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The Kehilla lifemates


The Kehilla lifemates

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									 volume 5
                         The Kehilla
                        Issue 7                                           July 2009                   Tammuz 5769
Wedding Announcement                                                  BOULDER JEWISH FESTIVAL
On Sunday, January 3, I will wed my beshert, Andy                        Despite threatening skies and periodic
Shelby. Many of you have met him during one of his visits      downpours, this year’s Boulder Jewish Festival (Sunday,
to Cheyenne. You are all invited to attend our wedding in      June 7) was again a wonderful experience. The weather
Los Angeles. Please let me know if you plan to come and I      did not dampen spirits nor did it seem to decrease
will make sure you receive a formal invitation. For those of   attendance.
you who cannot travel to LA, we will be having a reception               The music seems to just get better. We enjoyed
in Cheyenne with the community. The date has not been set      listening to Los Lantzmun again. Some of the musicians we
but will be announced shortly. I hope to celebrate with all    knew from their performances at our Yiddish Food
of you and share in the happiness of this very special         Festival and some were new (to us). A special treat was
occasion.                                                      the opportunity to hear Zoe Aqua (Hal Aqua’s daughter)
                Rabbi Arinna Moon                              playing the violin. As always, Los Lantzmun performed
                                                               with energy and virtuosity.
                                                                         Also exciting to hear was the new group, Sababa,
                                                               from an Arabic word that has become widely used as
                                                               Israeli slang, meaning “really cool” or “awesome.” The
                                                               group is composed of Cantor Robbi Sherwin (Uri’s friend,
 A Visit To Historic Temple Israel                             who has visited Cheyenne on several occasions), Steve
 On Saturday, June 27 Rabbi Moon and a group of Mt.            Brodsky (from Denver), and Scott Leader. They are
 Sinai members traveled to Leadville, Colorado to help         touted as “one of Jewish music’s coolest rockin’ trios.”
 rededicate Temple Israel. This was the first Shabbat                    And then there was, of course, the food, and
 service held in this reconstructed Temple in almost 100       plenty of it. Corned beef sandwiches, kosher hot dogs,
 years! Sixty to seventy people attended from local            kugel, latkes, macaroons, etc. etc. Some of the food
 mountain congregations, Denver, Cheyenne, and Tucson.         vendors were new this year, some were restaurants and
 Rabbi Debra Rappaport from Vail conducted services            caterers, and some were organizations selling their
 and B’nai B’rith Denver hosted the oneg. Jews from all        specialties. All of it was delicious.
 walks came together for the mitzvah of reopening this         Various synagogues and organizations were represented at
 house of worship. Major funding for the reconstruction        the Festival, providing an opportunity to look over their
 came from taxes on Colorado’s gambling institutions.          literature and engage in interesting discussions. The artists
 This source of funding will not provide for any religious     and artisans at the Festival were selling a dazzling array of
 items according to William Korn with the Temple Israel        jewelry and other Judaica. There was always something to
 Foundation. He is still looking for donors to help finance    do and see.
 a new bimah, menorahs, etc. If you are interested,            Perhaps best of all was the spirit at the Festival. All of the
 contact him at longled@longled.cnc.net                        diverse groups within the larger Boulder Jewish
                                                               community were represented. This was an opportunity to
                                                               learn and to share.
                                                                         We hope to see you at the Boulder Jewish
                                                               Festival next year!

                                            Mt. Sinai will soon be sending out the Kehilla only by e-mail. If we do not
                                            have your e-mail address please send it to info@mtsinaicheyenne.org.
                                            Hard copies will only be available to members by request.

