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									                              Unit Title: Kids Can Save the Earth—Global Warming is real
                                  Why is CO2 increasing? And what is the problem with that.

Overarching concept/ Big Ideas        Energy Use and Sustainability
Key Learning indicators                                      Learning opportunities                                          Assessment
                                                             Experiments/Activities Melting Wax, Ice
How we consume energy and reliance on fossil                 Evidence of CO2 in Experiment to extinguish candle
fuels                                                        Evidence of C02 in Breath ( Limewater)                          KWL chart
                                                             Melting Ice Causing Flooding
Burning fossil fuels causes the problem—                     Hotwater Expands—another consequence of warm seas
increased C02 into atmosphere causing a blanket              Literacy
that traps heat ( diagram)                                         Persuasive Writing
                                                             Letters to Companies / Governments asking for improvements in
What other gases contribute to the Greenhouse                Recycling/ facilities composition of packaging
Effect Methane                                                     Picture Dictionary of Terminology
                                                                   Role Play : Visualisation about Islands Headband with
States of Matter : Solid Liquid Gas                                 Elements on them - groups to get H2O
Phase Change of Matter: e.g solid to liquid to                     Reader’s Theatre
How can we observe gases ( experiments)                      Videos : On Thin Ice– Demise of Polar Bears
                                                                       Megastructures—Garbage disposal                       Problem—Cause– Effect—Solution Graphic Organ-
Students have particular problems with recognising the
existence of gases as a physical state of matter because              Carbon Cops                                            iser
most gases are invisible. The notion of ‘seeing is believ-            Outrageous Wasters
ing’ is very important to young students and it has a                                                                        Follow-Up questions to be answered after videos
powerful influence on their ability to form understand-               30 Days
ings An added difficulty is that there are almost no eve-             5 Ways to Save the World                               Mind Map about Rubbish Disposal
ryday occurrences in the students’ world of coloured                  Planet Mechanics
gases that can be observed.
  Stavy, R (1988) ‘Children’s Conceptions of Gas’, Inter-             Behind the News
  national Journal of Science Education , 10 pp 553-         Other
                                                                  Energy Audit of Home
                                                                  Excursion to Satellite Tracking
                                                                                                                             Letter To Experts saying what you had learnt
                                                                  University Lab Experience: Experts to set up
                                                                    experiments on gases and properties of matter
What are the consequences of a rise in tempera-
                                                             Activities about Energy—Uni Student
tures on the planet
                                                                                                                             Questions to answer on different scenarios that they
                                                             Testing Temperatures– to simulate greenhouse-graph data
                                                                                                                             need to answer drawing on their knowledge and
How Can we Reduce reliance on Fossil Fuels?                                                                                  understanding from the unit
How Can we reduce energy consumption?

Energy Alternatives
                                                                                                                             Poster for Science TalentQuest
Taking Action: Promote Light Bulb Fundraiser

Resources: Videos
Newspaper clippings of current happens—Nicholls Wind Farm, Harnessing Seawater at King Island Lennon’s push for greener

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