh fruit salad,    SHELTER HOUSE BOOK SALE, FEBRUARY 27
dessert, and a variety of beverages. Special thanks to everyone
who went all out to make this such a pleasurable experience --        The Shelter House will be having their 11th annual book sale on
for volunteers and diners alike!                                      Feb. 27, 10 AM to 3 PM, at Hope United Methodist Church. We
                                                                      will be collecting books to donate to the sale in Channing Hall.
This month’s UUSIC Free Lunch crew was made up of Kurt                                                                  —Gay Mikelson
Anstreicher, Sharon Booker, Ann Bovbjerg, Pete Brokaw,
Jeanette Carter, Mike Cervantes, Sherry Dolash, Sue and Lee           THANK YOU FROM M.O.E.!
Eberly, Meredith Gall, Kurt Hamann, Dave Jepsen, Lois and
Arnold Lindaman, Ruth and Mike Lindeen, Caryl and Bill Lyons,         Thank you for your strong support of M.O.E.(Money Offering
Nancy Lynch, Gay Mikelson, Carol Nordquist, Bonnie Penno              Efforts) and their fundraising efforts. Close to $900 was raised
(from afar!), Dorothy Paul-Petersen, Margaret Richardson, Jill        at the December Holiday Sale at the Unitarian Church. The
Stephenson, Gary Tyrrell, Susan Young, Ron Wright, and Mark           proceeds will be donated to Smile Train and Russell Karkowski
Yuskis.                                                               and family of Iowa City.                       —Rhonda Rowden

Page 4                                                       February 2010                                              The UUNews
COFFEE HOUSE ACTS NEEDED                                                  had made a total of about 25 hospital and home visits, which
                                                                          was typical over a year’s time. However, he was seeing a marked
Calling all talent! The Coffee House, sponsored by the Sr. High           increase in requests for personal counseling, up from 33 in 1985-
Youth, is coming up on Saturday, March 6. Here is your chance             6 to 83 in 1986-7. To meet this need, he wrote, “Diane Martin,
to share the stage with other outstanding acts! To reserve a spot,        Janice Williams, Jeanette Carter, Ginny Gross, and Mary Kay
call Sally Hartman (338-7870) or Julie Hammer (337-9172).                 Madsen are now helping me integrate my personal support work
                                                  —Sally Hartman          into the community building efforts of our new Bridge group.”
UUSIC KITCHEN CLEAN UP                                                    Within two years, the Bridge group had expanded its membership
                                                                          and was making monthly visits to those who were hospitalized
If you’ve left anything (dish, utensil, etc.) in the kitchen pick it up   or homebound. Several members had received hospice training.
by February 15 or it will be disposed of. All food in the refrigerator    The group also assisted with memorial receptions, sent cards at
must be labeled with your name and dated. Refrigerator will be            times of special joy or sorrow, and helped integrate newcomers
emptied weekly. Items over a week old will be disposed of.                into UUSIC. In 1991, the Bridge group changed its name to
                                             —Mary Kathryn Wallace        UniCare.
Ministerial Search Checklist
                                                                          In 2006, a Pastoral Care Team was created to work closely
                                                                          with our minister and with UniCare. The mission of this team is
   UUA Ministerial Settlement Representative                              “to practice a shared ministry and build caring and supportive
(MSR) visits                                                              relationships within our diverse community.” Jean Hood was its
                                                                          first chairperson; other members included Dave Jepsen, Ruth
                                                                          Muir, and Pat Elwell.
     Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) elected
                                                                          Today, the Pastoral Care Team continues to identify members
                                                                          and friends undergoing stressful times and to help them access
     MSC meets with MSR and plans its work
                                                                          the resources they need. Team members often link people with
                                                                          UniCare, which coordinates the work of a cadre of UUSIC
     MSC retreat with Rev. Tom Capo                                       volunteers who provide such assistance as meals, transportation,
                                                                          and home visits. UniCare volunteers also continue to coordinate
                                                                          memorial service receptions. Working together, the Pastoral Care
    Congregational survey distributed and                                 Team and UniCare offer ongoing support, hope, and caring, so
tabulated; interviews with lay leaders and group                          that no one in our beloved community need feel alone.
meetings held to gather more input
                                                                          Current Pastoral Care Team members include Alice Atkinson,
                                                                          Susan Eberly, Donna Johnson (Loan Closet coordinator), Miriam
     Information packet about UUSIC completed                             Kashia (current chair), Bonnie Penno (UniCare coordinator),
                                                                          Ricardo Sauro, Naomi Schedl, and Gordon Strayer. Please contact
                                                                          any member of the team if you have questions or requests.
     MSC begins considering potential candidates
                                                                          You can learn more about Pastoral Care and UniCare by turning
                                                                          to the back of the calendar insert in the next issue of the UU
   MSC interviews 3-4 candidates and                                      News, or by visiting our web page on
observes them preach in a neutral pulpit----                                                                                —Susan Eberly
                                                                          ECONOMIC JUSTICE WORKSHOP, APRIL 10
     MSC recommends one candidate
                                                                          Lead by: Reverend Richard Gilbert
                                                                          Location: Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist, Cedar Rapids
    Candidate week when congregation meets and                            Time: Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM.
hears candidate preach, followed by congregational                        Cost: $20.00, Lunch will be provided
vote on candidate
                                                                          The workshop will be on economic justice with a focus on Iowa
                                                                          and the Midwest. Those interested in working on the Iowa Social
       PASTORAL CARE AND UNICARE –                                        Justice Network will have dinner with Reverend Gilbert at 6 PM
   AT THE HEART OF OUR UUSIC COMMUNITY                                    Saturday night.