                                                                                                            Page 1
                    Arinna’s Arena                                                Sermons and Teachings
                         Dear Congregants,                                           The Rabbi’s sermons and
                             The Torah teaches us to adhere to mitzvot – a set       selected teachings are
                         of commandments which are the foundation of Jewish          available on the website on
                         practice. These commandments are presented to us as         the Rabbi’s page. Go to
                         chukim and mishpatim – commonly translated in               www.mtsinaicheyenne.org.
                         English as laws and statutes. In our secular world,
                         these words are synonyms. In Hebrew however, they
                                                                                How to Reach the Rabbi:
take on different shades of meaning. The rabbis distinguished between           The Rabbi will be in town July 9 - 12.
mishpatim as those laws that would have been apparent even if they were         She can be reached any time on her cell
not in the Torah, and chukim as those laws that are divine decrees. The         phone: (307) 630-1926 or by email:
medieval philosophers saw mishpatim as laws based on reason and                 ravleahshira@gmail.com.
chukim as laws to be observed for no apparent logical reason but simply
because they were commanded by God.
                                                                                            Mt.Sinai Synagogue
          The practice of kashrut falls into the category of chukim. No                Located at 2610 Pioneer Avenue
rational reason is given to us in the Torah, rather it is presented as a means                    307-634-3052
of keeping the covenant with God and imitating God’s attribute of holiness.      On the web at: www.mtsinaicheyenne.org
Kashrut has both a ritual dimension and an ethical one. Ritual laws are               e-mail: info@mtsinaicheyenne.org
those that can be described as being between a person and God, bein                         Website Provided by:
                                                                                    David Lerner and Wyoming Network
adam l’makom. Prayer and holiday observances generally fall into this
grouping. Ethical laws are those that are interpersonal commandments; they
exist between one person and another, bein adam l’chavero. Kashrut,                              Join us for:
while normally considered a ritual practice, has a strong ethical component.
The way in which an animal is slaughtered, so as to minimize its pain, is a
good example of tza’ar ba’alei chaim, preventing cruelty to animals .           Movie Night Saturday, July 11 at 7:00
          Historically, kashrut has served as one function of keeping the       Frisco Kid (in honor of Frontier Days)
Jewish community insulated from the rest of society. Since eating is              Mah Jongg Sunday, July 12 at 3:00
generally a social activity, those who keep kosher are limited to eating with
like-minded individuals. And because socializing creates an environment in
which people find their life mates, kashrut has had a mitigating effect on
assimilation. Ten years ago, the Reform movement in its latest platform,
affirmed that we respond to God daily through the performance of mitzvot
and suggested that individuals consider a return to some of the traditional
practices.                                                                       Friday Shabbat Service 7:00 p.m.
          The kitchen in our synagogue has been kept kosher for the entire
life of the congregation. This has enabled members or visitors who keep         Saturday Shabbat Service 9:00 a.m.
kosher to be able to eat the food that is prepared there. People who do
not keep kosher are not harmed by eating kosher food, whereas if the           Saturday study group when Rabbi is in
kitchen were not kosher it would prevent people who observe this practice                      town 3:30 p.m.
from having anything to eat here.
          Kashrut can be a source of spiritual inspiration and ethical                  The Sisterhood Meeting
remembrance. It is a means of reinforcing and maintaining a sense of               The second Sunday of the month.
Jewish identity. Let us consider the importance of kashrut in our personal
lives as well as in the life of our synagogue by learning how to maintain our     The Synagogue Board Meeting
kosher kitchen and preserving this important practice for future                  The third Wednesday of the month.
                   With blessings,
                   Rabbi Arinna Moon                                                                        Page 2
                     Recent Donors
Millie Veta – in memory of David Veta                                            July Yahrzeits
Bea Montross – 2nd quarter pledge                              Sidell Brill – July 1 – Tammuz 9
Dr. Jean & Sally Halpern – 2nd quarter pledge                  Sarah F. Brockman Bloomberg – July 1 – Tammuz 9
Robert Donin – 2nd quarter pledge                              Morris Bernstein – July 2 – Tammuz 2
Dennis & Andrea Coelho – 2nd quarter pledge                    Amos Neyhart – July 4 – Tammuz 12
Babs Klein – 2nd quarter pledge                                Myer Goldstein (Golden) – July 6 – Tammuz 14
Tim Solon – 2nd quarter pledge                                 Leonard Leff – July 6 – Tammuz 14
Sherri Means – in memory of Mike Wynn                          Mendel Bregman – July 8 – Tammuz 16
Marv & Dorothy Wolf – pledge                                   Norma Fish – July 8 – Tammuz 16
Rose Levin – in memory of Leah Levin                           Sarah Davis Rubens – July 9 – Tammuz 17
Audra Weitzel – pledge                                         Harry Rayor – July 9 – Tammuz 17
Susan Perlman – in memory of Paula, George, and                Joseph Feldman – July 9 – Tammuz 17
Elaine Kaufman                                                 Jacob Allinoy – July 11 – Tammuz 19
Michael Krampner – contribution                                Dr. Mendy Goldstein – July 12 – Tammuz 20
Laurie & Dave Lerner – 2nd quarter pledge                      Baruch Medow – July 12 – Tammuz 20
Helen Zigmond – 2nd quarter pledge                             Saran Medow – July 12 – Tammuz 20
Elaine Rosenthal – in memory of Sidell & Charles Brill         Elizabeth Zigmond – July 13 – Tammuz 21
Norma Pepper – in memory of Es Graber                          Adele Smith – July 14 – Tammuz 22
Anna Slutzky – 1st quarter pledge                              David Louis Wahl – July 18 – Tammuz 26
Ruth Langley – 2nd quarter pledge                              Noreen Fischer – July 18 – Tammuz 26
Dr. Harlan Ribnik – donation                                   Guessie Helfand – July 19 – Tammuz 27
Jerry Snyder – in memory of Esther Snyder                      Morris Klein – July 22 – Av 1
Arthur Bronstein – in memory of Charles Bronstein              Moses Agre – July 24 – Av 3
                                                               Frances Rayor Levine – July 24 – Av 3
                                                               Bernard Kuperstein – July 25 – Av 4
                       L’Dor V’Dor                             Cecelia Broken Nose – July 25 – Av 4
             From Generation to Generation                     Solomon Shapiro – July 27 – Av 6
      Celebrating 100 Years of Jewish Life in Greeley          Dorothy Zolot – July 28 – Av 7
                     August 2, 2009                            Harry Wallach – July 29 – Av 8
                                                               Jean Schwartz – July 30 – Av 9
 Reservations must be in by July 19, 2009.                     Nathan Gallensky – July 30 – Av 9
 For further information, please call Lorrie Dinner at (970)   Max Goldhammer – July 31 – Av 10
 396-7403                                                      Joseph Goodman – July 31 – Av 10

