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									                                      ICT CHARTER COMMENT TEMPLATE April 2004

                                   Communications Cabling Association of Southern Africa

                           TOPIC                                                COMMENT
Equity Ownership


Employment Equity

Skills Development

Preferential Procurement

Enterprise Development


Other Comments

Additional Remarks

EIF COMMENTS APRIL 2004                                                                    1
                                                         ICT CHARTER SCORECARD
                                              Communications Cabling Association of Southern Africa
                                                           COMMENTS APRIL 2004
       CORE COMPONENT                            INDICATORS                   DTI Weighting   ICT SPLIT   COMBINED    MID TERM   LONG TERM
                                                                                                                      TARGET 1    TARGET 2
                                                                                              Weighting   Weighting     YYYY        YYYY
Direct Empowerment Score
Equity Ownership               a)% share of economic benefits as reflected        20%           XAa%        YA%        T1A%        T2A%
                               by direct shareholding by black people;

                               b) % share of economic benefits as                               XAb%                   T1A%
                               reflected by indirect shareholding by black

Management                     a) % black people in senior executive                    10%     XBa%        YB%        T1Ba%       T2Ba%
                               management and/or executive board and
                               board committees

                               b) % black people in all other executive                         XBb%                   T1Bb%       T2Bb%
                               management positions (excl. above)

Human Resource Development and Employment Equity Score
Employment Equity           a)Weighted employment equity analysis;                10%           XCa%        YC%        T1Ca%       T2Ca%

                               b)   Bonus for voluntary compliance with Act                     XCb%                   T1Cb%      T2Cb%

Skills Development             a) External skills development expenditure         20%           XDa%        YD%        T1Da%      T2Da%
                               as a proportion of total company payroll;

                               b) Internal skills development initiatives                       XDb%                   T1Db%      T2Db%
Indirect Empowerment Score
Preferential Procurement   a) Procurement of goods and services         20%   XEa%     YE%   T1Ea%   T2Ea%
                           from black-owned and empowered
                           enterprises as a proportion of total

                             b) Published Affirmative Procurement              XEb%          T1Eb%   T2Eb%
Enterprise Development       Investment in and development of           10%      XF%   YF%   T1F%    T2F%
                             black-owned and empowered ICT
                             enterprises measured as a proportion
                             of total assets

Residual-Industry specific    Investment in ICT Council accredited
                             a)                                         10%   XGa%     YG%   T1Ga%   T2Ga%
                             projects aimed at accelerating access to
                             ICT & training measured as a % of after
                             tax profits;

                             b) General Corporate Social Investment           XGb%           T1Gb%   T2Gb%
                             as a % of after tax profits

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