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					         Vacation to Paris
When planning a vacation to Paris you want to consider activities,
entertainment, meals, flight, and so on. Paris has a wide array of choices from
sporting events to entertainment. No matter what you enjoy, you have options in

One thing you want to keep in mind while vacationing to Paris, i.e. in the
country, there are many pickpockets on the street. Therefore, you want to plan
to protect your belongings. If someone approaches you, make sure that you take
measures to protect yourself, especially if the person is trying to get something
from you.

In Paris, many people are staying at apartments. The hotels are nice, yet the
apartments are cheaper. The apartments add extra living space while
vacationing in Paris. Some of the apartments in Paris are on islands. Some of
the areas are ancient neighboring environments stretched over the beautiful
Seine River.

You can plan a stay at the apartments near the St. Martin Canal. The hole is
conveniently located in central areas around Paris. Some of the apartments have
Internet connection, which is ideal for writers, business personnel, and so on.

If you prefer to stay at a hotel then check out the list online. You have a wide
array of hotels to choose.

How to choose passes in Paris:
If your purchase passes before you leave for vacation, you will save money. The
passes include the Roissy Bus, which costs only $10. You can use this bus to
travel to Paris’s popular airports, such as the Gaulle. In addition, you can
purchase museum passes. The passes include transportation in some instances.
If you purchase the passes in Paris, you will need to consider exchange rates.
Online however, you can find the passes for the same amount you would spend
in Paris.

If you intend to visit museums in Paris, you can find two day passes. The passes
will take you to la Carte and to many monuments and museums in Paris. You
are taking straight to the destination. The price of the passes is $40. Paris
monuments and museums however allow children under eighteen free passes. If
you are on a budget, you may want to get a three-day pass, which you will travel
on the metro bus. The pass gives you limitless travel up to three days. The
passes cost $13 for children ages 11 and below.

When choosing places to stay in Paris, be sure you research the market. Hotels
and apartments are available for vacationers. The downside is many rooms cost
$100 and up per night. Online you will find discounts, coupons, and packages
that give you a break.
If you plan to stay a few days in Paris, you may want to check out the travel
packages, vacation packages, promotional packages, or other packages online.

You will find better deals by choosing the packages. The downside if you prefer
to visit Paris without a tour guide, then forgets your plans. The packages have
tour guides that take you to Paris’s main attractions. If you don’t mind tour
guides then the packages is the way to go.

Packages often include flight, activities, entertainment, etc. You also get
discounts on meals. Some packages include coupons for meals. If you choose
cruise packages, all your items are paid with the package. Meals may or may not
be included. Cruises are nice, since you board some of Paris’s most beautiful
liners, which carry you across the fabulous shores of Paris.

To learn more about packages, planning, and more check out the many web
sites online where you will find coupons, promotions, discounts, sales and more.

Choose the Best Hotel and the Best Restaurant in Paris

When choosing your hotel and the restaurant you want to visit in Paris, you
should consider your budget. You should also consider your disliked and likes.
Keep in mind that not every restaurant in Paris severs French dishes. You have
a choice of pizza shops, French diners, well-rounded menus and more.

To learn more about Paris’s dishes and restaurants you may want to talk with
your local travel agent or go online to review the various diners. If you consider
your budget and tastes first, it will help you make good choices. There are many
choices to choose from in the beautiful country of Paris, France.

How to consider hotels in Paris:
The hotel is rated, depending on courtesy of customer service, food, rooms, etc.
If you know which hotel you want to stay in Paris, you can go online and find
reviews. Look for the four and five star hotels. Three star hotels are good too.
Paris’s hotels are designed to fit your needs. Many hotels in Paris offer special
equipment for the handicapped, which is a good thing because you are many
people with special needs.

Some of the best-rated hotels in Paris include the Hotel Bristol. The hotel is
rated three stars. The hotel is near Champ-Ely sees and the Madeleine; this
hotel is also rated with 3 stars, since it is the Hotel Castes and its near Musee
Du Louvre. Another fabulous hotel in Paris is the three star, Hotel
Luxemboubou Parc near St Germain. Many other hotels in Paris are rated at
three also. The hotels are all very nice hotels and remember that Paris wants you
to love Paris the way they love it, so the managers work hard to accommodate
you. Paris hotel managers are confident that the entire family will enjoy their
stay. The hotels all serve daily breakfast, which is a good way to start your
Keep in mind when choosing hotels in Paris, remembering that you want to stay
at near areas where you may want to visit. For instance, if you want to visit the
Aldaz restaurant, search for a hotel in this region.

