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Phoenix Orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn, Recognized For Helping With Overbite Correction


Dunn Orthodontics aids people of all ages in their attempts to get beyond their overbite problems. This Phoenix-based orthodontics practice has been recognized for their works.

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									Phoenix Orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn, Recognized For Helping With
Overbite Correction

Phoenix, AZ 06/12/2010 - Dunn Orthodontics is pleased to announce about
being recognized for its effort to correcting overbite problems. Both
children and adult patients have been benefited with the services
provided by this Phoenix orthodontist.

Overbites are the incorrect placement of the teeth in the upper jaw or
the upper jaw itself. As a result, there are noticeable spaces right in
between the upper and lower front teeth when one closes the mouth. Aside
from being quite unsightly, this condition has been found to cause
dental-related problems.

With an overbite, it is harder to maintain one's oral hygiene. One also
ends up more vulnerable to cases of respiratory disease and may have dry
lips more often than the usual. One's mouth breathing can also get
affected in a negative way because of an overbite.

There are technically two types of overbite, which determines the
possible correction options. Dental overbites are concerned mainly with
the teeth. It can easily be corrected with the aid of orthodontic braces
and similar methods. Skeletal overbites, on the other hand, are more
serious and encompassing since they involve the entire jaw. The most
effective solution to these cases is in the form of surgery.

Two of the most common procedures for correcting overbites are braces and
jaw surgery. The use of braces is mainly to put the teeth into their
correct position. In certain cases, tooth extraction might be necessary
to make space for the teeth. For cases that require surgery, the
correction needed is related to the jaws instead of mainly the teeth. The
jaw can be repositioned or pulled back and brought back to the front,
whichever is most preferable for the specific case at hand.

To learn more about overbites and what can be done with them, visit Press members can contact the following for
more details about this release.

Contact Person: Dr. Matthew Dunn

Company: Dunn Orthodontics

Address: 7550 N. 19th Ave #101, Phoenix AZ 85021

Phone Number: 602-864-0004

Fax Number: 602-864-0070

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