Though caring for one another during hard times has always                Contact Reverend Tom Capo at Peoples Church 319-362-9827
been central to our UUSIC community, it wasn’t until the late             or email him at for information and to register.
1980s that a formal group was created to coordinate such care.            Childcare will be available upon request. Please make childcare
                                                                          request by April 1, 2010
In his 1988 annual report, Minister Fritz Hudson wrote that he                                                               —Tom Capo
The UUNews                                                    February 2010                                                      Page 5
WELCOME BACK TO EARLE CANFIELD!                                                  OUR MISSION STATEMENT
On Sunday, February 7, Earle Canfield, a fellow UU from Grand          We are a caring, inclusive community, celebrating
Rapids, Michigan, will present the morning service. We will be
honored to hear about the progress of ANSWER, his non-profit           a liberal tradition that nurtures social justice,
organization that initiates and administers educational support        stewardship of the earth and our lifelong journeys
for low-caste Nepalese children. At last count, 24 of the 400          of mind and spirit.
children helped by this program are sponsored by folks from
UUSIC. Please come to hear Earle’s amazing stories during the
service and stop by the SJCC Action Table during coffee hour           Mission Goals:
to learn more about his work. Following the second service (at
about 12:15) everyone who may be interested in participating           1. We provide intergenerational worship services
in ANSWER’s work is invited to an informal potluck where you           to educate, inspire, celebrate, and nurture our
can visit more with Earle and talk with current sponsors from our
congregation.                                                          Unitarian Universalist community.

The following is the text of a Living Church presentation from         2. We provide lifespan religious education to
Sunday, January 10:                                                    support the intellectual and spiritual growth of
Your Social Justice Coordinating Committee has probably been           our children, members, friends and the wider
in existence in one form or another since the inception of this        community.
congregation. It’s who we have been and continue to be. Four
statements in the UUA Covenant, found on the back of the order         3. We practice shared ministry and build caring,
of service, directly address the issues of equity, justice, dignity,
and liberty for all peoples.                                           supportive relationships within a diverse
A small, dedicated group meets monthly to coordinate social
justice action on your behalf. We aren’t here to do it for you,        4. We take action to create an environmentally
but rather to facilitate and make our collective action as effective
as possible.                                                           sustainable culture, both within our congregation
                                                                       and in the wider community, through education
In years past, money for contributions was included in our             and advocacy.
annual budget and distributed by the Social Justice Committee.
In addition, several ‘Special Solicitations’ were collected during
each year for selected social service agencies. In 2006, the Board     5. We work for social justice on behalf of those who
of Trustees decided to start giving all the non-pledge Sunday          are oppressed or in need, through education, direct
offering for social concerns. As a result of your generosity, this     service, financial support, and advocacy.
resulted in our ability to provide more help for agencies who do
the work we wish to support. Recipients have been periodically
selected by congregational vote, last conducted in 2008.               6. We provide facilities that meet the needs of our
                                                                       congregation and advance our principles and our
At the encouragement of Rev. Maucere, we are initiating a              mission.
new system. One agency will be highlighted each month, and
will receive all cash and notated check donations for the entire
month. The total number of agencies supported will not change,         7. We promote our principles and programs in the
but we will no longer feature special solicitations.                   wider community and welcome those with whom
                                                                       our principles resonate.
Please determine what you are able to give to replace the special
solicitations and offering plate donations. This may be done
weekly or in one monthly contribution for the designated agency
of the month.