How to choose your restaurant:
When it come to food you what the best, so let’s see what we can come up with
while visiting Paris. If you are in the mood for some Middle Eastern food you will
want to try out this resonant for size, it is the Aldaz. Perhaps you do not have an
Eastern taste, and then visit the Aubacou, which serves some of the tastiest
French dishes in town.

You maybe on a tour and be in a hurry to eat so you may want to go to the
Angelina which is a tea café that serves sandwiches and salad for all the busy
people on the ran. Then they have the Blue Elephant which Asia food is served
here. As you see, when you walk down the streets of Paris you have many
choices to make.

How to I choose activities before returning to my hotel?
Then you may decide that you want to wear off that food. Good for you, since
Paris offers you many things you can do before returning to the hotel.
Maybe you want to just take a walk though the gardens or take a ride on the
horse and carriage. You may also want to go for a drink and some dancing so
why don’t you visit the Baiser pub. No matter what you decide, you will make
the right decision. The main thing is that you have fun in Paris.

Discover Paris

Visiting Paris gives you many options to consider. Most tours will guide you
through the history of Paris. Tours are known to take tourist around Paris
during day and night hours respectively. Some tour guides offer you pick up and
drop off at your hotel and others will just pick you up. The length of time it takes
varies depending on the tour and how much time you have. There are many
choices to choose from.

How about a city tour taking up 3 ½ hours of your time with a guide and a
minibus to take you to see the most major sites of Paris. As you come upon
these sites your guide with tell you the history of each area you visit, making it
an enjoyable and a learning experience for everyone.
Don’t have 3 ½ hours then take a shorter tour of the city. See the must see
spots in the capital city of France in 2 hours instead. The trip will be shorter but
just as enjoyable.

Have a little more time than 2 or 3 hours to tour the city. How about seeing the
entire major spots of the city and ends your tour with lunch at the Eiffel tower.
The bus will pick you up at your hotel but your return will be on your own.
You’ll be able to see monuments, landmarks with the learning of history behind
each one from you guide. End your tour at the Eiffel Tower for lunch. Because
you have come here on a guided tour, there is no waiting at the elevator to take
you to the restaurant and a table will be waiting for you. In Paris, you will enjoy
sending a postcard back home with a stamp of the Eiffel Tower printed on the

Tours can be chosen in many different packages. Take a tour of the city and a
short cruise down the Seine River. This package will only take 2 hours of your

Want to make a day of it. Try the city tour, lunch and cruise all in one package.
A minibus will pick you up at your hotel and than there is a 2 hour orientation
of the hot spots in the city of Paris. Go right from you tour of the city to the
Seine River for more excitement on your cruise. You’ll be riding down the river in
a glassed in boat making the perfect view for everyone aboard. Classic French
music will be played from time to time for the relaxed mood while your having
your lunch. Upon your return to the Eiffel Tower, you’ll go around the Statue of

If you feel adventurous why not have lunch at the Eiffel Tower followed by a
Cruise down the Seine River. Sounds fun doesn’t it. The bus will pick you up at
the hotel with this package as well and give you a 2 hours ride around the city.
The Eiffel Tower is the next stop for lunch with no waiting in line for the elevator
or your table everything will be waiting for you upon your arrival. Enjoy your
view and relax the cruise is about to start. Just walk across the street and
aboard the boat for more fun and relaxation. You’ll have music to listen to as
you ride down the river and the education is the greatest. Enjoy this tour and
make you dreams come true.

Want to visit the largest museum in the world? Take the Louvre guided tour
package. Here you’ll see many painting beginning from the 16th century. Louvre
is known as the Palace of the kings of France. The Louvre has 800 years of
history established in 1793.
Have fun with you tour.

Destination to Paris

Paris is one of the most fascinating cities you will travel. Like anywhere else,
Paris has its downside, which sometimes the city post alerts due to pollution in
the air. The problem is caused from high-volumes of travel throughout the city.
In this event, Paris closes down travel and recommends that the community
walk instead of drive. Still, Paris has some of the most wonderful areas to visit,
including the famous Eiffel Tower.

