Rubric or use by teachersjudges of CT COLT 2007 by wvd10114


									                   Rubric For use by teachers/judges of 2009 CT COLT Poster Contest
                                       THEME: Languages: A passport to World Cultures
                                                 Deadline: November 21, 2008
Dear Judges: Before using this rubric to judge posters, please consider the following:

1. A poster, by definition, is a printed picture, often a reproduction of a photograph or artwork, used for decoration or advertisement.
   Please take the time to look at posters both up close and from a distance to assess their impact and their purpose.
2. Each poster submitted must be the original work of one student only; students are NOT permitted to submit posters done in
   pairs or in small groups. If a poster is done by more than one person, it is automatically disqualified.
3. If a poster is submitted that violates any of the rules stated in guidelines, it is automatically disqualified.

                                                                   JUDGING CRITERIA

                     Relevance to         Connection           Overall              Creativity          Neatness             Points
                     Theme                to Culture           Visual

                     Artwork clearly      Accurate             Lettering and        Concept is          Careful work
                     demonstrates         representation of    artwork are bold     imaginative and     with attention to
                     theme                products and         and clear;           original            detail; clean        3
                                          practices            captures attention                       presentation
                                                               of viewer
                     Artwork              Good attempt to      Lettering and        Concept is          Good attempt to
                     somewhat             represent            artwork are clear;   somewhat            produce careful
                     demonstrates         products and         May/may not          imaginative/        work with minor      2
                     theme                practices            capture attention    original            flaws
                                                               of viewer
                     Artwork does not     Limited              Lettering and        Concept lacks       Careless or
                     Relate to theme      representation       artwork fail to      imagination/        sloppy work:
                                          of products and      capture attention    originality         erasures, cross-     1
                                                               of viewer                                outs, crumpled
                                                                                                        paper, use of
                     Total                Total                Total                Total               Total                Total

Originality – 1. newness: the quality of newness that exists in something not done before or not derived from anything else
             2. creativity: the ability to think creatively and depart from traditional or previous forms
             3. original thing: something original, for example, a new idea or approach

Creativity – 1. being creative
             2. imaginative ability: the ability to use the imagination to develop new and original ideas or things, especially in an
                artistic context

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