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									                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
Office                                            • Use pdf files whenever possible.               paper. American businesses throw away 21
• When you need to print a written docu-                                                           million tons of paper every year, equating
ment, check out ‘Ecofont’ instead of Times        • Put two trash cans at every work station,      to 175 pounds per office worker.
New Roman or Arial. It’s a free, multi-           one for recycling and one for trash. It will
platform font based on Verdana, and it’s          make a difference, we promise!                   • Reuse office supplies: envelopes,
full of holes which could save roughly 20%                                                         paperclips, and folders.
of the toner you’re currently wasting.            • Try opening a window or door and turn-
                                                  ing off the lights to allow natural light and    • Use discarded paper as scratch paper.
• Use your Mac dashboard! There’s a widget        fresh air to permeate your cubicle.
you can add (for free) that will help you                                                          • Soy-based inks are less toxic!
check out ideas for ways to make printing         • Recycle! The list of office supplies you can
or paper choices more sustainable. Check          recycle is extensive; recycle printer and        • Bring a ceramic mug, rather than using a
out ‘Sustainable Graphic Design’.                 copier toner cartridges, paper and paper-        disposable cup. You’ll save 25 cents at our
                                                  board, plastic, glass, and other materials so    Espresso bar each time you fill up with
• Sustainable Group makes 100% recyclable         they can be diverted from a landfill!            yours!
binders and folders, but it gets even better...
to offset the virgin fibers that go into the      • Some printers can capture old ink with-
products, SG has a replanting program in          out affecting the quality of the final prod-
                                                                                                   • Plant a bee-friendly garden!
Honduras and El Salvador to replenish             uct.
those lost in manufacturing.
                                                                                                   • Use natural fertilizer: compost, manure,
                                                  • Use low weight paper as it requires fewer
                                                                                                   bone meal, or peat...
• Check out ‘Sustainable Is Good’, a website      fibers, plus it saves you on paper cost and
and blog that get help you find out about         possibly mailing costs!
                                                                                                   • Avoid over-watering lawns as it can in-
smart packaging.
                                                                                                   crease leeching of fertilizer into groundwa-
                                                  • Use chlorine-free paper! Elemental Chlo-
• www.conservatree.org is a great resource        rine Free paper uses processes that replace
when looking for recycled paper, paper            chlorine with chlorine dioxide in the
                                                                                                   • Clean/replace air filters at least once a
listings, and inks plus some!                     chemical pulp bleaching process reduces
                                                  dioxins to non-detect levels and water           month on your air conditioning unit.
• Turn your file folders inside out when          consumption to boot!
you’re done with a job, so that you can                                                            • Keep vents open in unused rooms, if you
reuse them!                                       • You don’t have to use tree-based fibers to     have central air.
                                                  print your documents. Yupo has created a
• Turn off your computer at night. Imagine        synthetic fiber which is waterproof and          • Lower the thermostat on your water
it’s a 150 watt bulb. Would you leave your        100% recyclable.                                 heater to 120 degrees and wrap an insulated
lights on while you’re away?                                                                       blanket around it!
                                                  • Print and/or copy on both sides of the
                                    What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                    What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                    What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                    What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                    What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
• When going out of town, turn down (or         • Replace incandescent bulbs with com-          made from natural ingredients which is
shut off) water heater.                         pact fluorescent to save energy and money!      easy, given all of the choices nowadays. Did
                                                                                                you know most laundry detergent,
• Turn off lights when leaving a room.          • Keep thermostat at 68 degrees in the          dishwashing liquid, hand soap etc. is made
                                                winter and 78 degrees in the summer.            from petroleum (oil)? If every American
• Set refrigerator temperature from 36-38                                                       switched 1 bottle of 100 oz. 2x petroleum-
degrees and your freezer from 0-5 degrees.      • Set thermostat higher in the summer and       based laundry detergent to a 100 oz. bottle
                                                lower in the winter, while you are away.        of 2x plant-based detergent, we could save
• Minimize opening oven door to keep                                                            466,000 barrels of oil, enough oil to heat
heat in when cooking! Oven temps can            • Insulate your home!                           and cool 26,800 American homes for a full
drop 25-30 degrees everytime the door is                                                        year!
opened!                                         • Install weather stripping around doors
                                                and windows.                                    • Use traps for rodents, rather than poisons.
