POSTER PRESENTATION 2010

Thank you for interest in the 2010 poster presentation that will be occurring
this year at the state competition. We are happy to be adding these
presentations to the state competition as a way to give another opportunity
for schools to share with others their knowledge, creativity, and what they
are learning. If you have any questions about the guidelines or topics, you
can email the Student President, Ariana Sheridan, at:

There will be three broad topics in which you can base your presentation.
You will not be doing your presentation on the broad topic, but instead you
will pick a smaller part of the overlying topic to use for your presentation.
Please remember that students and instructors will be grading your
presentations, so there is no definite rubric for grading purposes.

The three topics are:
  - Rehabilitation of a Specific Injury
         o Acute or Chronic
  - A Specific Surgical Procedure
  - Leadership In Sports Medicine

All three of these topics are very different because we want a broad range of
presentations. When you are making your presentation, think originality,
because there will be numerous schools doing presentations as well. For
example, if you were to choose “rehabilitation of a specific injury,” and
chose an ACL sprain, realize that there may be other presentations on this
topic. There will be no check off on who is doing what topic, only that your
topic is appropriate. We need your topic and a brief outline of your
presentation sent to by April 1st, 2010.

Requirements for Presentation:
  - You must have a visual because this is a poster presentation.
  - Your presentation should be at least 3’ X 3’ in size, or at least the size
     of a standard tri-fold.
  - There will be tables to put tri-fold type presentations on, but if your
     presentation is not self-supporting, you will have to bring a method
     of support that does not include attachment to the walls to present
     your poster. (i.e. a stand or attachment to a board that could lean
     against the wall, easel.)
   - You should have a presenter at your poster during all down times of
     competition. There can be as many presenters (even everyone from
     your school) as you want for your presentation. While we say that
     “you should always have someone there,” know that if you don’t it
     will most likely negatively impact your presentation because there
     will be no one to answer questions.

We wish you all the best of luck with your presentations and hope to see
many great posters at state!

Thank you,
Ariana Sheridan (Student President) & Student Advisory Board

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