Right now is the time to travel Paris since you will find holiday, travel, or other
packages online offering you special discounts. The packages typically include
hotel, leisure, visits to Paris’s top sightings, and so on. You also receive coupons
and discounts for meals, which includes Paris’s favorite places to feast.

Some of the packages offered to Paris include a stay at one of Paris’s six
contemporary story hotels. The hotel is near the west region at the center of
Paris and within walking distance of the Rome Green strap or belt. This area is a
few square feet from the square at St. Peter. The hotels are saturated with top
amenities, which include air-conditioner. You have guest space that provides
you with television, phone, mini-bar and so on. Outdoor pools are available as
well. In addition, the hotel has fabulous dinner areas, which include bar and

Other packages may include a stay at the le St. Maurice hotel, which is one of
Paris’s Best Western’s. The hotel is near Disney, and overlooks the Marne River
that flows around the suburbs of the Parisian. The hotel is near Bois de
Vincennes, and very close to Disneyland. Around the hotel, you will enjoy fine
meals, such as the atrium. Casual dishes are served as well around a regal-style
saloon. Boutiques of lavishing spacing offers you meeting rooms, business
centers and you have high-speed to go with your meeting time. The rooms have
high-speed also combined with soundproof walls that are air-conditioned to
deliver comfort. You have a guestroom where you will enjoy high-speed and
access to complimentary amenities, such as premium television and cable
channels. Enjoy a cup of coffee at will while you dry your hair in the morning,
preparing to enjoy sight sees around Paris.

This fabulous hotel in Paris has a green-garden like cream effect those channels
into the Le Courtyard, which is the tasteful restaurant where you will enjoy
global cuisines. Once you finish stroll down the extended areas of the dinner to
enjoy the wintry garden where beer and quality spirits are served at the Garden

Electra is one of Paris’s finest hotels, which is included with some packages
offered online at travel sites. The contemporary hotel is near Athens at the
center and a stroll down the lane from the lovely Squares of Syntagma. You have
access to the great Acropolis of Paris as well.

The hotel is equipped with guestroom where you will enjoy wooden furnishers,
mini-bar, pay per view, wireless access to the Internet, and so on.

You will enjoy the Mediterranean meals served at the hotels diner. Relax with a
refreshing drink or enjoy the luxury of being served in your room. Many of
Paris’s hotels serve some fine dishes, fine service and so on.

With some packages, you will enjoy a stay at Baglioni, which is one of Paris’s
Grand hotels. The hotel is around the corner from Tornabuoni, which stretches
to the prince’s home and down through the Church Novella. You will enjoy
shops and diners as you visit the lovely structures throughout the city. The hotel
has a remarkable lofty roof that is gracefully lined with architectural of
Florentine. Paris packages give you many options; therefore go online now to
visit some of the travel sites.

Relaxing in Paris

Some of us prefer to leave our hometown to relax in distant areas where no one
knows us. Rather than roaming, the streets in foreign countries, or sightseeing
some of use prefer to relax in a nice hotel.
Well it can happen in Paris. You can relax and enjoy a nice dinner. In addition, if
you feel like visiting a club, Paris has a wide array of bars to choose from,
including the English pub. At the pub, you can relax on deep red velvety sofas. If
you plan to stay a few days in Paris, perhaps you would enjoy a meal on the roof
of Raphael hotel. The La Salle managers will make sure that you enjoy a relaxing
meal at the Jardin Plein Ciel. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the famous
Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe is also in view as well as the Sacre-Coeur.
Raphael has bedroom and suites designed in a French artistic environment.

The spacious hotel has a variety of wall hangings or tapestries and decors. The
furnishings are endowed and are offset by bravura carpeting. Your room offers
you the luxury and relaxation you deserve. The bathrooms are roomy, which you
can enjoy a shower combined with a massaging spray. The hotel gives you
complimentary hairdryer. In addition, you can adjust the light to fit your mood.
If you feel a need to work those muscles, perhaps you would enjoy a trip to the
fitness center.

When you feel a mood to intermingle perhaps, you would enjoy walking around
the area of the hotel to visit the Champs-Elysees and other up roaring areas
around the city. The Arc de Triomphe is also in the vicinity.

The Raphael is a deluxe hotel. This hotel offers you a surprising Parisian twist.
The glamorous hotel has a remarkable profile. The hotel has housed people
internationally after its change into a discreetly refuge of charm. This hotel was
built in the mid 1920s. Its well-to-do structure has made the landmark of the
globe’s literature.