• Cleaning the lint trap on the dryer
everytime you use it will increase it’s effi-   • Plant trees to shade your home.               • Use cedar chips or aromatic herbs instead
ciency.                                                                                         of moth balls.
                                                • Shade outside air conditioning units by
• Better yet, forget the dryer and hang dry     trees or other means.                           • Recycle your newspaper. If everyone in
clothes! It will give your clothes a longer                                                     the U.S. participated, recycling just the
life and save energy at the same time!          • Replace old windows with energy-effi-         Sunday paper would save more than half a
                                                cient ones.                                     million trees each week.
• Unplug seldom-used appliances. Even if
they’re not on, “vampire energy” is still       • Keep your fireplace damper closed when        • By brushing your teeth without running
being used.                                     you’re not using it. Keeping it open is akin    the tap, you’ll save up to five gallons a day.
                                                to keeping a 48 inch window wide open in        Daily savings in the U.S. would add up to 1.5
• If every household in the U.S. switched       the winter; it allows warm air to go right up   billion gallons.
from hot-hot washing cycle to warm-cold,        the chimney.
we could save the energy comparable to                                                          • Take a shorter shower! Every two minutes
100,000 barrels of oil DAILY.                   • Use cold water rather than warm or hot,       you save can conserve more than ten gal-
                                                whenever possible.                              lons of water. If everyone in the country
• Only launder when you have a full load.                                                       saved just ONE gallon daily, over the course
                                                • Connect outdoor lights to a timer.            of the year, it would equal twice the
• Turn off lights, computers, and appliances                                                    amount of freshwater withdrawn from the
when not in use.                                • Buy ‘green’ electricity produced by low or    Great Lakes every day.
                                                no-pollution facilities.
• Purchase Energy Star-labelled appliances                                                      • Use cotton swabs with a paper spindle. If
as they use less energy than older models.      • Use household cleaning items that are         10% of the U.S. households switched to
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                   What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
paperboard spindled cotton swabs, the             Protect the Air                                   • Buy local whenever possible. It will save
petroleum energy saved per year would be          • Recycle printer cartridges.                     on the amount of greenhouse gases created
equivalent to over 150,000 gallons of gaso-                                                         when products are flown or trucked in.
line.                                             • Don’t use a wood-burning stove or fire-
                                                  place when air-quality is poor.                   • Batch your errands. Can you get all of
• Pay bills online! By some estimates, if all                                                       your tasks done in one trip? If so, it will save
households in the U.S. paid their bills           • Avoid slow-burning, smoldering fires.           you gasoline as well as time.
online and received electronic statements
instead of paper, we’d save 18.5 million trees,   • Use low-VOC or water-based paints, paint        Water Conservation
2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide, and 1.7       stripper, finishes and stains.                    and Protection
                                                                                                    and Protection
                                                                                                    and Protection
                                                                                                    and Protection
                                                                                                    and Protection
billion pounds of solid waste each year.                                                            • Check and repair any leaks.
                                                  • Make sure that your tires are properly
Yard                                              inflated.                                         • Install water-saving devices on
• Use an electric mower instead of a gas-                                                           showerheads, faucets, and toilets.
powered one.                                      • Walk or ride your bike instead of driving.
                                                                                                    • Wash dishes in the sink, and only run the
• Leave grass clippings on the yard to nour-      • Buy Organic! Among other things,                water to rinse them. Running the water
ish the soil as they decompose.                   switching to organic beef (from conven-           continuously wastes water!
                                                  tional) saves loads in carbon dioxide emis-
• Use recycled wood chips as mulch. They          sions because the cows are raised to grow to      • Better yet, skip rinsing dishes before using
can reduce soil erosion and weed preva-           a normal size and release less methane (20        a dishwasher and save up to 20 gallons each
lence, as well as maintain moisture levels in     times less, actually). Another plus: grass-fed,   load!
the soil.                                         organic beef is much healthier than hor-
                                                  mone-laden, antibiotic-filled beef as well!.      • Wash and dry only full loads for dishes
• Don’t over fertilize.                                                                             and laundry.