SJCC always welcomes new faces at our meetings on the second
Monday each month at 7pm. Please check out our monthly
column in the UU News and our Action Table when we are there
during coffee hour. If you have questions about these changes,
stop by and talk with us.

Thank you for your interest, generosity and participation in local
and global issues of social justice concern.     —Miriam Kashia
The UUNews                                                   February 2010                                           Page 6
                                                                   PLEASE WELCOME UUSIC’S
Whether it was $5 more on a $100 pledge or $4000 more
on a $3,000 pledge, each of these members have given more
than they said they would in 2009. In total, these members
                                                                      NEWEST MEMBERS!
contributed more than $14,600 than their combined 2009
pledge. As discussed elsewhere in this newsletter, these
additional contributions made a significant positive impact on
UUSIC’s 2009 financial performance. On behalf of the Society’s
Board of Trustees, thank you for going above and beyond in your
financial generosity.             —Dick Siefers, UUSIC Treasurer
Kathy Mathews                 Cecile and Ronald Owings
Faye and Gordon Strayer       Lynette Marshall & Jeffery Ford
Paul and Shelby Myers-Verhage Kathy Mossman
Madeline Brown                Virginia Stamler
Amy Pearson                   Peggy Houston
Adam Tatro                    Stephanie Van Housen
Santhi Hejeebu & Sriram       Jim & Pat Ephgrave
Pemmaraju                     Charles Jennissen &
Benjamin Maucere              Laurie Stange
Nancy Noyer                   Celia O. & Dale S. Bingham
Charles Eastham & Karen Fox   Mark Yuskis
Gay Mikelson                  John Elson & Theresa Ullerich        Marianne Mason
Carrie Pearson                Kathleen Henderson
Penny K. Davidsen             Judy and David Tokuhisa              Marianne is a librarian who lives in Iowa City. She has one son,
Al and Betty Thomas           Jane VanVoorhis &                    Joseph. She enjoys “little crafty things”, digging in the dirt to
Gail T. McLure                Kurt Anstreicher                     grow things, and appreciates art. She values the open-minded
Gerald Pearson                Philip Beck                          religious tradition and meaningful sermons in the UU. She had
Jim Norris                    Mary Roth                            previous experience with UU in Indiana.
Jonni Ellsworth               David and Mary Jepsen
John and Patricia Hayek       Gay Mikelson
Dick and Vicki Siefers
Kara Beauchamp & Jeff Walberg
Douglas & Leigh Hornick
Steve and Collyer Ekholm
Karen Mason
Renee Speh and Tony Miller
Marji Davis
Kathy Huedepohl
Jane DeWitt and Russ Lenth
Donna Johnson
Dan & Meredith Gall
Matt & Mary Hayek
Cliff Missen
John and Marilyn Jennewein
Arnold Lindaman
Marge Murray
Laura McMahon
Susan Boyd                                                         Rick Bradshaw
Margaret Richardson
Lisa & Cory Stover                                                 Rick is a contractor living in Iowa City. He enjoys summer
Charity Rowley                                                     outdoor activities the most. He swims, plays disc golf, and does
Terry Lynn Wahls                                                   wood working. He values the fellowship and service principles
Rich & Susan Kasal Young                                           of the UU. He found us by seeing our rummage sale flyer on a
Marjorie Cantor                                                    telephone pole!
Jaia Rosenfels
Lee and Susan Eberly
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The UUNews                                               February 2010                                                     Page 7
                                                                              February 2010
                                                                                  Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City

         Sunday                            Monday                            Tuesday                        Wednesday                         Thursday                           Friday                        Saturday
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                                                                     5:30p Fireside & CH-Worthley       5:45p Welcome Home                                                                              1:00p Lib-MSC Meeting
                                                                           Evening                            Wednesdays
                                                                     6:00p Lib-Search Committee         7:00p Lib-UU Buddhist Sangha