Within the hotel, you will get pleasure from the history of politics, music and
cinemas. The hotel carries the voices of Katherine Hepburn, Brando, Jack
Kennedy, Gainsbourg and more. You will also enjoy the lobby in the hotel where
galleries of wood and panel is filled with paintings from the famous. Turner’s
paintings is just one of the nice paintings you will enjoy.

In the hotel room, you will enjoy air-condition environments. The hotel rooms
have satellite and cable television, clock, radio, hairdryer, data port, High-Speed
Access, in-room safety box, climate control, mini bar, in-house Pay Per Movie,
phone and a private bathroom.

The hotel has a huge lobby. You have 24-hour Porterage, lift, room service,
sauna, car rental, babysitter, laundry, and room for the handicap. When you
want to relax, it is nice to know that you can soothe your muscles in a sauna.

As you can see this hotel offers you a wide array of relaxing convenience. You
have a mini bar inside your room with radio and television to keep you company.
Your room will offer you a wide array of space as well as accommodations to
meet your every need. While in your room you can enjoy surfing the Internet. In
addition, you have WIFI available. The rooms are decorated in French lavishing
styles and offer you a peace, calming place to stay.
To learn more about choosing relaxation in Paris visit your local travel agent, or
go online and check out the wide array of sites available to you. Relax those
Taking a Shopping Trip in Paris

When shopping in Paris it can be fun. Paris not only has huge stores to shop in
the country also has shopping on the streets. Paris has everything you would
want to take home for the whole family to enjoy. You will notice that everyone on
the streets is dressed in very high fashions. Paris is known for their stylish
fashions, yet at many shopping malls the prices are affordable, making Paris’s
pricey fashions deceiving. Therefore, when it comes to shopping you are in
fashion haven when you shop at Paris.

How to choose six of Paris’s best stores:
The Christian Laouboutin is one of Paris’s top selling stores. The store has a
fashionable display, i.e. one of its kind shoes. You will find the perfect pair of
shoes that suit all your family needs.

The Emporio Armani is a great store in Paris to shop as well. The store is well
known for its casual wear to custom suits. The store has four floors to shop,
which it has nearly anything you could image on the shelves.

Forum des Halles is Paris’s top store also. The store is known for its largest food
market. The store shops are underground, which the surface is used for a
parking lot.

The Galexis Lafayette is the fourth known store in Paris you may want to visit.
This store is known for its beautiful stain glass dome. The store has a wide
selection of cosmetics and the huge slot of perfumes is the legion fashioned in
this store. Galexis has a high profile on women and men selections.

Hermes is known for its wide selection of home office and office supplies.

Its window display holds a wide selection of products that keep people coming
back because they sell leather agendas and notebooks and some umbrellas. The
store sells lots of hats and oh yea-riding boots too.

The last is number six and the store is called LeBonMarché. This store is known
for its ancient history. The store is over 100 years old. It is the largest men and
women appeal fashion store of its kind, and it has the only full menu restaurant
option so you can go shopping and when you tired, you can sit down and have a
full course meal before going home. Forget cooking aye!

While you are in Paris, go on a shopping trip, since you will have a ball seeing all
the things the stores offer you. The stores make everything easy for you, since
everything is at your fingertips.
There are many other shops to visit in Paris as well. The list in this article is just
the top six shopping areas. Paris, France’s Capital has over a 100 stores in the
country to shop in so you can pick which one you want and shop until you drop.

Once you are done shopping you might want to go to your hotel and just relax.
Perhaps take a hot bath and enjoy the rest of the evening, then again you might
want to go out on the town. What ever you decide have fun doing it.

Paris has many nightclubs you might want to go see as well. You can choose
from dancing to comedy or maybe you would like to just go see the performing
arts. Paris has a wide selection of museums as well. Whether you enjoy history,
arts, science, etc, Paris has something for you to see. To learn more about
Paris’s shopping malls, diners, nightclubs, and museums check out the
resources online. Paris is only a click away!

Visiting Beaches in Paris
How to find beaches in Paris

Paris has many sandy beaches, including Vendee, which has over a 100 miles of
dunes with backgrounds of pine. The climate is usually mild, which allows you
to enjoy surfing, diving, swimming and so on. On the south end of the beach is
the nude area. Throughout the beach are marshes that spark attention of birds.
You also have a batch of lakes and rivers to cast your fishing rod. Throughout
the area, you will enjoy wildlife at its best. Along the shores are scores of
walkways that take you through some of Paris’s finest environments. You also
have museums nearby as well as abbey, places of worship and more.

