LEARN SEO SERIES 2 by samu3id


									                                 LEARN SEO (SERIES 2)

As a continuation of the previous series of series one, now I will write the next series of SEO
Learning Series 2. SEO Let's learn from the most elementary to the middle of it. SEO Science
here is not efficacious if for SEO contest like Busby Seo Challenge. But with the basic science
seo, you can develop itself according to your tastes. Seo technique is really for new players, if
you are already a master-master please add to it and if something is wrong please be corrected

ON PAGE SEO (seo techniques contained in your website/blog) For the first time after created
a blog/website that need to be considered are the following:

   1. Notice the title or headline for your blog. Customize your Title/Title with keywords that
      will be your optimization.
   2. Keyword Tags Determine appropriate contents of your blog.
   3. Specify Description Tag for your blog.
   4. Create Navigation for web / blog you all, not until there is a error. (Little influence, but

If the issues above have been implemented, it is time optimization in terms of how to write using
SEO techniques are as follows:

   1. Title or title of the posting at least give a big hand in the index in the Search Engine.
   2. Keep in Every article you create, the optimization of keywords that will be entered in the
      first 250 words.
   3. Use Bold, Italic, quotes, Underline, color difference is very influential in the optimization
      Optimization of a keyword.
   4. Number of Posts and Page on a particular topic, greatly affect the index of the topic.
   5. If you use WordPress you should always fill Tags according to the topics and keywords
      that would in the optimization.

After creating the site, and your post has been conducted. It is now enrolled at the Search Engine
techniques, social bookmarking and site directory:

   1. Please Register your site on search engines Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
   2. Register On Social Bookmark as technoratti, digg , etc.

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