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 9:00a Sanct-Sunday Service        7:00p Rm#34-Social Justice        4:00p Lib-Pastoral Care            5:45p Welcome Home             7:00p Lib-UUSIC Board          12:00p Free Lunch                 5:00p CH-Heart for Haiti fundraiser
 9:15a WB-RE#1                           Meeting                     6:00p Lib-Worship Associates             Wednesdays                                               7:30p Fireside-Music rehearsal
11:00a Sanct-Sunday Service        7:30p Lib-Book Discussion Group   6:00p Rm #32-Search Committee      7:00p Lib-UU Buddhist Sangha
11:15a WB-RE#2
12:15p CH-ANSWER Potluck

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 9:00a Sanct-Sunday Service                                          12:00p Lib-Praxis Mtg              5:45p Welcome Home             10:00a Lib-Ministers Meeting                                     10:00a CH-Minister's Workshop
 9:15a WB-RE#1                                                        6:00p Lib-Search Committee              Wednesdays                5:00p CH-Dreamwell Dress                                         1:00p Lib-MSC Meeting
10:00a CH-Cinnamon Roll Sunday                                        7:30p Fireside-Secular Humanist   7:00p Lib-UU Buddhist Sangha          Rehearsal
11:00a Sanct-Sunday Service                                                 Meeting
11:15a WB-RE#2
 1:00p CH-Dreamwell Rehearsal
 6:30p CH-Dances of Universal
                                                5:00p CH-Dreamwell Rehearsal                                                                                                           6:00p CH-Dreamwell Show

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 9:00a Sanct-Sunday Service                                          6:00p Lib-Search Committee         5:45p Welcome Home             9:00a Lib-Newsletter Folding                                     1:00p Lib-MSC Meeting
 9:00a Lib-Membership Associates                                                                              Wednesdays               5:00p CH-Dreamwell Dress
 9:15a WB-RE#1                                                                                          7:00p Lib-UU Buddhist Sangha         Rehearsal
10:00a RE Open House
11:00a Sanct-Sunday Service
11:15a WB-RE#2

                                                                                                                                                                                       6:00p CH-Dreamwell Show

 9:00a Sanct-Sunday Service
 9:15a WB-RE#1
11:00a Sanct-Sunday Service
11:15a WB-RE#2

                                                                                               10 S. Gilbert St. Iowa City, IA 52240
                                                                                 Email: Ph 337-3443
Financial Summary of 2009 Financial Operating Plan

Despite the challenging economic times and the financial struggles that these times have caused
many non-profit organizations, UUSIC had a very strong and a very positive financial year. Our
financial success in 2009 was not without sacrifice to others dependent on the Society for
financial means including our staff, the Unitarian Universalist Association, and the Prairie Star
District. In 2009, staff salaries were frozen at 2008 levels and our payment of denominational
dues was 30% of recommended “Fair Share Giving”. These were actions that were clearly
needed to help stabilize the Society’s precarious financial condition. Although, we are not yet at
a level of financial stability/security needed to manage a smooth/predicable course through
challenging times, we did take a big step in that direction. Now the numbers….

The Society’ total income for 2009 was nearly 10% ($30,000) above budget plan whereas
expenses were nearly $1,000 less. What is even more remarkable is the fact that within 2009’s
budgeted expenses we set aside $12,000 to pre-fund the 2010 expenses associated with sanctuary
painting project and minister relocation expenses. Without these additional charges against
expenses, actual 2009 expenses would have been $13,000 less than forecast.

In 2009, we reached a new watermark for both total annual income and net income. Our total
income of $338,500 eclipsed the previous 2006 record by $10,000 and because we were able to
contain our total operating expenses to our budget plan, all of the income above our budget plan
contributed to improving the amount of available operating cash. The table below tells a far
better story than I can tell in words.

                                 Net Operating Income

        $40,000                                                          2009
        $30,000                          2006
       $(20,000)               2005                 2007

It is hard to find any negative in what we (our congregation, our staff, our committees, and this
board) have done this year in creating these results. Everyone has stepped up and contributed.
Thanks for making this happen!!