Paris’s Cap Ferret is a nice beach where you will enjoy boating adventures. At
the beach, you will enjoy swimming, surfing, fishing, diving and quietness.
Around the area are nice campgrounds and fabulous hotels. Along this area is
Frances popular coastline that stretches to the La Marenda and surrounds
villages around Pyrées-Orientales, which is the location of département around

Paris also has nice beaches at the Pegasus Bridge and along through Benouville
and Normandy. Around the beach, you can enjoy tasty pastries at the Café
Gondree and then move onto the coastlines of Landing Beach. Harbors around
this area were built in a few days, which the structures are artificially patterned
along Gold and Juno. At the front area of the sea is one of Paris’s fine
restaurants where many tourists enjoy a hardy meal. Pointe du Hoc is one of the
main attractions along this beach. St. Laurent Cemetery is another of the main
attractions. Omaha Landing is the beach areas where you can enjoy fine dining
as well.

How to find deals:
If you want to visit Normandy area go online to find great deals. Packages are
available, which you can visit the area for under $200.

Crozet Islands is another area you may want to visit in France. This South
Territories is in France district, yet it stretches to the Indian Ocean grouping
around smaller islands. The islands make up the Big/Little Islands, which are
France’s major inlets. Around the area are rock foundations and uninhibited
regions. You may want to visit this area, but I am not sure you want to swim in
the waters, at least not in deep waters. According to the history, this region has
been noted fro preys, such as the Killer Whales. A nice selection of seals swims
these waters also. The waters have a history of shipwrecks also. In fact, so many
wrecks and disappearances occurred in these waters that the military took

Paris is surrounded about many areas where the Mediterranean Sea spreads
over the Black Sea, Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Caspian Sea, and so on. Much
of Paris’s water however streams from the Seine River and the Atlantic Ocean.
Around the Seine River, you will find waterways, ponds, lakes and more. At
some areas, you can enjoy fishing, diving, swimming, boating, water skiing, and
so forth. Downstream of the Seine River is where you will find Normandy Beach.

The Seine River has areas where you can enjoy rides on riverboats, traveling
calm waters where the boats will navigate easily through the streams. Make sure
that you look along the shores where you will enjoy many brilliantly lit buildings
around Paris.

When visiting Paris be sure to check out the history of the Seine River to see
where it leads you. The history has an amazing punch line that takes you back
to the massacre in Paris.

Choose Museums in Paris

When choosing the museums in Paris that you may want to visit, keep in mind
you have a selection. You might want to visit your local travel agent, or go online
to view the museums in Paris. The sources will offer you pamphlets, or images to

How do I choose which museum in Paris to visit?
In Paris, there are many museums to see. These museums are very educational
as well as fun to walk though. Everyone loves Paris museums. Paris makes
visiting their museums easy, since you can use transportation services, which
will take you to all areas you want to visit in Paris. Taking transportation is a
choice, since you will avoid getting lost. In addition, you will not have the
frustration of driving. Moreover, your feet will not wear down from walking the
streets of Paris all day.

Paris has a selection of popular museums, which include the delightful Lacite
des screneset del Industries. The museum houses a variety of educational views,
which make up a world of science. The exhibits will tour you through space. You
also have a wide world of touring on computers that will take you undersea.

Paris has an additional museum you might like to visit. The Museum Cathedral
of de Notre-Dame is one of Paris’s fine exhibiting atmospheres. The de Notre-
Dame is an outstanding arena where some of the famous concerts take place.
You will experience an unbelievable day as you walk through the arena that has
left a stamp around the world.

Loire is Paris’s pyramid of the fabulous French coir of napoleon. If you enjoy art
and print then you will love touring through this outstanding museum. The
museum is filled with wonderful paints of the famous Mona Lisa. You can also
view famous art of gems, such as Egyptian art. Sculptures of Greek and the
Roman antiquities also shatter the walls in one of Paris’s outstanding museums.

