TECHNIQUES SEO FOR BEGINNERS

After SEO Tips for Beginners, Learn SEO (Series 1), and Learning SEO (Series 2), one more
discussion about SEO or Search Engine Optimization ie SEO Techniques for Beginners.
Actually, SEO is only the second core, but the explanation can be long. The technique that I
think the difference with tips. Tips in my opinion is way generally, but not if everyone knows the
technique. Let us see and learn about my writing this, on various SEO techniques for beginners.

   1. If your blog is the new blog, start with the Long Tail Keyword or Keyword / Keyword
      The length can be optimized in the first after a long keyword or keyword long tail
      keywords please try short. But if the long tail keyword or keywords have not get in too
      long, try searching for empty keyword or keywords that competitors have not there at all.
      google is an example in Indonesian Batik Ratification Day (very little rival).
   2. Please repeat the keyword or keywords that you want to optimize within each one of you
      for the article. But not all of you distinguished (by providing bold, color etc), only the
      keywords who first came out just who you differentiate, then writing for granted.
   3. Where possible provide a link or links to pages that discuss the same topic with what you
      are discussing today.
   4. Tukeran link, ask for the anchor text or a link with your keyword, like a
      then ask for a link to other bloggers with a place to learn internet business. Do not given
      your name as well, like a Samu3 named, then the result is less than optimal.
      The suggestion that the 4th was not for the web / personal blogs, web / personal blog
      should have appropriate anchor text you name it. This technique is only for blogs that one

Maybe that's all seo techniques for beginners of me, if anyone is not please add it. Good luck and

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