 Jewis Blues at Mt. Sinai
 Saul Kaye, an internationally touring artist from Israel,
 entertained our congregation on June 12. Kaye who has
 Dipped the Torah into the Delta provided an interesting
 mix of biblical blues. Thanks to Georgia Young who not
 only brought Saul to our attention, but cooked a great
 spaghetti dinner for all of us!! Saul’s CDs can be
 purchased in our gift shop.

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         Wish List Is this your mitzvah? Please consider a donation for one or more of the following items.
Teacher’s texts for Adult Hebrew $40 • Friday night congregational dinner $75 • Case of wine for Kiddush $50
       Toner cartridge for the printer $90 • Toner cartridge for the copier $150 • Color laser printer $400

I would like to make the following donation to Mt. Sinai Congregation:
My name__________________________________________________________________
In memory of ______________________________________________________________
In honor of_________________________________________________________________
        anniversary • birth • graduation • appreciation • birthday • marriage • bar or bat mitzvah
The contribution amount _______________________________________________________
Make checks payable to Mt. Sinai Congregation and mail to P.O. Box 1012, Cheyenne, WY 82003
The following is a list of funds to which contributions can be made. Please circle your choice.
      B’nai B’rith • Gift Shop • Library • Yiddish Food Festival • Rabbi Fund • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
           Endowment Fund • Trust Fund • Building Fund • Cemetery Fund • Uri Neil Window Fund
                Other _______________________________________________________
Please send acknowledgment to _________________________________________________
To donate to Sisterhood, Hadassah, or Jewish Women International contact Lila Gallensky.
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 P.O. Box 1012
 Cheyenne, WY 82003

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