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					                                         Low Carbon Emissions
                                              absorbs carbon dioxide

IBUKI is made of Japanese shikkui which comes from the raw material calcium carbonate. CO 2
is released when the calcium carbonate is made into powder. During production IBUKI absorbs
about 60% of the amount of CO2 that was released previously. It takes about a month for IBUKI
to finish curing after installation. During that time it will continue to absorb 90% or more of the
original amount of CO2 released. These gasses will not be released back into the air.* By
absorbing CO2, IBUKI will gradually return to its original raw material of calcium carbonate and
will become harder with the passage of time. You are left with a beautiful natural wall covering.


                        Base paper

*IBUKI will not release CO2 as long as it is not burned at a high temperature.

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                                              Low VOC Emissions 
                                               qualifies for LEED credit 

Workers in developed countries spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors. A USEPA
report found that illness and lost productivity due to indoor air pollution, commonly called “sick
building syndrome” (SBS), costs businesses $60 billion annually. U.S. companies could
increase worker productivity by close to $200 billion annually by creating offices with better
indoor air. Health risks associated with poor indoor air quality include triggering allergy and
asthma attacks and potential long term consequences such as cancer, reproductive and
developmental problems. Occupants suffering from SBS complain of eye, nose and throat
irritation, headaches, cough, dry or itchy skin, dizziness, nausea, difficulty in concentrating,
fatigue and sensitivity to odors. Formaldehyde is believed to be the major cause of SBS. IBUKI
has microscopic pores which combined with its alkaline nature gives it the ability to absorb
harmful formaldehyde and other SBS gasses, reducing the concentration of these gasses in the
air. IBUKI is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®, GREENGUARD Children and
SchoolsSM Certified, and was awarded Four Stars, Japan’s highest rating of The Evaluation of
the Emission of Formaldehyde for the Construction Materials.


    About GREENGUARD Environmental Institute                     Qualifies for LEED Credit and others 

    The  GREENGUARD  Environmental  Institute                    In  2005,  GEI  announced  the  GREENGUARD 
    (GEI)  is  an  industry‐independent,  non‐profit             Children  &  SchoolsSM  standard,  which  evaluates 
    organization  that  oversees  the  GREENGUARD                the  sensitive  nature  of  school  populations 
    Certification  ProgramSM  for  low‐emitting                  combined  with  the  unique  building  characteristics 
    products.    As  an  ANSI  Authorized  Standards             found  in  schools,  and  presents  the  most  rigorous 
    Developer, GEI establishes acceptable indoor air             product  emissions  criteria  to  date. GREENGUARD 
    standards  for  indoor  products,  environments,             Children & Schools Certification program complies 
    and  buildings.  GREENGUARD  certified  products             with the State of California’s Department of Health 
    are  tested  quarterly  for  more  than  10,000              Services  Standard  Practice  (CA  Section  01350)  for 
    volatile  organic  compounds  (VOCs).  GEI’s                 testing chemical emissions from building products 
    mission  is  to  improve  public  health  and quality        used  in  schools,  offices  and  other  sensitive 
    of  life  through  programs  that  improve  indoor           environments.  As such, GREENGUARD Children & 
    air.                                                         Schools  Certified  products  can  be  used  as  a 
                                                                 strategy to earn valuable credits in the U.S. Green 
    Tokuyama  supports  GEI’s  mission  and  is  proud 
                                                                 Building  Council's  LEED®  Green  Building  Rating 
    to  be  a  USGBC  member  and  an  ISO  14001 
                                                                 System,  CHPS  Best  Practices  Manual  for  K‐12 
    company.  Tokuyama’s  basic  environmental 
                                                                 schools,  Green  Guide  for  Healthcare™,  NAHB 
    philosophy,  environmental  action  objectives, 
                                                                 Green Building Guidelines, Green Globes, Regreen 
    and corporate social responsibility activities can 
                                                                 and numerous other local green building codes. 
    be viewed at www.tokuyama.co.jp/eng/. 

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                                         Helps to Control Humidity 
                                    reduces humidity and prevents condensation 

    IBUKI has microscopic pores which absorb moisture when humidity rises and release moisture
    when humidity drops, similar to organic breathing. It can prevent condensation on walls and
    help in maintaining a comfortable environment by adjusting to the room’s humidity. There is no
    aesthetic change to IBUKI when this occurs. In Japan, wealthy farmers built kura, storage
    houses for food, using IBUKI’s component shikkui to keep their food dry and fresh.
                         HUMID ENVIRONMENT                DRY ENVIRONMENT 






                                    IBUKI                                 IBUKI
                           IBUKI absorbs moisture                IBUKI releases moisture 

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                                       suppresses mold and kills harmful bacteria 

IBUKI’s shikkui layer has an inherent alkaline property which can suppress the breeding of mold
and bacteria including MRSA. Nothing is added to IBUKI to give it its strong antimicrobial quality.
It is naturally antimicrobial. In Japan, shikkui is used in sake and miso fermentation areas to
protect against mold and bacteria. In Italy and France, walls of some wineries are covered by
shikkui for the same reason. IBUKI is part of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s Microbial
Resistance Listing Program, developed according to the ASTM Standard D 6329-98. Products
in this program are found to resist the growth of mold. IBUKI also meets the JIS Z 2801 (Japan
Industrial Standard) - Antimicrobial Surface Test for Antimicrobial Activity and Efficacy standard.

                Mold Test: JIS Z 2801          Testing body: Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials

       Mold used:    Blue mold, Black mold 
       Culture solution:    Agar 
       Culture condition:    82o F, 90%RH 
       Culture period:    6 weeks  

        Vinyl Wallpaper                                                                                                    
        Paper Wallpaper                                   IBUKI                  Vinyl Wallpaper        Paper Wallpaper

             Antimicrobial Efficacy Test: JIS Z 2801              Testing body: Japan Food Research Laboratories

        MRSA was applied to the surface for 24 hours.                  BACTERIA were applied to IBUKI for 24 hours. 
                       # of bacteria       # of MRSA                                    # of bacteria     # of bacteria
                        at the start       after 24 hrs                                  at the start      after 24 hrs

           IBUKI       Ave. 1.9 ×105     None detected.               Staphylococcus    Ave. 3.4 ×105
                                                                                                         None detected.
                         pcs./ml                                          Aureus          pcs./ml

        Polyethylene   Ave. 1.9 ×105          3.3 x 104                                 Ave. 7.7 ×105
         Wallpaper       pcs./ml               pcs./ml                 Coli Bacteria                     None detected.

                Result: IBUKI KILLS MRSA.                                    Result: IBUKI KILLS BACTERIA.

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