How do I find historical museums in Paris?
If you like history, take a trip through the Museum Judaism. The museum is
filled with d’ aer’ er’ d’ hisstoire de Judaisme. This museum even has a section
on the holocaust and anti Semitism this wonderful museum is in a lovely
mansion so you can enjoy the museum and see a mansion. You have many
selections of museums, which the list only names a few of the fabulous
establishments in Paris, France. Musée Valentin Haüy is another of Paris’s
historical museums. This hotel will take you through historical moments as you
receive educational pamphlets and voices from experts on technical
presentations and objects. You will learn about equipment, as well as books
designed to benefit the handicapped. The cultures will take you back to the late

A trip to Paris will take you through many great adventures. You have a
selection of museums, hotels, diners, etc. If you are, considering a trip to Paris
check with your local travel agencies and/or visit the Internet to view images of
Paris’s finest establishments.

On the other hand, maybe you just want to wait until you get there and see what
is offered to you. Paris has a wide array of travel services as well. You have
choices of taxi services, which is nice since you do not have to walk long hours,
or drive through Paris’s heavy traffic.

When you go to these wonderful museums make sure the whole family goes they
are so educational to everyone, we should all learn about the things they offer us
in these museums. When visiting these places your family will have something
to tell everyone you know about Paris. Paris wants you to fill like you are at
home there so that maybe you will go back and visit again. Heading to Paris is
an adventure.

Enjoying Seine River Adventures in Paris
How to find hot spots around the Seine River

Paris’s popular river is the Seine. Seine River (Seine means Fishing) is one of
Paris’s main attractions. The Origin of Seine is Burgundy. Seine often passes by
the beautiful Eiffel Tower and the lovely Place de la Concorde. At the mouth of
the Seine is the spectacle English Channel stretches back to the basins of
Frances beautiful country. The river is around 482 miles and elevates at 1,545
feet while discharging 17, 660 feet down the basin region more than 30,300
The Celtics (Gaulish) and Sequana (Latin) is where Seine came about. If you
review the history of the Seine, you will see that it has a Sacred Celtic history. In
fact, the name Seine is highly recognized throughout the western rivers of

When cruising the waters of Seine river searching for the finer areas to visit,
consider the areas around the river. Seine River stretches out River Shannon,
Saóne River, Yonne River and so on. Down the river stream, you will come to the
sandy beaches at Normandy. Here you will enjoy fishing, diving, skiing, lodging,
fine meals, beautiful nature surroundings, wildlife, pines and more. Down
further you will come upon Rhóne River, which are Europe’s chief rivers. The
river stretches throughout France and Switzerland.

Down Seine River, you will come upon Rouen where dredges spread out to allow
traveling ocean vessels to drop anchor. The river stretches from the sea over 75
miles. In this area and at the mouth of Bar-sur-Seine riverboats carry forward
over 350 miles.

Seine has a river depth 80 feet above the level of the sea that stretches another
277 miles. Along the Seine River, you will enjoy panoramic views of Paris. Along
the channels, you will enjoy the well-lit Saint-Michael Bridge. This beautiful
well-lit bridge is near the grand Notre-Dame of Paris. The bridge when lit up at
night has a wide array of glamorous colors, including blues, yellow, gold, peach,
turquoise, greens, orange, and so on.

This bridge is necessary see. In fact, bring your video recorder to show your
family and friends back home. The recordings alone will inspire them to take
interest in visiting Paris.

Paris has an outstanding history as well; this city is the universes most beautiful
city. Paris rests at the north or Seine arc bending and winding over inhabited
inlets. At the heart of Paris are the joining islands that take you through
paramount of hills, mountains, seas, parks, squares, exhibits, architecture,
rivers, and more. The climate in Paris is based on the oceanfront drifts.

One of Paris’s main attractions is the Eiffel Tower, which you will see traveling
down the Seine River. The historical centers include Champs-Elysées,
Montaigne, L ‘Opéra, Les Halles, Faubourg Saint-Honoré, La Défense, Place de la
Concorde, and so on.

Paris has a wide array of areas to enjoy while traveling down the Seine River. If
you are new to Paris travel, why not go online to view images and information.
The details will carry you down the right channels into Paris’s favorite spots. In
addition, you can find helpful pamphlets at your local travel agency to assist you
in planning and enjoying travel down Seine River.

Need more? Go to:, type a topic, and go search.

Description: When planning a vacation to Paris you want to consider activities, entertainment, meals, flight, and so on. Paris has a wide array of choices from sporting events to entertainment. No matter what you enjoy, you have options in Paris.