Posters summary - ‘What Do PhDs Do by wvd10114


									   Break-out groups summaries - ‘What Do PhDs Do? UK,
         Scottish and Northern Ireland Perspective'

Group 1:

     Potential Uses
         o WDPD (1)
                 1. Awareness raising PhD
                 2. Awareness raising Supervisors
                 3. [Simple slides sets for use would be good]
                 4. Give realistic picture of careers to PhDs at early stage
                 5. Links to relevancy of skills to PhD
                 6. Encourage departments to keep in touch with alumni for “life
                     after PhD” workshops (done at the University of Melbourne)
         o WDPD Regional
                 7. Informs
                          Policy
                          Universities
    What Next
         o More Detail
                 8. Info on job titles
                 9. Case studies (individuals)
                 10. Institutional breakdowns
                 11. Career pathways (individuals)
         o Simple Repeat of the study
                 12. Easiest, cheapest -> consistency/trends
    Enhancements
         o Salary
         o International students
         o Entrepreneurship (intro + examples)
    Comparisons
         o Australia
         o Maresi Nerad at the University of Washington, Seattle
                 13. Time to tenure
                 14. Gender (discipline differences)
                 15. Salary satisfaction
Group 2:

      Issues – Careers GP
           o Future Analysis
                  16. Other cohorts
                  17. Longitudinal data on this cohort
           o Break down by subject/disciplines
                  18. Job titles +employers – „What do Grads do?‟
           o Overseas group needs further analysis
                  19. Difficult with contact details
                  20. Universities
Group 3:

      Interpretation of regional analysis
           o Out of date
           o More frequent surveys
           o Information breakdown and presentation (leaflets)
                   1. Student focused analysis
                   2. Policy focused analysis
                   3. Supervisor focused analysis
      Impact on institution
           o Percentage of international PhDs unaccounted for
           o Have to go back to sponsor or do what sponsor want
           o Have leaflets (1,2,3 – see above) would help impact
      Career pathways and innovations
           o Breakdown by disciplines
           o Job titles
           o Company names
           o Include in induction (scare tactics)
           o Objective advice
           o Link to undergraduate
           o Who should give career guidance (not just supervisor)
      Future
           o More PhD students – what is the impact/effect on
               undergraduate/Masters employment
           o Age
           o Completion rates
           o Part-time
           o Gender
           o Postgraduate student experience
           o Expectations of PG students
           o Increasing PhD numbers
           o Employers

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