High Blood Pressure Symptoms

					High Blood Pressure Symptoms
                  Facts: 1 of every 3
                  adults is affected by
                  high blood pressure.
                  Most people can live
                  for years unaware
                  that they have this life
                  threatening disorder.
                  That’s why it’s known
                  as the “silent killer!”

Give Us Two Minutes …
                … and we promise that
                we will go over the
                types and symptoms of
                high blood pressure;
                and provide you with
                some helpful tips for
                coping with high blood
                pressure as well.
The Types of High Blood Pressure:
There are two known types of high
blood pressure:
 • Primary high blood pressure, where
   the underlying cause is not known.
 • Secondary blood pressure, which can
   happens as a result of another health
   disorder, or the use of certain
   prescription drugs and medications.
Symptoms of High Blood Pressure
It’s a well-known fact that most people
who are affected by high blood pressure
will never experience any of its
symptoms – even when blood pressure
levels are excedengly high.
This is what makes high blood pressure
so dangerous and why most people
don’t know they have it until it’s too late.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure.
People affected by high blood pressure
may consistently suffer one or two of the
following symptoms:
  • Recurring headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Increased nosebleeds
Symptoms of High Blood Pressure.
These symptoms are not always
noticeable and are not necessarily an
indication of having high blood pressure;
as they can be caused by other health
It’s therefore important to consult with
your doctor and have your blood
pressure checked on a regular basis.
High Blood Pressure Helpful Tips
• Be responsible for your health - Follow a
  plan to control your high blood pressure.
• Manage your stress – Stress is a leading
  factor for high blood pressure. Reduce
  your stress by walking, listening to
  music, watching a comedy, etc.
• Ensure that you get enough sleep – 8 to
  10 hours should help.

If Left Uncontrolled….
                 ….high blood pressure
                 can lead to other
                 serious health issues
                 such as heart attack,
                 kidney failure or stroke
                 – which can lead to
                 loss of mobility.

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