Dick Siefers
UUSIC Treasurer
                   Pastoral Care and UniCare at UUSIC

The Pastoral Care Team and UniCare work closely with our minister to provide a
shared ministry of caring, connection, and hope, so that no one who is part of our
UUSIC community will feel isolated or alone. Through the work of these two groups,
    Receive requests for care from the person themselves, or from concerned others
    Provide an unobtrusive but caring presence through visits, calls, and other
    contacts that allow us to listen, accept, comfort, and support one another
    Talk with members of our beloved community to learn about members and
    friends who may have concerns
    Coordinate responses to requests and concerns, while maintaining confidentiality
    and privacy

T h e P A S TORA L CA R E T E A M :
    Supports family and friends, and their caregivers, during times of stress
    Sends cards, makes visits, or phones
    Provides information resources
    Maintains an equipment “Loan Closet” from which people can borrow walkers,
    canes, and other equipment
    Activates UniCare assistance when requested

UNICARE assists the Pastoral Care Team by providing:
    Meal preparation and delivery
    Transportation to meet personal needs, such as travel to doctor’s appointment
    or running errands
    Support following the arrival of a child
    Memorial service receptions, including ushering for the memorial service and
    refreshments afterwards

Call us for assistance when you or a member or friend of UUSIC:
     Is seriously ill or convalescing
     Has lost a family member
     Is confined, temporarily or for a longer time, at home, in the hospital, or in a
     care facility
     Has needs you feel we may be able to meet

Leadership of the Pastoral Care Team rotates on quarterly basis; Miriam Kashia is our
chairwoman from January to April 2010. If you would like to learn more about our
services, or want to volunteer for the Pastoral Care Team or for UniCare, please
contact Miriam by calling 541-8414, or emailing

To learn more     about Pastoral Care and UniCare at UUSIC, please visit our web
page, Or talk
with any member of our Pastoral Care Team: Alice Atkinson, Susan Eberly, Donna
Johnson, Miriam Kashia, Bonnie Penno (who also coordinates UniCare), Ricardo
Sauro, Naomi Schedl, and Gordon Strayer.
                                   VOTING MEMBERS January 24, 2010