                                                  • Try meatless Monday! Reducing meat
• Avoid (or at least minimize) pesticide use.     consumption conserves water, reduces air          • Revegetate or mulch disturbed soil as
                                                  pollution, saves topsoil, and is more energy      much as possible.
• Water grass early in the morning.               efficient overall. Each pound of beef pro-
                                                  duced requires nearly 2,500 gallons of            • Don’t dump stuff down the storm drains!
• Find non-hazardous ways of reducing             water. You’ll save our forests as well, which
pesticide usage (e.g. planting marigolds!)        are cut down to make more space for               • Clean up after your pet!
                                                  grazing cattle.
• COMPOST!                                        • Join a carpool or vanpool to get to work.       • Properly dispose of used motor oil, and
                                                                                                    check car for leaks. A single quart of motor
                                                  • Use cruise control. It could get you 15%        oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of drinking
                                                  better gas mileage!
                                  What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                  What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                  What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                  What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
                                  What Can You Do To Save The Earth?
water.                                          billion used worldwide. They are not bio-        Scary Statistics
                                                degradable and we live near an ocean.            • Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles
• Take car to car wash rather than washing                                                       every hour! Doesn’t that make you feel like
it in the driveway. While you’re washing it,    • Recycle unwanted wire hangers! If you          reaching for your polycarbonate or stain-
clean out all of the stuff in the trunk... it   can’t, take them back to the dry cleaner.        less steel bottle?
will help your fuel economy!
                                                • For devices that require batteries, choose     • Americans throw away enough office and
• Buy organic.                                  the rechargeable types.                          writing paper each year to build a wall
                                                                                                 twelve feet high stretching from New York
Create Less Garbage
Create Less Garbage
Create Less Garbage
Create Less Garbage
Create Less Garbage                             • Before you throw it away, think about          City to Los Angeles.
• Buy bulk items to reduce packaging!           whether or not you can donate it!
                                                                                                 •In a lifetime, the average American will
• Avoid products with loads of packaging.       • Recycle old mobile phones. The average         throw away 600 times his or her adult
                                                phone lasts 18 months, which means that          weight in garbage, which means that each
• Buy products you can reuse.                   130 million will be retired this year. If they   adult will leave a legacy of as much as
                                                end up in the landfills, the phone and           100,000 pounds of garbage for his or her
• Recycle aluminum cans. 20 cans can be         batteries will introduce toxic substances        children.
made with the energy that it takes to make      into our environment.
one new can.                                                                                     • Americans comprise only 5% of the
                                                • COMPOST!!! Think about how much you            world’s population, but we consume 25%
• Maintain and repair durable products          can reduce your garbage bill by                  of the world’s resources.....
rather than buying new ones.                    composting veggie scraps, egg shells, paper
                                                tea bags etc.                                    Resources!
• Use cloth napkins to save on paper! If                                                         • http://oceans.nrdc.org
everyone used one less paper napkin a day,      • Egg cartons make a perfect bed for plant-      • www.50waystohelp.com
more than a billion pounds of napkins           ing seedlings
                                                                                                 • www.everydayactivist.com
could be saved from landfills each year.
                                                • Use biodegradable or cloth diapers. By a       • www.mambosprouts.com
• Use reusable plates instead of disposable.    time a child is toilet trained, a parent will    • www.seql.org
                                                change between 5,000 and 8,000 diapers,          • www.treehugger.com
• You can reduce your need for aluminum         adding up to approximately 3.5 million
foil and cling wrap by using reusable con-      tons of waste in U.S. landfills each year.
tainers. Money saved!
                                                • Skip the coffee stirrer! Each year, Ameri-
• Shop with canvas bags! Each year, the U.S.    cans throw away 138 billion straws and
uses 84 billion plastic bags, of the 500        stirrers.

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