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					                       March 2009 Newsletter
                           RHL Preschool
                      Mrs. Holguin MWF A.M. Class
Dear Parents,
February has been a marvelous month for all the children in room #5. The children had
so many learning opportunities. The sink and float hands on experiment was a fun
science activity. The children were enthusiastically visiting that area throughout the
week. During letter F week we used flashlights on the wall and shadow danced our
fingers and hands. Some more highlights were the children were exposed to counting to
one hundred and by tens. We sang Five Speckled Frogs and they loved holding the paper
colored frogs on popsicles sticks. The children love the repetition, hands on interaction
and they were singing along. Another favorite was a language activity about 10
gingerbread cookies. When the children heard their name they would pretend to eat and
hide the flannel gingerbread cookie piece. During free time, most of the children went
back to the flannel board and retold the flannel board story. The children heard a book on
tape called the Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. They were so focused on the book and it
was a great way to practice our listening skills. In the sensory table children got to use the
scissors to cut paper hearts, different paper textures, sizes, and colors of paper such as a
roll of cash register tape. The children helped to measure, mix, touch, pour cornstarch and
water into the sensory table to make goop. The children visited the sensory table,
manipulated the magnetic fish and the fishing rods were moving vigorously.
A huge thank you to Mia and Maddie’s Mom. Jen helped us during our fun Game Day.
The friendship party was so fun and Mrs. May’s students came to our classroom to help
celebrate friendship. Thanks once again for the many willing donations given to make the
party so tasty and sweet. Thank you for all the special cards and friendship gifts they
were so thoughtful and appreciated.
I am seeing growth and problem solving in our classroom especially during cleanup time.
It is so great to see each and every student making developmental progress.

In the month of March we will be focusing our curriculum around teaching the children
conservation. We will have discussions on planting, recycling, picking up our trash, and
praying for protection of our earth! A visit to Tanaka Farms is going to be a fun event!
Look for the sign up sheet times for parent- teacher conferences on March 20th

Theme: Save the Earth       Color: yellow Shape: oval
Value: conservation
Bible Verse: “Give us this day our daily bread.” Luke 11:3
Sharetime: March 6th Share something that starts with the letter
Hh or Ii

Much Prayer,
Mrs. Holguin

                          “To Know Christ and Make Him Known”