Dean Abel               Collyer Ekholm       Medora Kealy           Nancy Noyer             Judy Tokuhisa
Alison Abreu            Steve Ekholm         Bill Kearney           Liz Noyes               Theresa Ullerich
Kurt Anstreicher        Jonnifer Ellsworth   Patricia Kelley        Kelly O'Berry           Jane Van Voorhis
Alice Atkinson          John Elson           Verne Kelley           Alison Oliver           Tova Vitiello
Kendall Atkinson        Irvin Emig           Garry Klein            Sue Otto                Peg Voelker
Julia Audlehelm         Jason Eness-Potter   Juanita Kosier         Cecile Owings           Terry Lynn Wahls
Larry Audlehelm         Kerri Eness-Potter   John Lanaghan          Ron Owings              Zach Wahls
Joe Barrash             Lori Enloe           Barbara Laughlin       Maureen Patterson       Jeff Walberg
Kris Barrash            Jim Ephgrave         Jim W. Laughlin        Dorothy Paul            Jean Walker
Douglas Baynton         Kim Ephgrave         Gary Lawrenson         Pete Paul-Petersen      Doug Wallace
Nathan Beattie          Pat Ephgrave         Russ Lenth             Dorothy Paul-Petersen   Mary Kathryn Wallace
Kara Beauchamp          Christine Etler      Lisa Lepic             Gerry Pearson           George Walton
Barbara Beaumont        Ed Farkas            Jackie Leung-Heras     Natalie Pearson         Connie Webb
Philip Beck             Linda Farkas         Doris Levsen           Sriram Pemmaraju        Mary Weideman
Daniel Benton           Mike Fenneman        Mary Levsen            Kathy Penningroth       Elizabeth Weinberg
Joan Benziger           Linda Fisher         Stacy Lewis-Sells      Bonnie Penno            Mary Lou Welter
Celia Bingham           Dawn Fitzpatrick     Malcolm Lieblich       Mark Penno              Charles Whiteman
Dale Bingham            Jeffery Ford         Arnold Lindaman        Paul Pomrehn            Claire Whiteman
Mrs. F.C Blodi          Karen Fox            Michael Lindeen        Judith Quinn            William Whiteman
Amy Bly                 Dan Gall             Ruth Lindeen           John Raley              Charlie Williams
Sharon Booker           Meredith Gall        Marta Little           Bruce Randall           Janice Williams
Peg Bouska              Gail Garwood         Ying Liu               Christina Randall       Faith Wilmot
Ann Bovbjerg            William Gauger       Jan Locher             Tabitha Rasmussen       Kaye Winder
Susan Boyd              Julie Hammer         Stephen Locher         Charles Read            Rich Young
Leslie Brettell         Ellen Hampe          Mary Losch             Mark Reagan             Susan Kasal Young
Joe Brisben             Barbara Haring       Nancy Lynch            Jean Reese              Mark Yuskis
Pete Brokaw             Claudine Harris      Bill Lyons             Jacqueline Reger
Joe Cannon              Sally Hartman        Caryl Lyons            Margaret Richardson
Marjorie Cantor         Lisa Haverkamp       Elaine Mahler          Laura Rigal
Jeanette Carter         Mike Haverkamp       Keith Marshall         Tom Rocklin
Michael Cervantes       John Hayek           Lori Marshall          Mary Roth
Lucy Choisser           Matthew Hayek        Lynette Marshall       Rhonda Rowden
Sam Cochran             Patricia Hayek       Diane Martin           Charity Rowley
Andy Coghill-           Santhi Hejeebu       J. David Martin        Mary Rubis
Behrends                Kathleen Henderson   Karen Mason            Susan Rubis
Will Coghill-Behrends   Diana Henry          Kathy Mathews          Susan Salterberg
Cathy Cole              Al Hood              Kathy McDonald         Ricardo Sauro
Chris Coretsopoulos     Jean Hood            Brad McDowell          Naomi Schedl
Ron Crawford            Keri Hornbuckle      Sandy McFarland        Deb Schoelerman         265 Members
Samantha Cumley         Peggy Houston        Gail T. McLure         Amy Schoon
Jo Cunningham           Jan Hubel            Laura McMahon          Hazel Seaba
David Curry             Kenn Hubel           Mary McMurray          Jamie Sharp
Martha Dahlin           Kathy Huedepohl      Tom McMurray           Jennifer Sherer
Christie Dancel         Lois Hughes          Carol McNamara         Rush Shortley
Penny Davidsen          Lynne Ikach          Virginia Melroy        Dick Siefers
Charles Davidson        Brandi Janssen       Fred Meyer             Vicki Siefers
Debra DeLaet            Marc Janssen         Gay Mikelson           Renee Speh
Jane DeWitt             John Jennewein       Tony Miller            Barbara Staib
Monique DiCarlo         Marilyn Jennewein    Cliff Missen           Virginia Stamler
Peggy Dietrich          Charles Jennissen    Carol Moreno           Laurie Stange
Rob Dietrich            David Jepsen         Ed Moreno              Katy Stavreva
Eleanor Dilkes          Mary Jepsen          Kathy Mossman          Jill Stephenson
Nancy Downing           Carolyn Johnson      Larry Mossman          Faye Strayer
Ryan Downing            Donna Johnson        Ruth Muir              Gordon Strayer
Charles Eastham         Jessica Johnson      Paul Myers-Verhage     Hilary Strayer
Lee Eberly              Nicholas Johnson     Shelby Myers-Verhage   Adam Tatro
Susan Eberly            Martha Jorgensen     Ryan NeuCollins        Al Thomas
Patricia Edberg         Mike Jorgensen       Carol Nordquist        Betty Thomas
Kay Eginton             Susan Kaliszewski    Jerry Nordquist        Peter Thorne
William Eginton         Miriam Kashia        Jim Norris             David Tokuhisa
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UUSIC Board of Directors, 2009-2010                                         Office Hours
                                                                            Tues.-Friday 10:00 AM—4:00 PM
President: Arnold Lindaman................................248-1986          10 S. Gilbert St. Iowa City, IA 52240                                                  Office Phone: 319-337-3443
Vice President: Russ Lenth....................................337-8549
                                                                            UUSIC Staff
                                                                            Interim Minister - Rev. Benjamin Maucere
Past President: Deb Schoelerman.......................351-2811
                                                                            Office Hours: 10:00 - 3:00 Tuesday thru Thursday
                                                                            Office Phone: 319-337-3443 ext. 102
Secretary: Jeanette Carter......…........................338-5922
                                                                            Director of Religious Education - Lois Cole
Treasurer: Dick Siefers......……………..................338-5984
                                                                            Office Hours: 11:00 - 4:00 Tuesday thru Thursday
                                                                            Office Phone: 319-337-3443 ext. 103
Trustee: Mark Penno…………………....................354-6952
Trustee: Mary Kathryn Wallace…........................541-9501
                                                                            Office Administrator - Tyler Hanft
                                                                            Office Phone: 319-337-3443 ext. 101
Trustee: Susan Kasal Young………................…...339-8448
Trustee: Steve Locher……...............…….............354-6260
                                                                            Music Director - Barbara Buddin

                                                                            Organist/Pianist - Joseph McKinley

February 2010                                                                                                       The UUNews

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